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Anything posted here are autistic works of fiction, only a fool would take them seriously.

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There are too many good people doing nothing. Too many corrupt horrible people are taking action and that's why evil is winning. What do we do? Is it too late to prevent the inevitable collapse? What sacrifices would have to be made to try to prevent this catastrophe? Is it worth the sacrifice if no one else seems to be willing to do anything about it? And if not, now what? Do we just wait to be replaced by the third world and die out as a previously successful society that became a corrupted empire and destroyed within? These are the serious questions every American better be thinking about. America is in vast and rapid demise. Far worse threats we face than our ancestors lived to witness during the Civil War or the Great Depression era.
A long line of Presidents who are garbage has brought us to this day in history.  
The current garbage is pretty lousy, maybe we can make a comparison to the others.
The government is a bitch, but many of the citizenry are also a bitch, that it how we have lost some of our rights.
Politics is a joke, none of them are any good for anything.  Flip us over we are done in this life.
He's a senile puppet that is being CONTROLLED by Davos/WEF oligarchy and central banks. Anyone with a functioning brain stem knows this already....

Now that everyone knows, you can stop bumping your fucking threads 24/7 and allow other threads to be seen and topics to be discussed here. Stop being rude, we know what you are doing.
Americans laugh and say everyone in jail should be executed, but what will you say when you get arrested for buying a gun, using hate speech, remaining silent, or owning a stove?
They're really scraping the bottom of the barrel to find politicians in this country.  
Enjoy the circus.
Americans say 911 is busy because of budget cuts, but maybe the real reason 911 is busy is because everything is illegal.
That old Bitch is "President" of america.
Americans are all cowardly and pathetic bitches.

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New Reply on thread #45481
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