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I'd save this tactic for the time they come to seize private property around America without reason, due process or a warrant. Might as well poison everything around you at that point to make their theft as valueless as possible, maybe even go out by standing your ground fighting too. If you don't think this is coming next you better look into the current land grabbing going on right now in North Dakota where they designated hundreds of farms to be under federal jurisdiction, carté blanch, so they can prop up a govt-subsidized carbon theft scheme that will add no value to any American and only cause food prices in the local area to rise.
I can tell you that they certainly won't be able to enslave all of us.  That will not stop them from trying though.
We cannot allow evil to rule any longer.  It will engulf us all like a black hole.  This has already started if you know where to look.
The time has come to take action.
How? It's not like peaceful protesting even works anymore, and more than half legit protests inevitably get compromised by glowing fed plants anyway. The real solution is to set up another pro-freedom foundation to start piling a shit ton of class-action lawsuits against your government, overwhelm them financially and legally with tons and tons of different lawsuits, although you would need constant public donations to keep it going. This is pretty much the only reason we still have the 2nd Amendment in America today lol. Tons and tons and tons of constant lawsuits 24/7.
Slave labor is upon us soon enough.  They will all be happy slaves, or better pretend to be happy so they don't get punished. 
They have only themselves to blame for not taking action upon evil.
We must take back the world from the Devil worshippers.  In order to do that people need to work up enough strength to fight back.  
Most people now lackadaisically continue on with their daily routines as if nothing is wrong.
That does not work, nor has it ever.
The knights of good are lazy these days.  Let's get back on our horses, brandish our swords, and stop the tyrants who have taken control in this world.
Rioting or causing any disruption will only get you arrested or killed these days. Not even worth it, you'll save nothing and most plebs will not even care. I prefer the defection method. Stop trusting the government and media. Refuse to fight any of their wars. Do not pay taxes if you can help it. If you can, sponge off the system as much as possible and berate it, anonymously, until society collapses. Eventually the empire will collapse. Read why that is here, a very informative article: https://endchan.org/news/res/21211.html

Once society collapses people will be forced to wake up from their slumber and take action to reform this mess.
Let them collapse. The only time things have worked well is when the clouds were raining gold on us.  When times are difficult we've seen failures every time or misdirection away from failures.
Pretty soon it looks like we won't even have legit elections at all. Any time the government wants to suppress a political opponent they'll make up insane charges to keep them from running just like they are doing to Trump. And they still hypocritically claim they need to "spread democracy" around the world. Ridiculous. America is becoming a one party dictatorship.
We are going to try to win the whole ball game, not just hit a few runs here and there.  When the greedy profiteering tyrants become obsessed with money, their crazy obsessions can grow to destroy us all if they are not stopped.
By the way I just reported you to federal law enforcement. I hope you are stupid enough to think you have the intelligence required to evade the federal computer forensics Engineers who are going to locate you
LOL @ "WE"

as if a lonely videogame sissy like YOU is "part of something bigger than yourself"

stfu and clean your dirty dishes before your mommy comes home....

This. Whatever happened to fair elections.  If the wealthy can just buy elections, then they will enact policies that make themselves more powerful.  The worst part is they don't even know how to run the World or even a single Country and keep things sustainable. 
So where is our future?
The fire in the forests is spreading.  Is it that so many are oppressed they do not have time to care whether or not our trees burn.  The wealthy who try to keep us down would do well to spend their money on clean air and water, and increasingly so in the future.
Me thinks it's a bunch of strategic arson attacks to weed out those undesirable "deplorables" living innawoods. Population control. Government.
The revolution must start somewhere.  Even the ruling class have to eat and breathe.  If we can't win outright, we can make sure they don't win either.  They have a lot more to lose.
It will come by defection and balkanization, people giving up on the system entirely. Refusing to fight for ZOG wars, dropping out of institutions, dropping out of the educational system, stop paying taxes, milking the welfare system while laying low, participating in the black market, refusing to comply with mandates/dictates, etc. Unfortunately from rising overdose and suicide rates too, which is a natural negative outcome of a falling Empire who has lost the trust and obedience of the people they occupy and exploit. Revolutions do not usually end well, they simply are the death of once-powerful nations. America will have it's revolution too, but with a lot of loss, sacrifice and calamity.
Should anyone really need instructions?  I like to think that with the widespread abuse we are seeing many people will take to lashing out in whatever way they can at the evil system that propagates.  The evil should learn to regret their evil ways.  We can help them along that path.
The ruling class has a plan fpr us.
They don't want us to feel.  They want autonous robots they can push around and toy with like toons in a video game.  They want us to survive on dirt and grass till we're all sickly.  They want us to suffer.  
That is their plan.
They'll either end up with rebellion and social chaos to the point they lose control, or society ends in mass suicide and their depopulation wish comes true, which they would inevitably lose control anyway because no more vast resource abundance for them to live their extravagant lifestyles. Elites need us way more than we really need them. They just don't understand this because they are arrogant, hubris and power-obsessed. Empires rise, empires fall.
Down with the Satanic enslavers.  Burn everything down and restart from scratch.  Or just burn everything down for fun and good times.  If you rebuild society, do it right this time.  No more corruption and Devil worshipping.
No thanks. The demons running this country are already destroying enough of America as it is. I'd rather not be homeless living in a tent somewhere because my home burned down.
They have a great plan to enslave us.  They have done it before in the past many times.  Why make it easy for them this time.  Why not recognize how much evil they have inside them. They want to kill us or enslave us.
We do not have a government so much as a bunch of monsters ruling over us.  How much worse will things get by next year, maybe they will bring us to a third world war even.
It is always about slavery and murder.  That is their top priority.  If they can't enslave us they will gladly murder us. They seem to enjoy it.

Americans are so depraved now that Americans say that mandatory vaccines that kill people are just fine because the lives of others don't matter.
There is a way back to freedom.  Here it is right in this thread.  This is the only way left to restored freedom.  Let's get it done.  The sooner the better.
The Americans are living in an occupied dictatorship disguised as a "democracy" yet it is nothing of the sort. War criminal neo-con Zionist scumbags literally run the US government today. The ones running the country now love endless wars for profit, they love the police state, they love oppression, they love exploitation, high taxes, debt insolvency and fraud, they love human misery and they get off on killing and enslaving people.

Most American citizens are too dumb down and lazy to ever give it a notice. The ones that do are censored, ridiculed, chastised, mocked and scorn, sometimes if lucky just ignored. If considered a threat by the establishment, often killed and ruled a suicide.
The tyrants and terrorists running things are smart and cunning.  Fight them on your own terms in whatever way you can.  Whatever actions you take is good.  These evil must be destroyed or exiled, don't count on others to do it for you.
The sad part is they probably have this gore stuff that they're posting saved on their computers.  Evil satanists seem to love gore. I'm surprised it took them this long to start posting it.
These are the type of monsters we are at war with.
Just burn everything down and the snakes will go elsewhere.  Whatever you can do to accelerate global warming is fantastic.
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Anon, in case you never paid attention, our governments are already burning everything down, one place after another after another, they are already steering up nuclear world war too. Destruction is all part of their plan. They want you poor, enslaved, to have nothing, obedient and dependent.... or dead. They openly talked about their manifesto against us "you will own nothing and be happy." It's not just sabotage, false flag terrorism and war they'll wage to cull innocent citizens, they wage financial wars as well, election rigging, deception, subversion campaigns, the whole works. EPA is now banning water filters so people can't filter and drink clean water. You think this is really about environmental protection!? Guess again. Bill Gates says he wants to block sunlight from space. You think another ice age helps the environment? You think the 'vaccines' they tell you to get are safe with SV40 toxin found in them? Nah dude, they're killing us, and they're killing the entire environment and eco-system to do it because they are mad, mad, mad stir crazy hellbent control freak criminal psycho nutcases that might as well be classified as 'not human' at this point.
We must fight back anons.  Not everyone is being abused, but many of us are being severely abused.  Those who aren't abused don't seem to care at all about others. Do what you have to, even if it is to destroy everything.
End the evil if you can.  It surrounds us already and could go on to terrorize other planets one day in the future.  It is time to end these monsters.
Destroying is good.  We can build it all back better and restart minus the taint of evil.
Fuck off commie. Destroying is easy. What is hard and almost never ever done by the destroyers is the building back of anything of any value. You people should be confined to your own cities to destroy yourselves.
This.  It's always about slavery snd murder for these monsters.  Then they cry if you try to fight back. They will tell us it is 'Illegal' for a slave to try to escape.
Friendly reminder: endchan administration licks feet of U.S. terroristic Government and obeys U.S. terrorists' laws.
You're not allowed to just fight back anon.  You have to sit back and let the greedy, sadistic monsters continue their reign in peace.
Those are the rules.

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