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Tomorrow night on womboflix - join the boys in 'nam as we refight the battle of long tan in Danger Close(2019)

Then on Sunday it's time to embrace the nihilism with Joker (2019). Both films are rated R, so make sure your mummybot says it's ok for you to watch them with us.
this was also the case where the evidence against them was deemed "not in the public interest" by the spooks who instigated it
Normally to prosecute somebody you have to present the evidence you have against them in open court.
A closed door hearing was held (without even Sewell or Hersant present) where ASIO argued to the judge that the video footage etc should not be shown to the court or the accused.
Now why would you do that unless your agents were performing illegal surveillance or instigating the violence?
It was also interesting pre-trial that Herssant copped a whole bunch of restrictions like not associating with a list of people and not using a computer etc and Sewell as ring-leader did not. That was one of things that sparked the idea he might have a foot in both camps.
What do you personally think? Given Toms new job and new baby I think that could have been a factor whereas Jacob is on the dole living with his girlfriends parents
The whole driving to Ballarat and taking selfies at the cop shop without so much as a talking to makes me think somebody inside NSN is a double agent. Might not be Tom, but something is suss.
> Do any neets know how much to put?
The amount is literally the size of pea as it spreads when I did it a few years back. I would remove some of that.
I don't know the exact amount but that looks better. When you put the CPU cooler on it will squash it down. Too much paste and it goes off the CPU while too little causes the CPU to overheat.
> Are you following an online tutorial?
I've done it before just a long time ago. I did some research but not much. I just asked others what I should buy and bought the parts they suggested.
Yeah a little to show others and get advice. I did some research and found it all to be compatible. 
I don't know which slots to use. I looked it up and couldn't find anything. I forgot about it until now.
Consult with the manual of the mobo. If you did not get a paper one with the board, it is usually possible to download one from the manufacturer's page. The text printed on the mobo itself suggest A2+B2 is the "first" so, if you have only 2 slices of RAM use those two. But I'm not sure, so manual.
thumbnail of ram motherboard.png
thumbnail of ram motherboard.png
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I found the manual but I don't understand it. It says always use a2 first but doesn't say which to use second, or maybe I'm a mong who spedread it.
Image of the ram section of manual.
You might not be able to see it but there's a cutout that just lets it fit.
Check the drawings just above the main text.
It uses A2 as the text below says.
Then uses A2 with B2.
Then last all four slots.
There is no picture with three slots because they don't want users do that with dual channel RAM.

Yes, that was I was referring to.
finally finished off the last of the turkey and beans feedpacks I made after christmas, I need to do better at actually eating the stuff I freeze
Prawn skewers from Colesworth delis are the way to go. None of the hassle of peeling/deveining and dealing with the stinky waste. They're also pre-marinated so you're not getting a strong fishy flavour that turns a lot of people off from seafood in general. Very easy to cook, like a minute each side over medium-high heat with just a bit of oil in the pan.
Back in the day I think it was possible to insert IDE power connectors flipped, so had to take care the yellow cable was on the outside.
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Pariston does the same shit as his predecessor in that he closes any reports against nuro without action, no matter how obvious the violation, but enthusiastically enforces the rules against everyone else. The 'el nuro chads' thing is cringe, but nuro is ultimately correct. As he said of imissfather when we first moved here: "bitch is under my control".
Going to BWS. Going to pay with heaps of silver like some homeless boong. Wish me lucks neets. It will be embarrassing.
Slip into other people's homes and take their pc apart and assemble them.
I wonder if it would be possible to salvage thrown out hardware and build a HPC out of them. I assume Westerners throw crap out that still works.
Mine is about eight years old now and has the same lack of cable management as when I first built it lol. It looks about that bad but if it works it works.
My GPU no longer works because of all the dust - whenever I load it by trying to run a game the display goes black (it still works for regular internet browsing). The card was $3500 when I bought it, and now I'm too lazy to pull it out and clean it.
lol pajeet is upset
Woolies was again out of shit-river prawn skewers. Had to settle for a couple of nasty Australian Helen ones.
meh the state has a mesh of laws that can put you in jail and ruin your career if you are making trouble for the ZOG. Failing that they can just frame you for some character assassinating crime or CP they "find" on your PC when they seize it because you posted a mean comment on a YT video.
Pajeet paid 10k but still owed 3.5k.
Seems unfair to destroy the whole thing like that instead of just a bit of it. He has effectively been ripped off 10k.
It's such a fucking foreigner and jew thing to do. Like that jew in the early Sopranos episode who offers to pay $X for a job and then when it's done says he's only paying 0.75 X or something
Pajeet said the tradies had not finished the job. the $13k was for work including things they had yet to do.
I am on Pajeet's side. Fuck tradies. Every one I have ever hired has treated me like shit and charged way too much if they even bothered to turn up.
> In a follow-up post on Instagram, Mr Hallet wrote in the caption, “In relation to this, we have been paid in full on the day. Thanks to South Australian police involvement.”

So now what, they come back and rebuild?
I paid weber 35k to grab me by the willy and whirl me around the room but he refused as soon as I paid once.
I've used St George in Sydney to get Federal tyres for the Corvette for about 60% of the cost (including delivery) that the tyre shops wanted.
The spare I got today literally had to be obtained that way because the shops didn't even want to deal with a space saver tyre or contact Continental or get one in.
I am not sure the pigs were right that it was a "commercial dispute" and all they could do was make sure no-one was violent.
In my opinion workers you hire should only be allowed on your property when they have your permission to be there. Anything else is trespassing.
It would probably be a good case to take to court. If Sir was smart, he should have stepped in front of the saw/equipment and would have got a nice payout.
Pajeet should have denied knowing the tradies at all. Told the police they must have been at the wrong house.
Yeah cos the original quote with Pajeets signature wouldn't count for anything, would it?
I can't believe you're siding with a non-white over literally any issue in this country.
If you destroy $13,500 worth of work when you are out of pocket for only $3500 of it, surely you would have to refund the $10,000?
Surely even the NEETs would have to accept that Pajeet having paid $10,000 and got nothing in return is not a just outcome.
As I said earlier, the true cost of laying a driveway is probably $500 plus a few hours labour. They can give him a new one without losing anything.
Yeah, if I owned a little Barina or something it probably wouldn't be worth it. Certain cars or wheel profiles probably get slugged a premium because they're cunts.
> Bob Jane wanted about $400 each.
Damn, I think I paid over 400 for the rear tyre on my M90, but it does take a bit longer to change a motorcycle tyre than a car so more for labor.
Pajeet does not own the driveway at that point in the contract. The materials are the property of the tradie and labour is charged as you go hence multiple invoices. 
This is why you don't get paid out if a builder abandons building your home. As far as I remember its legal to do if the client is in breach of contract by withholding payment past an agreed date. and fuck pajeets if its not

$500 a day for 2 blokes plus the mixer truck plus the conc. We all know you hate tradies and why
And yes I do think some of those cunts go over the top pouring concrete down drains and smashing glass etc in some cases. I'm sure theres been actual battlers who can't pay in time
Old biddy at teh deli told me to cook the chicken skewers tonight because they were discounted half price. Bitch I'll cook 'em whenever I want to!
I knew some Webers who lived in rural Victoria. They had a daughter who was pretty hot and about my age. I should've done something about it but naturally I didn't. I probably really had a chance considering the lack of options she had. I remember trying to start a fire in front of her. She didn't think I'd be able to do it due to the rain the night before but I managed to get one going using only match. I showed the way to strike a match (striking not dragging) as I'd learnt in scout. I used to also try to impress her with how quickly I'd pick chestnuts. I figured my work ethic would impress her.  They were with some whacko Christian group called the Brethren. They wouldn't have much to do with anyone outside the church. Their mother used to give us cows milk. I mostly remember this because it was in a big rectangular container instead of a jug or something. My mother would give them biscuits and stuff in return.
There were many points at which my life could've gone very differently.
if your match striking and chestnut skills didn't do the trick, nothing else would've worked. you never had a chance. it's like being near fish in an acquarium. they're right there in front of you. so close, yet so far, since they're behind glass. she was behind the glass of life.
They always had her younger brother with us. Their dad had an L1A1 along with some less exciting registered stuff. I never got to fire it unfortunately but I got to hold it and it was really fucking heavy. I'd be curious to hold one now to see what it was like. I was about 12 at the time. Another neighbour had a Browning Auto-5 which according to wikipedia is about the same weight which fits with my memory. I got to fire that at some cockatoos and was disappointed that it was like my dad's break action 12 gauge except softer shooting. I don't quite know what I expected but it wasn't as novel as I thought it would be.
gonna be having a lot of anxiety issues tomorrow, can one of you remind me to do some anti-anxiety exercies?
GLs is not $88 its $15. 
The new girl is always there now too. Doesn't say hi to me. Has an aussie accent but dresses like an Asian with one of those tennis caps that they hide their eyes with
The time just gets away from you. I'm only on a first name basis with mine. I don't call her nan or anything, just a shortened form of her given name.