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> being promiscuous, miscegenation, serial divorcing, and sex before marriage are against my religion but things happen and God forgives
> No I won’t get abortions to avoid raising children I can’t afford as a single mom that will turn out as shitty as my mom and siblings did that’s against my religion!
Hey, don't knock the woman up then, you take the risk you may end up regretting it. Wear rubber next time, Johnny.

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these are the very controversial tweets that got her hated globally and axed from everything she her herself created by the trans community and every leftest ran media Company and got her and her family to be harassed and sent death threats to, I warn you these are going to 'trigger' you and make you outraged and call for her to be canceled and justify her being sent death threats. 

are you prepared?
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In America some places are worse than other places, and some people have it better than other people. It's becoming a land of the haves and the have-nots. Those that can afford to move to greener pastures often do, those that cannot are forced to stay in places of squalor and demise. Ironically the same goes for most other nations, the only difference is America's reserve currency has been largely devalued and it's industrial power outsourced over the last few decades, so more and more Americans are now realizing hardship and poverty still exists in this world. It did not have to be this way. If we had better, honest and sane leadership this wouldn't have happened to us.
> bad things happen in subverted Marxist-infiltrated areas
< all America is doomed!

What many people don't seem to understand about America is it is an extremely diverse country. The country is huge, populations are very well spread out. To put this in perspective it would take you almost a week driving from the East coast to the West coast, and that's if you went the speed limit on major highways and no detours other than filling up for gas and occasional rest stops. As far as population diversity, it exists in enormity: people living in California have an extremely different culture and set of laws in place than people living in Texas for example. If you were living in Chicago, Illinois and came down to visit Rolla, Missouri during the covid pandemic there would be a night and day difference in diversity. Chicago would be under lockdowns and mask mandates while most people in Rolla would be out shopping without masks with no lockdown in place. If you live in New Jersey you are paying extra-ordinary property taxes, but if you live in Alabama you pay an extremely low property tax. If you live in New York you cannot legally own semi-auto rifles today, but if you live in Wyoming you can find them in nearly every local gun shop. If you live in a major city you are likely to see more Jews, Muslims and Catholics; whereas if you live in the country you are more likely to see Mormons, Amish and notoriously strict Baptist communities. Anyone who doubts this has not traveled around America to witness the diversity or has done much research into it. That said, ironically diversity can come with some advantages, depending what situation you are in socially and financially.

Before you do something stupid that you will regret, you just digitally on record admitted and recorded criminal evidence of your intent. Think that over very carefully. If they were to get a warrant for evidence of a possible murder, which they would, your phone or whatever computer you used to communicate would be part of that investigation. Not just to track your previous movements and where you were at what times, but the possibility of you communicating about that death before, during and after the fact. So, would you like 25 years to life in prison living with Bubba? Better think things over.

> XP by far was the best Windows platform, only it is somewhat limited in what kind of media you can play these days, or what kinds of software can run on it. If you like anything modern you have to at least run a Vista if not Windows 7 Pro. :/ Or of-course you can switch to Linux if you don't mind relying on open-source software for everything.

It was so good that Microsoft did everything it could to make every OS after it as different from XP as possible. Because MS is awful

Very retro. Nice. Your picture fits your post
Since the faggot has to bump all his nonsense redundant one sentence threads once again I'll be bumping this thread again.
Did you know that you didn't ALWAYS have a tiny personal computer in your pocket complete with camera at all times? That you paid attention to the outside world when you were outside? That unless you were watching TV or playing video games you weren't staring into a glowing rectangle and *gasp* possibly talking to real live human beings?
I don't own a smartphone and today I talked to 7 people, 4 of them distant neighbors who came over to my place for a while to chat and have a couple drinks with. Was a very beautiful day outside.

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any of you guys still around? I wish we had all moved here instead of the dead, worthless webring. That was a total mistake. The Zoomer newfaggots that go on there are so cucked as a generation. The nigger programming is deeply embedded in their brain. It is frustrating to even speak to them or look at their posts.
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> I got told to go back to cuckchan by an anon who messed up redtext.

Johnny Neptune probably.

This. Content matters. If you got something smart to say, say it and that is what makes the image board count. I could care less if the place is a ghost town or if old fags or new fags are here. It's always the content and information handed down that counts most.
I used to frequent old 8chan. Now I almost never come to image boards unless the fediverse is slow.

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Let me tell you from the start. I am with crypto since I was in class 7. And its been already 8-9 years, I haven't hold anything yet. But day by day, crypto become the most favourite things of mine.

I passed my J.S.C ( Junior School Certificate ), S.S.C ( Secondary School Certificate & H.S.C ( High School Certificate ) with a grade point (GPA) of 5.00 (A+). The journey was great. But problem start when my father died after the time of S.S.C. After the H.S.C I learned about graphics design, and started freelancing to earn money. But at this point in my life not being able to get any orders. I try telegram marketplaces, facebook and linkdin also to search for clients. Though I got some orders but now its being so difficult for me. I searched for part time job then. I also got one, anyhow, it was going. But its been 3 months I lost my job. I am in 3rd year right now. Just one more year left to complete my graduation.

I don't know what to say or how to say as I am really ashamed of it. I need almost $2k in this semester but for me its being really impossible to manage this amount. I really doesn't had any option left without post on the board. At least please an anon response to me. I strictly hate begging but, I don't know will you help me or not. But if you could help that would helps me to complete my graduation.

My mother always wanted me to see as a police officer but without completing the graduation its impossible for me.

Its not like that I don't earn well or beg from people, its not like that. But this time, I am empty. Sometimes life is kind of hard to struggle, that time we need a helping hand very badly.

I really don't want to lose my educational career. Badly want to complete my graduation. Please consider a bit, your little bit consider will save my entire education career.

If needed i can also send you my face record video evidence or also my live location or even any documents like my government issued identity card so that you don't think I am lying for free money. Anyway you may help me out Anon?

>  If someone can help me out, send me an email to [email protected]

Writing this to you, sitting alone in a room, don't know what your response will be but,

Thanks & Regards

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As a child, I blocked out most of my past because I was bullied. I didn't really take care of myself because I hated myself. I didn't brush my teeth, I didn't eat, I felt unloved, and so much more that I can barely remember about my childhood. I could only recall certain events, like when this one girl walked up to me and told me, "Oh, your teeth are so white, I like them." I didn't know what sarcasm was at that time, and I said "Thanks," not understanding why she sounded like that. Another memory I have is when my "friends" started leaving me for no reason. Well, I think I know why they left me; probably because I was a freak. Another memory I have is of my teachers being mean. They would mark my test adding things like "Oh, you're so stupid" to certain questions. One question that hurt me very badly is when we had to draw hands, one hand having all the good things about a person and the other having all the bad things in a person. She wrote on the bad hand, "Just like you!" That really hurt me as a child. Another memory I have is when I confessed my feelings to this girl with a love letter. I didn't really know how to spell, so most of the words just seemed like gibberish. When I gave it to her in class, she laughed, saying that I should learn how to be smart before I asked her out. Her friends even said, "You're too ugly for love." It's honestly sad. One time, back in grade 4, I think I told my friend I liked this one girl in class. He told the whole school the next day, and she "was my girlfriend" for a little until breaking up with me 3 months into the relationship. She even said, "I only dated you because I got dared" when she broke up with me. I have bad memories of everybody in my life. Even my parents used to lie, saying "Oh, you're so talented" or "You're so good at this," even though I wasn't anywhere near as good or talented as most people. I was honestly hurt as a child mentally, and I think that plays a big role in why I'm so friendly, gentle, and frankly scared of how I act around people now that I'm 14. I honestly don't want to be myself because I'm scared people might be mean to me again. I try to brush my teeth every day. I try to eat. I sort of brush my teeth every day, and I at least eat around one meal per day, so I think I'm recovering, but I'm not sure. I'm also kind of in love with this girl in my class, but I'm frankly too scared to ask her to be mine. Well, the reason is that I'm sort of broke, and I don't have a lot of money, so I can't really buy stuff for her or take her on dates, and I don't want to tell her I'm broke because I'm scared she will not want to be friends or even more than friends anymore. So yeah, I don't know what I want to do with my life or what I'm doing. I'm starting to get suicidal thoughts every day, and I can't stop them. I hope someone at least can help me here one day. But all I want is to give someone my world, to show someone all the affection and love I have in me for them. Yeah, I don't know what else to say, but I hope that my life gets better, and I hope someone can help me with what's going on in my life. Thank you.
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Depression can paint memories darker, or feel bad about things that normally you would not.
For example parents telling you, "lying" that you are talented or doing good, is not a bad thing. They probably tried to be supportive, and wanted you to build confidence. People struggling through their whole life because their parents told them that they are too stupid to do anything properly, or that they shouldn't try doing things for they'll fail anyway.
I won't go and counterargue at each point, you should get the point.
You are also young, and it is typical to be depressed for many in your age. You'll grow it out.

So edgy.
Too many people as they get older end up regretting not having more fun and fooling around when they were younger. Don't be one of those people. No one is perfect, everyone has some kind of problem. Just accept who you are and do your best. Keep your head up high. Real friends will accept who you are and you will do the same for them. Real friends will listen to you and be there to encourage and challenge you too. Sometimes maybe trying something you normally shouldn't do at times (like smoking weed, or finding some hobo nutcase that would be willing to buy a six pack of beer if you gave him extra cash). As for girls, every normal teenage boy wants to date girls. Just be yourself and be confident, look girls in the eyes and ask one you like to go out with you sometime. If she says no, persist anyway and ask why not, what does she have to lose, her virginity? LOL that will catch her attention. Most teenage girls are looking for someone to have fun with, someone who can take them to a party who is not going to sulk around whining about the woes of the world.

So many people claim they'll do that but most the people who say they would end up proving they are cowards and are too scared to pull the trigger. And many people who do end up offing themselves, many are people who no one ever expected would have done such a thing. 

I once heard of a firefighter who later became a business owner of a local construction company. He was wealthy and eventually forced to retire due to old age. This guy was happily married. Had a family. Had a nice upper middle class home. One day his family found him dead. He blew his brains out, leaving a note on a table. The reason you might ask? He was getting too old to work anymore, and he loved working. He did not want to end up being taken care of as an old feeble man so he decided to kill himself. Who would have predicted someone with his statute  would do something like that? That's the point. Most people who are really serious and want to die do not brag about it.
i wonder if the guys responding to this in seriousness feel the same way if they took the time to inspect the authenticity and notice all the other strange threads each with a different email in its field

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without a VPN, how do you change the IP Address on your PC, do you have to completely change internet service provider in order to do it or do you have to move to a completely new residence or is there another way of doing it?
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I find having a dynamic IP address useful but I use a lot of other OPSEC schemes (not just using encrypted VPN). Isolating online activities is also crucial to having good OPSEC (such as having numerous isolated web browsers, each used for different online activities). I also use a second isolated computer just for email and legit stuff like online shopping. Even if that computer got hacked, it is in no way associated to my other computer I use to shitpost on sites like this, or identified to my political beliefs or any file sharing services. Compartmentalization is key to operational security and privacy. Computers are a double edged sword, they can be used to your advantage but also to the advantage of your adversaries if you are not extremely cautious and careful.

Also, it helps to learn about firefox  "about:config"  to help fortify your web browser from adversaries and hackers. There are a lot of options out there as far as firefox forks as well privacy extensions. You can test your browser security here: https://browserleaks.com/
> You can phone up your ISP and request a static IP, and they might even help you set that up.

Why would you do that? Having a dynamic IP address is better because it changes periodically and is not forever associated to YOU unlike a static registered IP address.
General guide to online privacy and measures you can take:


Best Firefox-forked browser today would be Librewolf. You can use and tweak about:config settings to make it even more secure.



As for private VPN services & reviews, here:


Never trust a free VPN service btw, free VPNs make money by selling user data and/or are most likely compromised by governments. VPN companies that are legit and private have lots of money and lawyers to deal with unnecessary/abusive governmental pressure.

All you need to do is pick which VPN service you decide to do business with, download their software from their official site (make sure it is from their own site btw), and install it. The VPN software won't work until you register your account name and password, which you have to set up with that company. Make sure you have an AOL or some other legit email account like Proton Mail. Also make sure whatever VPN provider you do business with has a "no logging" policy. See below a list of decent providers:


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