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The cherry on top is very important - we can't neglect the vital nutritional balance this piece of fruit brings to an otherwise unhealthy dessert.
You would have gotten out of the Max crap if you told them about the Job Interview. Even if they cut your payments Cenno would put them back on pretty fast if you supplied evidence of the job interview.
If you'd gone to the other place you could have rescheduled the job provider and then told them you were probably going to have a job in a couple of days
> To help with ARDS, he was strapped to a rotobed - a specialised hospital bed that rotates - for two weeks, which turned him over “like a rotisserie chicken”
I want a bed like that
Half the board now is just posting "Based" repeatedly. How this does not constitute spam I shall never understand.
170 in 120 out
I stopped at 120 in and nothing out. Good thing I kept gambling or I would have lost more.
Need to buy a new pick up tool at Bunnings on the weekend. Bill has hidden mine somewhere and I need it to reach something he put behind other things I can't move.

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New Reply on thread #829613
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