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any of you guys still around? I wish we had all moved here instead of the dead, worthless webring. That was a total mistake. The Zoomer newfaggots that go on there are so cucked as a generation. The nigger programming is deeply embedded in their brain. It is frustrating to even speak to them or look at their posts.
Yep, I'm one. Wish there were more of us around. Most idiots sold out and either joined 4cuckistan or Plebbit. Some have joined Telegram, Discord, Gab and/or Twitter too. Image boards have been steadily dying. 8kun is around but it's basically dead except for the "Q" shit.
> The nigger programming is deeply embedded in their brain.
> It is frustrating to even speak to them or look at their posts.

Can you imagine having these idiots take care of you when you get old in a nursing home while running the country? I swear to God that's why I save myself a spare bullet for the inevitable.
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not even oldfags from 8chan but old fags in general
it's a dying breed. 
the summer of 2016 was a real change I think after Trump secured the primary. 8/pol/ got really bad and a wave of newfags went through the site. 
I got told to go back to cuckchan by an anon who messed up redtext. 
ever since then it seems like image boards have lost what it was that made them special. more and more it's like we're living in occupied territory but real niggas is for ever
i would hope you're not one of those self-hating brats younger by like 6-7 years with a secret daddy kink being so gullible to fall for just anyone claiming to be an oldfag or your personal concept of one. their undying enthusiasm or regurgitation of anything said by others or common knowledge stuff is pretty annoying. the automatic itch to mention anything with barest trace of /pol/ as though it reigned above other boards is another one. anyway, oldfags that couldn't find the perfect life and leave the internet are without much doubt hooked on drugs, going through poor mental health, and worse of all being alienated in their continued existence on the internet in obscure corners. that or they've joined groomer groups to become a piece of shit like all the other dumb fucks that can't find anything better to do in their age.
We still have some alternatives like this site but very few bother coming to them, some anons have given up with any type of social media entirely and like other anons said many others went to normie gatekeeping platforms where content/info is heavily surveillanced and controlled, moderated to death and overall those platforms have turned into a bunch of echo chamber safe spaces. Regardless of all that, I prefer just lurking on sites like this when I have some spare time and keep busy doing other things mostly offline the rest of the time.
Ex BO of what was once 8chan's /lit/ and /philosophy/ board here. Not sure what you mean by "we" though. 8chan had a bit more variety to it than 8kun ever achieved.
Yeah. Proper Chan imageboards have gone the way of BBSes and Usenet. We were warned.
> One of the delights of any new technology is that it is, for a while, free. Government hasn't figured out how to regulate it; businessmen haven't figured out how to squeeze all the joy out of it; educators haven't figured out how to teach it into tedium. For a while, the new technology is in the hands of enthusiasts, with nobody to tell them what to do.
> The early barnstorming days of manned flight created a fellow-feeling among enthusiasts that triumphed over the regimented horrors of World War I. The early days of movies, records, and television were each characterized by a period of glorious freedom and invention, followed by ever-increasing organization and decline. These technologies show a kind of inverted life span, with the Golden Years falling at the beginning, not the end.
Yeah. Thank you, Michael Crichton
Anyway, Endchan. Enjoy it while you can.
> any of you guys still around? 

Yeah I'm still around

> I wish we had all moved here instead of the dead, worthless webring. That was a total mistake
I never got that. Why was there such a push to get into something that was barely implemented well and buggy as hell?
Nothing stays the same forever. Everything goes away in the end. The good, the bad, the ugly. Life is constant change. Adapt or fade away into the dustbin of history. Many choose to adapt. Some choose the dustbin, even over sheer bitter rebellion knowing the end is near and there is nothing stopping it.
Some 20+ years from now iPhones will become "obsolete". Most of the next generation to come after Z will either be wearing wifi VR headsets or having neural implants installed in their heads to hook their brains to the "internet of things". While this is dystopian and cheesy AF and while many people today would rather die than live that way, most future normies will just adapt to it and accept it no matter how shitty the experience. At that time you'll have some of generation Z anons who refuse to adapt, staying disgruntled while flipping around Tik Tok on their 12 year old outdated smartphones waiting for the next video to be uploaded.
Yeah, I'm still around. I miss the old 8chan. Fuck the new one and fuck Chris Chan for being such a mentally ill, mom raping stupid trans attention whore motherfucker. 
Also fuck MOOT for betraying us all by selling 4chan to tranny/faggot loving nip bastard hiroshimoot. 
Fucking faggots!
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Hi! Posting this from a phone. Anyway, are there any good Reddit communities? All of them are so foggy with rainbows. Not a single chud based community.
I am glad I got to browse internet in early 2010s and enjoy the culture back then.
I swear, anything since 2016 wouldn't have happened if some bitch didn't cheat on her boyfriend with some five guys.
I am glad to have accessed the internet for one major reason: p2p file sharing. I got a ton of stuff over the years and almost my entire collection of media is backed up offline and I can use it anytime without needing any connectivity to the internet. Music, older TV shows, old time radio broadcast series, movies, music videos, digital books, DIY youtube videos, other random entertaining collections, etc. Sure I enjoy keeping updated with some of the gloom and doom news, real life events and happenings, but at this point I already know everything is entirely fucked so we got to do what we got to do to survive and try to live the best we can while we still can.
terrible claim given the inconsistencies before 2016, but you're actually what i am talking about: telltale signs of someone that only came to imageboards (late) for one board topic due to popularity and trying to pass that as being 'oldfag'. ironic that you quote this very select thing that highlights what you are while misunderstanding me and thinking i was talking explicitly about 8ch.

stupid autistic parrot. so boring with the samey fixation too
Oldfags are pre-2012, 8chan was eventually created because 4chan became compromised by political gatekeepers who continued to censor their userbase while flagging more and more content which turned a lot of the oldfags; who were used to a free-for-all 'wild west' style internet; off. Seems like today everything is full of various safe spaces. Anons are drifting to corners of the internet that comfort them and reaffirm their own bias. The old days of the internet are almost dead now and probably never coming back. The future will become pay-for registration tech platforms while others live their lives mostly offline without much of a voice or say.

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posting the other half to this and then backing off from the thread.
i could tell a lot of stories/experiences with a lot of these places. you didn't have to be anything special around that time to fit into any of them. many even knew about and used 4chan too, so the whole secret club thing wasn't exactly so much of a secret.
The only thing wrong with (most of) Gen Z is they live their whole lives online. That is literally how most of them socialize today, cannot put down a 'tablet' or smartphone for even an hour. Otherwise they seem OK. I've met a few of them in person before, they are not as dumb as some believe, if you get to talk to them, they are simply addicted to video games and online social media. Some millennials have the same problem though honestly. I'm an oldfag who prefers socializing with friends and family offline. I've had relatives beg me to get on social media before and I always tell them I just don't get into those habits, I don't care to live my life online. If they want to talk, I tell them to call me up or send me an email, or just invite me over some time.
It's back online as 8kun but it doesn't seem like many anons care for it. The only active board is the Q research board. I visit 8kun seldomly just to see what news people are posting, otherwise it's pretty much garbage. The pnd board is also better now that it's dead. Image boards in general are just about to face sunset anyway, it's old tech and the culture is rapidly dying out. Newer generations don't even care for anonymous image boards anyway.
Once I am done with college, I am going more outside and I will try to meet enough people so I can have someone to talk to.
As for Gen Z, we are the biggest manchildren and I can tell just by thinking about myself. I imagine myself struggling to do normal shit adults do like pay taxes, fix pipes and walls and floors, take care of my children and creating bank accounts and getting new credit cards.
That's one of reasons why I want to spend more time with my dad so I can prepare and have a great life in the future.
That's smart to learn from your parents, you will be much better off for that. Having family is important, you might need them someday for support.
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Of course oldfags are a dying breed. People can't magically make themselves join a site 17 years earlier.
It shouldn't be about which date you joined a site, but how gemmy your posts are.
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The Sharty's state has devolved into utter brimstone. The site has been raped by discord.com to the point it's lying there on its hospital bed as Froot tries to shoo away trannies. I prefer the Jarty now, where people make fun of soyboys instead of self inserting as them.
> I got told to go back to cuckchan by an anon who messed up redtext.

Johnny Neptune probably.

This. Content matters. If you got something smart to say, say it and that is what makes the image board count. I could care less if the place is a ghost town or if old fags or new fags are here. It's always the content and information handed down that counts most.
I used to frequent old 8chan. Now I almost never come to image boards unless the fediverse is slow.

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