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USA is the servants of the devil
Tell them anon
muh "freedom"?
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USA is the puppet state of the servants of the devil.
When is the movie version of this?
> When is the movie version of this?

real life? reddit?
Tall buildings
one, two, three, five.
Then they have to build more buildings.
As it was before, so it is again.
To hell with them all OP, they only serve the Devil.
America is full of evil reptilian devil-worshippers.
That's a lot of smoke
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Are you seriously accusing Cheech & Chong of carrying out 9/11?
The end is approaching!
Americans are fucking assholes, I hope more get shot
U.S. Government is evil?

In other news, the sky is blue.
A few less scumbags in the world
How much longer this country got left, looks like it's falling apart
Libertarians think that they should give up defending freedom because Americans hate liberty, but Libertarians should keep resisting tyranny for selfish reasons.

While the elites control the money, government, and media, the 99% have the numbers.

One Libertarian may not be able to resist being sent to the concentration camps, but one million people might.
Deeply, deeply, possibly irreversibly, corrupted.

Not enough good Americans are out there making sacrifices to correct and fix the corruption sadly. Those that do face censorship, threats, blackmail and intimidation. There are some good people in government still, yes, but far too few to make a big difference or any kind of major reform. Far too politicians are willing to change anything for the better either.

This is pretty much what I do. Retired homesteader, live rural, semi-tucked away but not too innawoods either. It's better living out in the country, not nearly as corrupt, relatively lower crime rates, lower taxes, for the most part government leaves us alone. Where I live almost everyone has guns and very few trust the government anymore unlike 30+ years ago. Doubt if they'd ever be able to sweep the nation and force re-locate everyone without stirring up a whole lot of armed rebellion. What they'll try to do, and likely intend to do in the future, is raise taxes and make living in the country too expensive and too inconvenient (higher gas prices, try to ban older vehicles and diesel farm equip, etc).

Europe is not any better today. Nor are most countries. 10 years ago I'd say moving to New Zealand would be a decent idea. Can't say the same today! And those "no-go" list of countries are rapidly expanding too. America is falling yes, but almost every other Western country is falling with it. The problems are not only domestic anymore, it's international now. Most governments became deeply corrupted, average people are struggling just to make ends meat, they're scared and don't know what to do living under a growing despotic tyranny. At least in America we have a fighting chance still. Thank God for that. This country would be a hell of a lot worse if we didn't.
If you said that the government was wiretapping your phone in 1999, everybody would have called you a nutjob.

Now if you say that the government is wiretapping your phone, no one cares.

How can Americans sleep at night now or look in a mirror without feeling disgusted and ashamed?
They're just evil monsters
Everything is illegal, you have no rights, you are under surveillance 24/7, and no one cares.

Living in a police state is just hopeless and you must constantly dread having your door kicked in by the Gestapo.

There was a time when you didn't need a driver license to drive. Later you needed a driver license and the police needed probable cause to stop you. You then needed to give your fingerprints to drive. Now no one can go outside because everyone is under house arrest.

The elites have covered all the bases and closed all the doors.

The globalists kill or blackmail constitution friendly judges. The ruling class uses FISA courts. The government just does whatever it wants- law or no law, constitution or not.

The 1% gives campaign donations and cushy job promises to politicians, hacks election machines, and forges ballots to install their candidates.

The elites control the media, Hollywood, Wall Street, and the government.
The USA government is a donkeys Ass.

I hope they catch a virus or 5, that will be the best thing that can happen.
Americans think that they'll be safe from tyranny by joining the Gestapo, but the traitors will need to live with their consciences. Will you kill your family and friends?

What happened to Nazi war criminals?

What happened to the rich doctors in Cambodia in 1975?

No one is safe in a police state.
Too much sueveillance
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New ego acquired

Watched this for the first time since I was like 5 years old. What a fucking badass movie

I also noticed the Jesus resurrection themes as others did

I have to talk about how much I love this movie. Go watch it
Peter Weller! I think he is Jewish. Yet again I feel in good company. My initial assessment was that he was of the Nordic phenotype.
This is the bullshit I'm talkin' about, man. I hate you guys. I hate you cops who think you're fuckin' awesome when you're trash. Arresting a guy for watering a lawn. Like, I see why you do it. It's because the general consciousness of the police force has become anti-black, but when they're not doing something wrong, just leave them alone. But you don't because you're trash.
See how frustrating it is to deal with these people? But the guy who she was attempting to defraud would be more likely to face charges than she would.
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"Get. Out. . . of. . . the vehicle. You are under arrest"
Oh no, not the robots.
US governmentmfmahh is notnot themkv solutionproblems
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got them tiddies like a young uma thurman nigga goddamn
Based ESL poster
We are fed too many lies and bullshit.
No one cares about the big picture.

Americans used to be outraged about Bruce Jenner, Greta Thunberg, statues, Epstein, Smollett, and George Floyd.

Now Americans have lost their minds about Biden, but no one cares that the US is a bankrupt warmongering police state.
They certainly got it coming to them.
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Yah, well, what the hell are we supposed to do about it? We vote and nothing changes, and worse, when we all vote in rebellion they rig the elections with voter fraud. We voice our opinions too loudly, we end up like Alex Jones. We speak the truth to social media, we get censored and banned. We fight back, it ends like Waco or Ruby Ridge. We turn off the TV and turn to alternative sites, then we get DDoS attacked, slandered, mocked, ridiculed as "conspiracy theorist" "white supremacist" "extremists" blah blah, no matter if it holds 0% evident weight. All evil eyes on us at all times. So what do you expect Americans to do?
and better yet, the left does all the work & more on making themselves hated
when anyone even remotely right wing speaks of reasons to hate the left, they're ignored or mocked, seen merely as "extreme"
when a leftist spouts about why they should be loved, they're suddenly seen for what they really are, and are seen from then on with disgust 
over the years, i've spoken to numerous people who held no solid beliefs other than the standard "don't be evil" shit
i've spoken to them about dangers of leftism, they didn't believe me, but only after they saw fags raping kids en masse did they start to hate them
so i asked them "why? why didn't you listen to me before?", they simply replied "i couldn't believe anyone who'd do what you said would be allowed in society" 
the average person is naive to a fault
Nothing last forever, so things will probably change eventually
Americans think living in a police state is a victory.
Oh, indeed they will change. But it will certainly not be for the better of mankind I can assure you that much. Everything we have we have taken for granted and it is all going to come to an end. I do mean everything as in our modern society, economy, freedoms, supply chain, international trade, everything. If you don't know this by now you are among the many billions in the world that refused to pay attention. You'll see. Kiss all those luxuries of the first world lifestyle goodbye. You'll all soon see.

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