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When your Luciferian government destroys it's own building and blames it on terrorists as a power grab.  No one falls for the hoax. 
 We can all plainly see it was an inside job, but their taxpayers still have to foot the bill.
No one believes the empire of lies anymore. It's over. The government and majority of Americans just don't understand that, yet.
Congressional Approval Hits All Time Low, Under 20%

71% Of Americans Don’t Trust The US Government To Prevent Doomsday, Collapse Of America
The government is not as trustworthy as that statistic would have you believe.  How anyone at all could place trust in this government does not make any sense.
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> How anyone at all could place trust in this government does not make any sense


Do you realize how many people in this country do not make any sense today at all? I mean we got people who think we can endlessly create as much debt as we want and somehow it won't impact our financial system lol.

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New Reply on thread #48448
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