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Not him but you always deploy the same arguments to defend him. You say that anyone unhappy with the tiresome spam and death threats needs a hobby and pretend there is only one neet here that disapproves of his atrocious behaviour and narcissism.
They beat me back to the hotel and caught me trying to scurry into my room.
Where did my good posts go?
> trying to scurry into my room
You legit need a herder to help you with your socialising.
The herder would cleverly draw you into conversations with the other club members while handling a lot of the talking themselves.
Billed at $50 an hour. Five hour minimum.
There's sour yoghurt in the guacamole, and even if you put enough cheese to protect the chips there still no reason not to just dip into a salsa.
There's no salsa because the tomato, onion and chilli is all in the cooked sauce. 
Leave britany alone!
Not seeing any family, or anyone at all this Easter. Just like Christmas. 
Devoid of meaning and purpose. Pestilence unlimited.
Last night they used me as their “joke barometer” because I don’t smile or laugh and only smirked once at something about somebody’s pubes blocking the drain
It was a joke of the form:
Wife: I’ve just shaved downstairs. Do you know what that means?
Husband: I’m going to have to get somebody to unblock the drains?
20 years ago such a joke would never have been made in mixed company.
I have noticed the boomers becoming coarser. My own mother started saying sexualised things around five years ago. I thought it might have been dementia but it was just watching television all the time that coarsened her.
> they used me as their “joke barometer"
That was them trying to include you. You need to be mindful of smiling more, making eye contact and laughing.
Fake it if you have to.
> watching television all the time that coarsened her.
The quality of most programing is terrible. The ads especially during sports ball is horrid.
I stopped being able to watch TV or listen to the radio years ago. It started making me feel physically ill. I even turn the radio off in cars I am a passenger in, which surprises the driver but I can't deal with it. I lunge for the off button the second I hear it.
Feels like being tortured when I'm in a waiting room and you have no option but to hear the TV. I practice a sort of mental art where I can block it out no matter how loud it is.
> I lunge for the off button the second I hear it.
I do this too.

I do listen to ABC classic and another classic music station. I have tried to flick through the other stations, but end up at those two.
That is a whole other issue. They are the type of people that really upset me. Soy lefty fuckery. Just the presenter voices get me upset. The way they sound.

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New Reply on thread #833643
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