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pe-do c-p files 2024.

forced to lick a dog's ass.

real lolita rapes.



site with links.


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< Patrick Nelson is virgin, single, and an incel.

> Yakuza has 69 waifu wives and 420 naurto children and grandchildren.

Seething Incel Gahoole!

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Hey anons, which Linux OS is your favorite to use, and why? I'm looking to try something new myself after trying Linux Mint, Ubuntu Studio and Xubuntu. I'm looking for a Linux that is media friendly and has most media codecs pre-installed. I also want something that has Wine pre-installed or that I can use Foobar2000 for (one of the best audio players out there capable of loading very large audio collections relatively fast). I would hate to have to go back to Windows 7 just to use Foobar2000 but that is my end-game option.
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Well Reece, how have the Ads on the Lock Screen been treating you?

> My name is not Yakuza, my name is really The Fed and im using a Galaxy Note7. Im assuming theres an Ad everytime you open your lockscreen.

< Oh Buddy Reece, you shoudl'va went with the Galaxy Note S20. Smart Chap
Well, Yakuza, not only do I have an "Amazon tablet", I also have an Android phone (which is Alcatel Mobile) and I also have a Windows 11 laptop with Microsoft Edge, and other things.
I don't use smart gadgets or tablets. Still have an old school flip phone and PC, all I need.
I actually have a Lamborghini Tractor, a Ferrari-Mercedes Mobile home and a HAL 9000 Supercomputer. You see, Yakuza always is the best.

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I enjoyed playing the original Resident Evil games, Resident Evil Zero, 1 and 2. Are there any other survivalist horror games with similar gameplay? Preferably games for the playstation 3 and or 4.
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Dude, can you please stop spam bumping all your NPC threads? We get it already, you hate Americans, what else is there to say?
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I mean, the only reason people like that game is because of the main protagonist. It has its charms but it's pretty buggy.

Here's some backstory and info on that game,and on the game's director, SWERY



> Cool, never heard of it before.
Deadly Premonition received wildly varying critical reviews and holds the Guinness World Record for the most critically polarizing survival horror game. Although the original release had not been commercially successful, Deadly Premonition has garnered a cult following and has been cited as an example of games as art. 


Maybe you'll like it. Maybe you wont. Give it a try sometime

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I've been working on getting a p2p imageboard functioning for a while and I decided to start fresh more recently with a new project. It's still not fully featured per se, but I feel like releasing it in it's current form since it's still functional and I want to see if it works in the wild. Hopefully you'll be able to see the existing boards and start posting.

To install:
> install node and yarn (or npm instead of yarn)
> run "yarn build" to get the dependencies 
> run "yarn start" to start the server

And you can add whatever boards you like.
This basically works like a torrent. Moderation is local, so you can delete files and posts that you don't like, but it won't be deleted for others necessarily (unless everyone else blocks them and there are no more seeders). "Subscribing" to others as moderators so you can trust them to delete for you is also possible I just haven't hooked it all up yet.
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It's possible very few if anyone uses this p2p alternative but I rather see threads like this than one-lined spam threads constantly being force-bumped to the top.

I mean it was interesting at first, but then it got too complicated. 

Like it was a riddle that was never meant to be solved. Which is kinda the appeal of a mystery to begin with. Eventually figuring it out.
Wasn't that mysterious puzzle supposedly connected to the NSA or some other intel agency trying to recruit the best problem solving nerds, coders and hackers online who were given covert directions how to meet up with the mysterious entity who constructed that very puzzle? I recall watching some documentary about it many years ago. Supposedly no one knows what happened to those who cracked the secrets behind all the encrypted code. Rumors is it was some kind of State-created recruiting operation directed at very smart netizens.

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