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Now that I'm linked up with that JSP, I can't see a points requirement on workforce. Is that expected? Am I basically off the hook?
Israel. She was an aid-worker killed by the IDF.
Some sort of wog I think.
I don’t know but if you don’t want to work it’s better to just fake psychosis to a psychiatrist and get diagnosed with schizophrenia and get on dsp
Community / government housing. You go through a salvos or saint vinnies program and that way they can also hook you up with up to 5 grand worth of furniture and shit if you have nothing. I pay about 400$ a fortnight for a 2 bedroom flat.
you can get rent assistance too, together with dsp you can just barely afford a place, but it's getting much harder because of the housing crisis, fuck albo and fuck all immigrants
We have poor NEETs living in sheds and caravan parks. They need to get hooked up to these premium scams.
Did you read the post? Do you know the context of the post? He was called out for using meth and he said it has made him "stronger than ever". It is a paraphrasing of what he said not a literal quotation.
I think you're just being disingenuous at this point.
You're being obtuse. This is the usual bullshit where you pretend not to understand or remember what is going on around you. I am done talking to you.

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New Reply on thread #834645
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