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Cheese Breath.
This is your President.

This is the Man who cured us from PedoFaggotory. #TRUMP2024
Father which art IN HEAVON, Hallowed Be thy Name. For thy alone are Lord of Lord and Kings of Kings. Blessed be thy name O' Father, FOR thou art a Lord of Wisdom and there is no trace of sin in Thy Name.

Let us Pray.

Father, Thou art in heaven, Hallowed be Thy Name for thy kingdom come. As in the Book of Revelation shall be as in the Book of Daniel. For thou shalt provide Caesar his Gift of Gold and Nickels and the Word of The Lord is Wisdom.

O' Mother Mary, Hallowed be thy son from your womb, O' Jesus. PRAY for us up until the Hour of our Death, Amen.

Hail Mary, From thy Womb comes Jesus from a Virgin statue. O' Mother Mary, Hallowed be thy Name. Pray for us up until the Hour of out Death, Amen. O Lord Jesus, Have Mercy for All of us Have Sinned, Amen.
I have all of HannahOwOs pictures and videos including everything she locked behind a paywall on onlyfans, get it on my sellpass.


Some pics and vids for proof :)
He's just a Virgin and an Incel.

How do i get a cute girl like pic related to pet me and cuddle me to sleep? 
Sex ain't really necessary, but if i can also fuck her all the better.
video files list fuck collection dp 4-13 



welcome! site:

==non-official alcohol / drinking thread==
what are you drinkin /b/?
right now i'm drunk off of new amsterdam gin & generic [spoiler](staterbros)[/spoiler] tonic water + UV blue vodka
additionally, how are you doing currently? i'm bretty gud, eating food as i wright this [spoiler]image related; the yellow is generic mustard[/spoiler]
I enjoyed playing the original Resident Evil games, Resident Evil Zero, 1 and 2. Are there any other survivalist horror games with similar gameplay? Preferably games for the playstation 3 and or 4.
You Americans is really clumsy.
Don't let anyone tell you that fire is bad.  Boohoo, the environment, my lungs.  No.  
Fire has been used for thousands of years to keep us warm and cook food. 
Fire is very good.
I fixed Christ.
[Posted this to /tv/ but I think that place is dead so here is a /b/ mirror]

Time to list some must-see films I think anons should watch before SHTF.

What counts as a good film for me? Story must be intriguing and get you hooked. Acting must be good, believable and unique. Also, I prefer more realistic movies, but it doesn't have to be if the movie is a top notch classic with a great story and incredible acting.

Go ahead and make your own recommended lists if you like, and if you do, please post the titles and release dates!

Badlands  (1973)
My Cousin Vinny  (1992)
STONE  (1974)
The Day After  (1983)
River's Edge  (1986)
Absence of Malice  (1981)
A Fistful of Dollars  (1964)
For A Few Dollars More  (1965)
The Boys Next Door  (1985)
Beast With A Gun  (1977)
Stranger Than Paradise  (1984)
Five Easy Pieces  (1970)
Blue Velvet  (1986)
Kojak: The Belarus File  (1985)
Kojak: Fatal Flaw  (1989)
Dirty Harry collection (the whole movie series: 1971 - 1988)
The Dirty Dozen  (1967)
Nebraska  (2013)
My Friend Dahmer  (2017)
Menace II Society  (1993)
The Sandlot  (1993)
Falling Down  (1993)
Kelly's Heroes  (1970)
Night Of The Living Dead  (1968)
Dawn of the Dead  (1978)
Day Of The Dead  (1985)
Panic In Year Zero  (1962)
In The Heat Of The Night  (1967)
Far From Home  (1989)
Desolation  (2017)
Deliverance  (1972)
The Shining  (1980)
Terry Davis Thread
So the brand new season of Beavis and Butthead are out and the last season from 2022 was hilarious from what I recall. Is ANYONE sharing this yet!? Can't seem to find this on p2p or bit torrent! Seriously, where the fuck is everyone these days!? Come on! If this were just 10 years ago all this shit would have been available for anyone looking to download it.

Random thread to post about random crap
==post "small" youtube channels you'd like other users to know about==
> New England Wildlife & More 
> Accursed Farms
> Common Man Show
> pocket83
> Chad Zuber
[spoiler]chad zuber's subcount is huge, but his views are small, i've also followed him before he got big too[/spoiler]
> Way Out West Blog
> RUFUS!'s Video Game Graveyard
Post stuff Zoomers will never understand or get just how incredible it was the feeling of being around at the time and playing those things when they originally came out
Shit Bitch.
That's a big ass building in fire.
Where do people buy sensitive data on the dark web? A flight passengers info for example.
This slut is the perfect woman.
Thief Game Series Thread
How do we stop the ever increasing growth of evil in places like the U.S. and similar countries, or is it inevitable?
Can you guys believe the next decade is around the corner /b/? 

What do you think is going to happen in the next 10 years Do you have any plans or wishes /b How did this last decade pan out for you? Anything cool or crazy happen to you or anyone you know during this last decade?
Does this specific Motherboard have a Slot on it for the M.2 SSD Drive?
Why are there no more good Chans that are free of pornography? (or at least keep them in designated areas?)

god I miss doublechan and frenschan

Where 2 go!!! Seriously! A place where the mods actually care!
A bridge that collapsed in a very poorly run country.
This jackass fucking up the country.  Do they just automatically vote in whoever is the biggest piece of shit now?
I should have gotten a Qualification in Building Ships 



Ancient Rome thread
When your Luciferian government destroys it's own building and blames it on terrorists as a power grab.  No one falls for the hoax. 
 We can all plainly see it was an inside job, but their taxpayers still have to foot the bill.
Why all Americans do is Eat McDonalds and Drink Coke? It's Hilarious. I've been to Germany many times and everything is so orderly. America needs to shape up.
The satanic terrorist U.S.A government is an organization of corrupt, deranged psychopaths who live only to serve their Lord and master the Devil.
Wake Up.
Many of us exist like Indentured Servants in this country and they plan to keep taking away more. They need to face some consequences for having their boots on our heads.
Remember that it is far easier to destroy something than it is to build, and it is far easier to make a mess than it is to clean a mess.
These people do not deserve to have a future.
I don't care if we have to destroy the whole fucking Planet.
Fight Back!
I went to a cafe next to a mosque in Las Vegas. There were two guys sitting at a corner table, discussing a sinister operation during a large upcoming event. They were laughing, saying that nobody could do anything in the US for such an operation because everyone is so overweight. An interesting detail that I managed to overhear was that they mentioned using a gel-like substance in a fat suit, without any metallic or obvious parts that would trigger security. They also mentioned making it partially sensitive, so it could be triggered by a hard slap on a specific part of the suit.

I posted this here because I don't know where I could share this information.
Why do normalniggers like dragon ball cartoons so much? They’re all talk little action and look like fan animations.
why was my Bible verses thread removed?
merry xmas
happy hannukah to you ✡♿✡♿✡♿✡♿ boys
how ya'll gettin comfy this holiday season
supposed to be some cataclysmic storm this weekend
kinda killin any traditional holiday plans for me traditionally but I don't mind hunkering down and NEETing it up for a couple of days.

ya'll drankan tea or cocoa or coffee to get comfy?
happy holidays /b/
Hello endchan I decided I hate myself
To the point I'll find a chubby wife next to obese who's into black men and cheating on her husbands for one. Im too socially awkward to be in the same room as they fuck so I'll get her to record it and then after we watch the tape while she gives me a reassuring hand job and pitty kisses while somewhat engaging in foreplay while getting off to her having the bull finish off on her ass while she is laying tired on the bed exhausted and exposed of being owned. I don't deserve real love but it's mixed with jerking off which developed this fetish I have. I'll never be disconnected from this ugly world I'll always be apart of it might as well give into nature's demands. After all nature always wins, right?.you fucking naturalist supporting cock suckers? Why let technology help us to not be so filthy when we can live for a while life time in misery stripped away from what the soul wants.
they are good bois who do no wrong and are better than us in every way
hands down my Favourite Album from the 90's
An epidemic of starvation and disease in Gaza.
1.7 million people displaced.
Join Wizard Zone

>  yqetZqLvzHQpJfWpxG:matrix.org?via=matrix.org">https://matrix.to/#yqetZqLvzHQpJfWpxG:matrix.org?via=matrix.org
any cp onions??
I swallowed Black Penis like Nastassia and I enjoyed it. I took that black dick all the way past my vocal cords and I felt violated but I came 5 times in a row. It felt like I had my organs shifted when my asshole and pussy were penetrated by all those Black Penises. By the way, the Bible allows this because I'm American.
when end is coming
why we sitting here
Look at this politician Joe Biden is a Pussy
Hi my name is Yakuza and I lost. I give up. I am going to sleep.
I can't stand it. All they do is complain with their fancy Mercedes-Benz and cry emotional Cheeses while their Boyfriend has broken up with them. The Boys became a Gay Cheese because they are just American. They later committed suicide because of Cheese Bullying. 

Let me tell you something America, Suicide is an American Teenager thing. This is how you die, strap yourself with a Car-Battery and go to Allah. Stop being a Cheese USA.

AMERICA is just a Cheese Breath.
YaAllah Halal Ensure Redeem you.
The tyrants of Israel have controlled things, and run this world into the ground.  How can we fight back against these psychos?
Now where's those's chemicals I ordered dammit?
I don't know if this is the right place but I don't know what to do anymore. This is not your typical, I want to see if my girlfriend is cheating situation.

There's this guy that has a history of harassing girls on Instagram, sending unsolicited dick pics, etc and last month, he abused my 14yo cousin. We went to the police but they couldn't care less and even asked "what were you wearing". She broke down and tried to commit suicide because of what happened.
Last week, the same guy got a 16yo pregnant and told her to fuck off because he "wanted to enjoy life".
What I'm asking is for someone to help me get access to his account so I can screenshot everything, expose him to everyone so no other girls have to experience what my cousin had to.

I can give you the instagram handle, his tiktok handle and his first and last name.

I have been scammed 3 times already trying to do this so I don't have that much money left but any help would be appreciated

My telegram is PLakoT1 if anyone wants to contact me there
does anyone know what causes mods on the anonib board to nuke threads of girls that are fully clothed and 18+ ? i posted a thread of this girl i found from IG and it was nuked twice and the pics were banned. i don't get it. is she famous or something??
I am going to engage in a little White Shaming this morning. I think it is merited.

How many of you are genuinely able to name more than one piece of classical music that isn't hammered to death by Hollywood? How many of you can name a composer other than Mozart or Beethoven, AND THEN, name a piece of music associated with that composer? How many of you have read Kipling, or Robert Service, or Thomas Mallory? Can you name the Greek, Roman, or Norse gods, beyond the ones mocked by the jews at Marvel Comics? In what year did the German people slaughter three whole Roman legions in the Teutoburg Forest?

Far too many of you can name and sing along to every nigger rap song out there, and know every Jap anime that has ever existed (except Appleseed; nobody seems to know Appleseed), and have seen every jew-made Hollywood blockbuster out there.

But almost none of you know Allegri. 

I put a geas upon you. But you probably don't know what a geas is, do you. 

geas (plural geasa or geases)

pron. "Ges".

    (originally in ancient Irish religion and mythology) A vow, obligation or injunction placed upon someone to do something, which typically brings harm if violated and blessings if obeyed. 

Do one thing today, to enrich your understanding of White Culture and improve your knowledge of your own people.
Who is this girl?
Give me more blood money. 
I am greedy evil ruling class.
Give it to me all the money snd oil.
Share your onionshare link and see what people send you, alternatively feel free to send anything to my OnionShare:
No, it's also a great photo opportunity.
I'm trying to find Dumbbell exercises for the Chest that don't require a bench that you stand up to do, and I've looked online but even when you put in 'dumbbell chest exercises without a bench' but because it's got mental retardation it gives you ones with the bench and I'd like to know if anyone can help me out with finding most if not all of those exercises.

thank you
Jill Biden is a Skanky, ugly-ass, filthy old WHORE, and married to a traitor.
Never forget all the burnt American Asses that day.
Nothing but burnt ASS.
any1 have any images of authentic blood splatter and/or scars? )
1444 audio version
im lonely and want new friends https://www.twitch.tv/yunzhi9
what you seen on youtube isn't right! don't believe that coward Tranium. He is just playing pirated games and saying they are off the dark web and making desktop shortcuts to make it out like it's exported.

Actual Dark Web Game: https://pastebin.com/tZsF1Dir

second link: https://upload.disroot.org/r/m33XUZyq#FfRFmj3xM2toZOc4Z7JnaXBXjh5WGWuYyrDw9791H9w=


If you have any questions reach out to me on snapchat my snap is "zoeeeeeeeeee89" you will have to wait for the file to load but the link is there for the game ABOMELOK0408 and no it's not just a desktop shortcut and yes its playable and it's from the dark web. First found in a dark web chat room then Stronghold paste and then Deeppaste. The file expires in 30 days
Hey anons, which Linux OS is your favorite to use, and why? I'm looking to try something new myself after trying Linux Mint, Ubuntu Studio and Xubuntu. I'm looking for a Linux that is media friendly and has most media codecs pre-installed. I also want something that has Wine pre-installed or that I can use Foobar2000 for (one of the best audio players out there capable of loading very large audio collections relatively fast). [spoiler]I would hate to have to go back to Windows 7 just to use Foobar2000 but that is my end-game option.[/spoiler]
ITT post cures for pedophilia
> inb4 kys 8chud
im a coward
any of you guys still around? I wish we had all moved here instead of the dead, worthless webring. That was a total mistake. The Zoomer newfaggots that go on there are so cucked as a generation. The nigger programming is deeply embedded in their brain. It is frustrating to even speak to them or look at their posts.
webm thread #2?
webm thread #2!

1st one hit the bump limit.  >>>b/22440@22440 
Save any video you find interesting in that thread before it  404s [spoiler]srs[/spoiler]
Why are image boards so dead today? Did everyone bail to bigger online platforms? Is Tik Tok and Telegram the new norm now or did most anons just give up and go offline? Why do so many choose platforms that have no privacy or free speech? It feels like a whole generation of people suddenly vanished.
why are leftist Video Gaming Devs so obsessed with making every single female character in games now so goddamn fucking disgusting?
I'm thinking of getting some extra memory for all of my games on my PC and I'm not entirely sure which one would be the better one to go for, the conventional hard drive or the more recent Internal SSD

which one would you say would be more suited for storing and running the games off?
What do you think sand niggers will target the next time they attack the us
It's been a while since I browsed let alone posting anything on 4chan. Is 4chan actively blocking VPNs from even visiting that site now? I tried switching IPs and nothing works, the site is simply blocking my browser and/or VPN client.
Top 5 Favourite albums from the 70's
These fake “Support our Military” Facebook Pages just need to stop with the AI. This is all kinds of creepy! 

Gives me Invasion of the Body Snatchers vibes.
They are always having the Big Cheese and Arguing about their $60 DoorDash or Uber eats order from Chipotlé. 

They have the Panera Bread Fart.
I am in the U.S. being oppressed by the zionists.
Is there anyone out there?
I'm breaking one of the three rules of this site making this thread but I don't really give a shit, does anyone have any .onion links for a drug market where I can buy MDMA that isn't a scam?

In the good old days I managed to get some stuff off silk road but I can't seem to find anything remotely like it now.
magrthea is pretty comfy am i right bois
A thread to do with the current events in South Sudan
oficjalny tomasz terka vlog thread

We have 34 trillion dollars of national debt and we cannot even have standard modern reliable vehicles? The state of this country is absolute garbage today. Better keep and be able to maintain your older vehicles, they'll be the only ones able to commute without headaches and huge financial setbacks.

No way in hell I'd ever take a loan to purchase one of these newer vehicles.
ERROR CODE 0xc000021a
Ur a real one Dao yu. every day coming home from work i think about flooring the wrong way down the freeway but then hubris comes on and i dont have to think about killing myself anymore
Thanks Brandon Robert Kelley

Tynan Laird, AKA "Triagonal" on deviantART, was permabanned for harassment. They couldn't get the hint, and days later they attempted to ban-evade, poorly. https://www.deviantart.com/forum/devart/general/2674267 

They were permabanned off of deviantart two years ago on their "Triagonal" account, and despite claiming to have apologized they and their friends continue to stalk, dox, impersonate, and slander anyone who is wary of them. I've included a list of their known alts on other social media so that you can block them, and this video may be revised to include more information.

They have lied about so many things about themselves and "Tynan Laird" is not their real name, as no good matches for that name exist on name lookup sites. They also do not live in Pitcairn. Both u/MozartWasARed and u/NiotaBunny on Reddit have been confirmed to have the the same browser fingerprint and IP address, verifying that the two accounts belong to the same person. Triagonal/Tynan Laird has been claiming that u/NiotaBunny is not their alt ever since the real Niotabunny on the deviantART forums mentioned Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). Since then, they have been lying and pretending that the account belongs to an entirely different person, despite admitting that they are the owner of the account prior to the DID shtick they recently picked up.

Anything they say about themselves can be taken as yet another lie. They are also known for falsely flagging cocks that shows them in a bad light, trying to get it removed. Any attempt to call them out or warn others on their behaviour will either result in a dox and/or them writing up paragraphs of ChatGPT prompted text.
Moldova. Young man rapist in his mid 20's was force hanged topless with his hands tied behind his back, by two brothers whose sister he had raped at the rave party while she was heavily drunk. Last pic shows his body at morgue. After it was admitted and they knew what he had done, morgue instructor gave it to med students to use as study prop. For them all to repeatedly poke at his tongue and examine his body and treating his private parts in very rough disrespectful and humiliating way.
Discussion thread:

one of my deep seated beliefs is that jason schwartzman is a ftm transsexual who transitioned during childhood and has been stealth under our noses this entire time. is this complete retardation or does it have merit
At least he had colossal bliss
Hey guys so I would like to know if there is anyone willing to spare a few bitcoin, im a newbie investor and I dont really wanna scam anyone, if you are a good trader or crypto expert and can spare some bitcoin send to my address: bc1qxt2lfv27nalqnkpmd9n373m2wdxxqruffs546e
This is a thread about the possibility of Texas seceding from the Union due to the crisis at the southern border.

This thread is NOT for local hookups or porn. This is a political thread fagtard. Go fuck off elsewhere with your coomer shit.
are we ever going to see her fully nude and doing full nude sex scenes in anything anytime soon, or even better any leaks of her having sex, I've heard talk or there being some floating around the web for a few years now
Prime white BBC breeding sow

Sows should be inseminated 24 hours after onset of standing heat and again 18–24 hours later. If heat detection is performed once per day, gilts should be inseminated within 4 hours and sows within 12–16 hours from when they were first observed in standing heat.

Balkanchan - friend of LynxChan

MYLOVE (Welcome to my MYLOVE Board)


8chan Community
Basically Americans are an Social Media Addiction Honey and a Cheese Brain. They are a suicidal Cheese until they receive the Money and a Reputation-Babe and a Honey-Brain. They join the ILLUMINATI and start Dancing on a TikTok. It's American.
https://github.com/xtreme8000/BetterSpades - Voxlap engine
https://openspades.yvt.jp/ - OpenGL engine
As a child, I blocked out most of my past because I was bullied. I didn't really take care of myself because I hated myself. I didn't brush my teeth, I didn't eat, I felt unloved, and so much more that I can barely remember about my childhood. I could only recall certain events, like when this one girl walked up to me and told me, "Oh, your teeth are so white, I like them." I didn't know what sarcasm was at that time, and I said "Thanks," not understanding why she sounded like that. Another memory I have is when my "friends" started leaving me for no reason. Well, I think I know why they left me; probably because I was a freak. Another memory I have is of my teachers being mean. They would mark my test adding things like "Oh, you're so stupid" to certain questions. One question that hurt me very badly is when we had to draw hands, one hand having all the good things about a person and the other having all the bad things in a person. She wrote on the bad hand, "Just like you!" That really hurt me as a child. Another memory I have is when I confessed my feelings to this girl with a love letter. I didn't really know how to spell, so most of the words just seemed like gibberish. When I gave it to her in class, she laughed, saying that I should learn how to be smart before I asked her out. Her friends even said, "You're too ugly for love." It's honestly sad. One time, back in grade 4, I think I told my friend I liked this one girl in class. He told the whole school the next day, and she "was my girlfriend" for a little until breaking up with me 3 months into the relationship. She even said, "I only dated you because I got dared" when she broke up with me. I have bad memories of everybody in my life. Even my parents used to lie, saying "Oh, you're so talented" or "You're so good at this," even though I wasn't anywhere near as good or talented as most people. I was honestly hurt as a child mentally, and I think that plays a big role in why I'm so friendly, gentle, and frankly scared of how I act around people now that I'm 14. I honestly don't want to be myself because I'm scared people might be mean to me again. I try to brush my teeth every day. I try to eat. I sort of brush my teeth every day, and I at least eat around one meal per day, so I think I'm recovering, but I'm not sure. I'm also kind of in love with this girl in my class, but I'm frankly too scared to ask her to be mine. Well, the reason is that I'm sort of broke, and I don't have a lot of money, so I can't really buy stuff for her or take her on dates, and I don't want to tell her I'm broke because I'm scared she will not want to be friends or even more than friends anymore. So yeah, I don't know what I want to do with my life or what I'm doing. I'm starting to get suicidal thoughts every day, and I can't stop them. I hope someone at least can help me here one day. But all I want is to give someone my world, to show someone all the affection and love I have in me for them. Yeah, I don't know what else to say, but I hope that my life gets better, and I hope someone can help me with what's going on in my life. Thank you.
Found in a TOR pastebin. The delusional fucker who put this garbage together went beyond the black pill. But somehow it's make sense in the end.
> be me 
> mid 2023
> had insomnia and poor sleep 
> start taking benadryl 
> insomnia_gone.jpg
> start having some weird dreams after a couple of nights
> this creepy girl showed up and wouldnt stop following me around
> recognize her immediately as the girl from that horror movie
> weird, i hadnt seen that movie in years nor thought about her character.
> although samara looked slightly different and grown up 
> hell, she even wore normal clothes sometimes
> samara appears randomly, could even go weeks without dreaming of her, and unexpectedly she shows up again
> never felt scared or as if my life was at risk
> actually i woke up in a better mood every time
> in a dream i had back in january i was on a couch leaning on her shoulder
> i could clearly feel her wet hair and cold skin 
> still i felt very comfortable hugging her
> that's the last time i dreamed of Sam 

I miss her so bad /b/ros, and yeah i know Sam is just a fictional character and those were mere dreams i had but i miss her and i'd do anything to dream of my first crush again.
sup /b/ros
White dumb uneducated breeding sows.

For BBC.

Few days ago, I had my first Psychedelic experience with LSD and butane gas (yes, inhalants). Butane is a powerful stuff and can make you see other side of Reality (Sitra-Ahkra). Just after few minutes of inhaling this stuff, my Neshama was leaving my Earthly body, ascending to High Heavens (or so called "Lower Gan Eden" in Kabbala). In my vision, I saw a familiar face. 
Me: "Terrence McKkena? Is that you? I thought that the Goyim Cattle (non-Jews) are not allowed to ascend in Heavens, because they're not considered human beings."
Terrence: "Yes, my Friend, this is true. However, during my lifespan on Earth, I was a good Shabbos-Goy for my Jewish Masters. I was one of the main heads for propaganda of drugs, sex, and dirty lifestyle for the Goyim. It was me that hooked up millions of stupid Goyim on drugs, It was me that ruined lives of countless stupid Goyima and made them whores, and drug addicts. And for this service, the Jewish G-d Yahweh has appointed me a place in High Heavens!"
Me: "Wow, I didn't know that Shabbos-Goyim also deserved a place in Heavens. Tell me, Terrence, do you know by any chance, when is Moshiach going to come to our world and enslave the entire Goyim population, such that they would worship Jewish people as their God?"
Terrence: "Yes, friend. Moshiach is going to come when the last goy will be cattlelized to the level of a swine or a dog, and when the last Jew commits to Tshuvah and becomes righteous in his ways."
Me: "Terrence, but the Goyim are already live cattle. Look at those pigs: they have no morality, no humanity, no consciousness! Half of them worship our prophet Yeshua as their God, half of them worhsip Allah. They are already our slaves, why hasn't Moshiach come to our world yet, then?? Why??"

As soon as I had this thoughts, I began to have a bad-trip. I descended back to this lowly Earth, and decided to share my experience. Baruch Ha-Shem, one day we will destroy the goyim
Edom may say, “Though we have been crushed, we will rebuild the ruins.” But this is what the LORD Almighty says: “They may build, but I will demolish. They will be called the Wicked Land, a people always under the wrath of the LORD."

Those who marry must not expect to have children, and those who don't marry must live as if they had been widowed. Anything that is done will be useless. Foreigners will harvest the crops, seize the wealth, tear down the houses, and carry off the children as slaves. Anyone who has children will be bringing them up to be slaves or to die of starvation.
Why people at the internet (nu 4chan included) act like douchebags for no reason? And yet they have the nerve to blame normies and smartphones "for ruining the internet"?
Masha told me that I was Powerful. Now I know that it was the Niggers who took my power away. I cry now.
Post your OnionShare and see what files people send you, or alternatively send files to my OnionShare here:

Very homosexual and Gay.
I've been working on getting a p2p imageboard functioning for a while and I decided to start fresh more recently with a new project. It's still not fully featured per se, but I feel like releasing it in it's current form since it's still functional and I want to see if it works in the wild. Hopefully you'll be able to see the existing boards and start posting.

To install:
> install node and yarn (or npm instead of yarn)
> run "yarn build" to get the dependencies 
> run "yarn start" to start the server

And you can add whatever boards you like.
This basically works like a torrent. Moderation is local, so you can delete files and posts that you don't like, but it won't be deleted for others necessarily (unless everyone else blocks them and there are no more seeders). "Subscribing" to others as moderators so you can trust them to delete for you is also possible I just haven't hooked it all up yet.
This country is such a failure that whoring is unprofitable.  Dwell on that for a minute
What opinion do you have about cicada 3301?
> If you are arab, you are welcome.
> if u are not, you are also welcome.
> arabchan.net
> arabchan.com
> 6mey2n3wlibawa3w2pdcbsr2z5izvkuiui2pscngatd3idawrr3gv4ad.onion
> A new image board for niggers  and sand niggers and white niggers

arabchan When cybercriminals, racists, autistic mfs ,and homophobes cum together
there was this Foreign Horror movie I saw over the summer last Year and I'll cut straight to it the main monster in the movie is this like 10 - 15 foot Monster Spider and it well doesn't kill in the normal sense of the word well not regarding the female characters.

I'll get right down to what I mean there one of the main female characters in it is getting chased by it but doesn't realise that it's making her run right into it's trap, where she's runs right into his web she loses both of her shoes while running into the web because the ground around the web is sticky from it, also didn't have any socks on. He doesn't stick his needle into her well he does but not for the reason you would have thought he was going to do. only to make her paralyzed enough to make her immobile but not enough that she doesn't feel what he originally intended.

It's not what you think, the guy has sex with her and you see the whole fucking thing from the moment he rips her leggings to seeing his penis (yes you even see that it's a purple blueish colour with a dark red-ish tip) getting erect to him ramming it inside her, hearing her moans and cries as he thrusts it in her. the whole damn scene is like five minutes long, and the damn thing is I can't remember what was called. I have been trying find out for ages what it was and wonder if any one else here might have an idea to what it was.
hi all. anyone have any good dw links for a suicide forum. looking to go helium + bag or mask  but finding the appropriate tank is unclear to me. i want to confront the serpent in my heart
Do you have a bf? How did you find him?
> For you know that you were not redeemed from your useless [spiritually unproductive] way of life inherited [by tradition] from your forefathers with perishable things like silver and gold, but [you were actually purchased] with precious blood, like that of a [sacrificial] lamb unblemished and spotless, the priceless blood of Christ. For He was foreordained (foreknown) before the foundation of the world, but has appeared [publicly] in these last times for your sake
wat iz it?
Post your onionshare and see what people send you.

Feel free to post images, videos, documents, or any other kind of files to me on my onionshare:
caught on insta: jrmflemos89
just testing to see if the album art shows
And apparently it's to retarded to recognize if I loaded in a file.
It is.
How do I ruin this guys life? He's a professor of writing who practices polyamory and yells at his girlfriends who don't have sex with him often enough.
[email protected]
I've recently gotten a new PC since my previous one is on the fritz at the moment and can someone here please tell me how in the fuck do I get Microsoft word document onto my actual desktop we've already and are still paying for the family package each year. 

at the moment all it seems to be doing is only seeming to open it in and on the internet to which I just do not understand why the fuck it's only doing it that way when it ever did that in the past.

thank you

PS I fucking hate Windows 10 biggest pile of shit of an OS on the market.
I hate shrimpies
Onionshare links
Jessica Davidson
Hi Posters,

I would like to ask of you to fully incriminate this girl. Do all you can so she can't look at herself in the mirror anymore. She is a horrible person that deserves no platform anywhere. Fuck Her UP! ;)

Mariepray Timp (Facebook) Fullname
Mariepray (Instagram)
Ricecocker (Tiktok)
https://www.tiktok.com/@ricecocker?_t=8kvjz42jrcW&_r=1 [Embed]

These are all of her socials, please make her suffer. Do your worst.

Kind regards,

Yours truly poppykok <3
Very slow strangulation death. Was doing erotic asphyxiation challenge on TikTok. Strangling in order to get super aroused. Passed out before he could unzip his jeans and masturbate.
searched it up and obviously retarded normalfag media wong give media and im not retarded enough to use spyware like discord so im hoping someone found it elsewhere and share so i can see for my/ourselve(s)
Legal products selling website by Monero
these are the very controversial tweets that got her hated globally and axed from everything she her herself created by the trans community and every leftest ran media Company and got her and her family to be harassed and sent death threats to, I warn you these are going to 'trigger' you and make you outraged and call for her to be canceled and justify her being sent death threats. 

are you prepared?
without a VPN, how do you change the IP Address on your PC, do you have to completely change internet service provider in order to do it or do you have to move to a completely new residence or is there another way of doing it?
on this site i met a woman that i really was not ready on but that had a massive impact on my development as a person and foremost my sexual development, she would train and milk me for hours, nights, make me fuck women in public and such, never really got over her, than again other one that was not ready for me but it still did not stop me off from fucking her in public despite her age i will not disclose, that girl is still obsessed with me, already 5 years later now.  A ton of other girls i had fun with online and few i met, one got to be my friends girlfriend. Death of this site made me feel just how much of a garbage internet is nowdays, including this shitty forum. Everything is overmoderated, there is almost no place you can openly express your thoughts, and the knowledge that you can end up in jail for illegal combination of pixels is beyond mind drilling to me, even more so that this is now considered normal and acceptable 
Let us say, You make a site that will randomly generate and display pixels at 1024x1024 page, in time, this almost random image generator will generate illegal combination of pixels, and  that can lead to being charged of distributing illegal pixels, which can lead up to decades in prison, i am feeling so empty to share earth with subhuman species accepting these laws of men
Imagine a new super power and everyone must reply with a weakness to that power.

Example: Invisibility.
But only when no one's looking at you.
once-great free AI nudify platforms are now being hid behind paywalls. The only free ones left are shit quality. Eventually they might be be taken down altogether.
How much info about him could be extracted from this?
Do u know any free apps or online ai tools to enhance video quality? I got a video from my gf, but it's bad and i'd like to normalize it.
Is there any good trans board without the politics? endchan.net/lgbt/ and /polru/ are moderated by an insane leftist crossdresser (the meme tier rapist one), who bans anyone questioning his support for Hamas and BLM, or wanting to take HRT (he believes medical transitioning is not important). Because I'm still struggling to understand how violent black criminals and muslim terrorists are related to the well-being of the transsexuals. I was at Reddit, but they too banned me when I replied to one of the Palestinian bots that the lives of cisgender muslim children have no value to the trans community, and that I worship Satan, not Allah. Therefore I'm looking for a nicer board.

puerto rican
There is finally a completely decentralized p2p video platform where anyone can share videos node to node, searchable and uncensorable. Anyone can join and load videos into the p2p network and anyone can view those videos too. You can install it on almost any Linux, Windows or Macintosh operating system. Completely free. It also comes with it's own crypto wallet to exchange cryptocurrencies too. The desired goal of the Qortal Network is to keep users in full control over the content they see and the content they wish to share, also minimizing the ability to surveillance other users as the network is heavily encrypted. It gets better: any normie can use this program! You do not need to be a tech geek to use it anymore, all it takes is a few clicks.

Step 1: Go to ED 



Step 2: Bring back the best, smartest and/or lulziest article you can find. Post it in this thread

Step 3: ???

Step 4: Profit!
does anyone know who this chick is?, seen people posted her before and then others going on about these certain videos of her were made and I'd like to know exactly just who she is and what those vids were
John Carpenter's The Thing (1982) Discussion & Theories Thread
Specially created as a copy from old and outdated hidden wikis, and serves as a resource to provide real and original onion url.

What's the deal with all these Western faggots that travel to Japan from all places at the whole world with the main purpose of lecturing, mocking and harassing Japanese people about how they live?
Pedophilia is kinda bad in the same way doing drugs is bad. It is especially bad in large doses; in small doses it is basically harmless. I find it odd and I don't understand why so many Twitter/YouTube/normie people get so upset or up-in-arms over stuff that's even slightly pedophilic or pedophile-adjacent. Like someone jerking off to drawings, they get mad. Or someone trying to get with a 16 or 17-year-old girl, they say he's a weirdo. Or if you bring up the point that age of consent is different in various jurisdictions across the world, they say "cringe".

It is like they are NPCs or bootlickers in regards to the law. Human sexuality is not "bad" or "good" OR "on" or "off" just based on whether or not the person or depiction of a person is above or under the age of 18 and judging the reaction someone has.

This is maybe anti-family or like prudes being jealous that some guy gets with an older teenage girl. What's the point of money if you can't get rich or enjoy it? What's the point of sex if you can't have it with beautiful sexy young women? I say anti-family because allowing 16-or-17-year-olds to get married and have kids is pro-family; a man who wants to do that with a young woman of that age is not a weirdo, just some guy who may have to put up with the bitch's immaturity.

Maybe some of this is normalfags need something to cast their sins upon and hate, like how centuries ago people did human/animal sacrifices. They would put their negativity upon the animal, like a scapegoat, then kill it. In Christianity, for example, people routinely ask God to take their sins away to be free of them. People need this type of outlet, so I can see pedo hate/dislike partly filling this need. Witch-hunts and such.

If girls below the age of 16 or 17 get pregnant they or their child could die, so that's really a no-no. Even getting pregnant at 16 or 17 might be bad, but I think that is more up to individual choice. Relations with 16 or 17 year olds seems OK, but any younger than that I am basically against. Perhaps if they got explicit permission from both families (and probably also gotta follow the law) <16-year-olds could get married or whatever with whoever. I am partly thinking about countries where age of consent law allows for <16.

Other than that, the human ability to reason should not be understated. If you think people cannot make good or good-enough choices, then you are kinda babying them. Anyone with half a brain can consent, but legally speaking, consent does not matter ("can't consent") in some cases because the law is a force for positive socialization. (Or at least the law is supposed to be a force to avoid negative social affairs.)

I posted this because I think it is a somewhat interesting topic. Image: if you do a DuckDuckGo image search for "pedobear" you will get no results.
What's some good music to vibe to while baked?
How do we break up the intimate relationship between anime and slavery? :^3
How do I route a proxy through the Tor network? I'm trying to do the old black market classic setup of VPN -> TOR -> Proxy
It's true. She is. NASTY.

America, land of the White Whores.
Random Cat facts

Cats have an extra organ that allows them to taste scents on the air, which is why your cat stares at you with her mouth open from time to time.

Cats are nearsighted, but their peripheral vision and night vision are much better than that of humans.

A group of cats is called a “clowder”.

Cats have whiskers on the backs of their front legs.

Male cats are more likely to be left-pawed, while female cats are more likely to be right-pawed.
has there ever been any news articles or stories back up with actual evidence of it, of female pornstars who go to prison and before long end up having sex with the prison guards and some of who end up getting pregnant from it and also even better if any of them were filmed.

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