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I sometimes wonder if the Davos/WEF crowd really desire this agenda just for Western nations, or if they want their Great Reset on a planetary level as well? I doubt they'll be able to enforce it outside of Europe though. Too many Americans would refuse to go along with it and there are too many guns to peacefully enforce it, and some States too rebellious against such craziness. Then you have the BRICS nations and their allies dumping the Euro and Dollar and telling the Western world to stick their agendas up their asses, so I don't see it being very successful outside of some already disarmed European countries.
The country is falling into decay.  You might say this is because there are too many degenerate people there.
Our government, institutions and politicians are evil and corrupt, correct.

This, because of the above. You cannot have stability when criminals run the system, just ain't gonna happen.
The plan seems to be that there is no plan.
The chaos that we see cannot be called a plan, instead it is a disaster.
The Devil is so strong he made a big black cloud to attack ud. 
But only the unbelievers are at risk, the rest of us are headed somewhere better when we pass on.
God works in mysterious ways. He allows us to have our own free will, and by doing so allowing something called Karma which is nothing more or less than natural justice. If corruption and evil is allowed in society uncontested and unrestricted then very bad things will end up happening to that society. We are seeing those consequences unfold right now.
That is only a small part of the problem is it not?  You have economic problems, environmental problems, biological problems, and anything else you can think of.  It is all transpiring at the same time.  Try concentrate to fix at least one of the problems.
This is a good thing.  Now someone has a job fixing trains, and cleaning up messes.  More jobs equals happier people.  Who wants to walk around with no money since they can't find a job.  
You're welcome.
If Americans have to destroy their country just to create jobs I think this highlights the end of a very corrupted and subverted empire.
Clouds are a white color normally, unless there is a rain cloud for storms.  Those big black clouds means there is a booboo.  It can be rainy nasty stuff in the rain from one of them burnings.
Our leaders are worthless.  Everything can fall apart and we should let it.  A collape could do this place some good.  Then restart and get it right this time.
 >>/48754/ (THIS)

On what seems likely to be the eve of WWIII, a war the United States will undoubtedly lose, it’s important to know that patriots will never get a better chance to restore the republic than from the ashes of the United States of America.

All we have to do is survive the collapse, but no one is going to be guaranteed survival. It's like playing Russian roulette when all is said and done. And it will be up to those who survive to rebuild and fortify their Constitutional freedoms once again. Those that do take back the country must fortify our Constitution with even stricter protection against unwarranted government. Much stricter limitation.
Yes, well they worship the Devil and he is there leader.  Take a good look around you and tell me that all the evil happening is not coming directly from the Devil and his underlings, the American government.
> otherwise you belong to that one board where the mods have spread child porn

Mods.... or total fucking glow niggers? Only someone who seriously glows does such a thing.
It isn't enough.  The whole infrastructure of the country needs to be dismantled and torn apart.  The psychopathic regime running the U.S. has too many resources at their disposal still.
All the massive acts of evil they are doing that we know of is only the tip of the iceberg, and is only what they aren't able to cover up.
You are an idiot if you think destroying public infrastructure is going to stop tyranny. It only make it harder for everyone else, especially hard workers, to live their lives and commute to get necessary resources for themselves and families to survive. The government has done enough damage as it is, stop encouraging more of it.

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