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the ride ain't over unless it can't be rode
just like how a body before rigormortis is still fuckable
Americans say that the reason the elites want to kill off the 99% is to save the environment, but maybe the globalists are just evil, insane, and greedy.

Most governments can no longer fund all their pension contracts, the government is completely bankrupt insolvent, they keep kicking the can down the road hoping no one notices and just drops dead from all these "vaccines" before it ever is revealed. Imagine working your ass off your whole life to retire off your pension then realizing you worked your ass off all your life for nothing, over a fucking corrupt governmental ponzi scheme. Imagine how fucking angry you would be, then multiply that times hundreds of millions in the same position.

.....so now you know.
Don't forget the massive welfare system too along with all the subsidy to the bloated military industrial complex to keep the war industry going. None of that will help fund public pensions either. They'll have the central bank print more money to keep the pensions going but that only causes higher price inflation. At some point even the dumbest people will start to notice.
One of the reasons the US is collapsing now is that Americans think that decay will be stopped by becoming Fascists and Communists. Americans think the US will be improved by expanding wars, increasing the debt, and adding more tyranny when the reason the USA is crashing is because the US has wars, is in debt, and has a police state.

Americans say that they love freedom, but then they turn around and say they need the government to give them free Obamacare, build a wall, protect the US from Yemen, wiretap their phones, arrest people for feeding the homeless, stop farmers from plowing fields, force people to get rid of dogs, ban vaping, and torture suspects.

Every country has the government it deserves.

Abandon abolishmend acandidly adread. Afandom again aheightedly alas amuch apeople asunder as atoned.
> One of the reasons the US is collapsing now

*is because of systemic corruption, bad leadership, crooked and compromised politicians and debt insolvency due to extremely poor decision making and lack of future planning when it comes to foreign and domestic policy.

There, fixed it for ya!!!!
It "ends" because most people have given up on image boards and went to other platforms. Perhaps I'm one of the few stubborn ones left that never will. In that case, at least I'll still be on the P2P networks while they still exist. I'll visit these sites once in a while too to comment if people are still around to post content. It's going to suck 20 years from now when none of the alternatives exist but I'll just go back to living like it was the 1980s again without internet, at least I have backups of desired media. Honestly I don't think I'll actually live that long to see that day anyway.
I gave up and started visiting the Q boards on 8kun recently just because at least it's not totally dead like this place is. Hell, I even get to chat about other subjects and read some of the latest happenings like the good days. Do I believe Q is real? Hell no. But at least the board has more value than all the other completely dead news boards.
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why are you going to such a thrash imageboard.

> It "ends" because most people have given up on image boards and went to other platforms.

There's still people posting here. And on a bunch of other imageboards too. What u talking about?
What image boards are not totally dead today that are actually worthy going to, besides endchan and 8kun? Most of the others I've seen are pretty dead or are safe spaces that don't really allow free speech.
After visiting the 8kun Q board I had enough for a while and did the opposite, went to leftypol.org /siberia/ which has some anons there. Fun talking to them about stuff too. Totally different culture and perspectives but I'm pretty much middle road on issues. I don't like any form of extremism. Politics sucks, but it gives way for other types of discussion and feedback. I'll visit any board that allows VPN use and doesn't censor the hell out of users.
It's really not much about "Q" anymore. The real "Q" guy, from what I've heard, never came back after 2020. I've checked out the board before several times, it's mostly a bunch of autists posting news articles and griping at one another, and the typical "it's the Jews!" ranters. The whole board is meant for those who are desperate enough to find an audience due to the fact most other boards are just dead AF today. If you don't want to scream into an empty abyss that board is for you basically.
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Sounds like a crappy board. This place is loads better.

Just wish all of those "america this and that" threads would just keep it in one place. There's liek 20 threads that are almost carbon copies of each other on top of the board
Good point.

Americans scream toothpicks will never be outlawed because the price of building more prisons is too expensive, but did the costs of jails stop lawmakers from banning straws?
Those who say that the USA is a free and peaceful country with a balanced budget are liars.

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