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The U.S. Government is actually the Serpent from the Bible.
They worship the Devil constantly.
(Prior thread maxxed)
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How much hypocrisy can we really stand by and watch?  Everything bad happening in the world today can be traced directly back to the U.S.
This is so well known at this point that all the psyops in the world can't hide this fact.

Most of us have literally known this for decades now.

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> being promiscuous, miscegenation, serial divorcing, and sex before marriage are against my religion but things happen and God forgives
> No I won’t get abortions to avoid raising children I can’t afford as a single mom that will turn out as shitty as my mom and siblings did that’s against my religion!
Hey, don't knock the woman up then, you take the risk you may end up regretting it. Wear rubber next time, Johnny.

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How do we stop the ever increasing growth of evil in places like the U.S. and similar countries, or is it inevitable?
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When your Luciferian government destroys it's own building and blames it on terrorists as a power grab.  No one falls for the hoax. 
 We can all plainly see it was an inside job, but their taxpayers still have to foot the bill.
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We are not broke, we are merely regathering our resources. The future is looking really good i'm sure.

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What's the deal with all these Western faggots that travel to Japan from all places at the whole world with the main purpose of lecturing, mocking and harassing Japanese people about how they live?
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Because Japan is SUCCESSFUL and Western loser faggots hate seeing that because it reminds them of how they're failures at everything.
>  >Also, nice dubs
I would have to agree with that, but now Japan is also facing a major debt insolvency crisis right now, just like the US has been for a while. Japan is now seeing massive increased costs to their standard of living too. It's not just the West, the world is now facing a global financial reset, possibly a global debt default which is going to shake up the global economy and financial system significantly causing a lot more instability and possibly more bigger wars too.
They can't rule or boss people around back where they're from. So they go to foreign countries and try their luck there

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merry xmas
happy hannukah to you ✡♿✡♿✡♿✡♿ boys
how ya'll gettin comfy this holiday season
supposed to be some cataclysmic storm this weekend
kinda killin any traditional holiday plans for me traditionally but I don't mind hunkering down and NEETing it up for a couple of days.

ya'll drankan tea or cocoa or coffee to get comfy?
happy holidays /b/
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