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When your Luciferian government destroys it's own building and blames it on terrorists as a power grab.  No one falls for the hoax. 
 We can all plainly see it was an inside job, but their taxpayers still have to foot the bill.
No one believes the empire of lies anymore. It's over. The government and majority of Americans just don't understand that, yet.
Congressional Approval Hits All Time Low, Under 20%

71% Of Americans Don’t Trust The US Government To Prevent Doomsday, Collapse Of America
The government is not as trustworthy as that statistic would have you believe.  How anyone at all could place trust in this government does not make any sense.
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> How anyone at all could place trust in this government does not make any sense


Do you realize how many people in this country do not make any sense today at all? I mean we got people who think we can endlessly create as much debt as we want and somehow it won't impact our financial system lol.
Yes, they are broke.  It takes many more years to buy a house on the average wage than in the past.  That's if you can buy one at all.  Food costs are much higher.
Reminder: endchan administration worships and obeys said Luciferian government. It's right there on the front page as rule number one.
We are not broke, we are merely regathering our resources. The future is looking really good i'm sure.
Americans can't really go broke.  They would just bomb and plunder from other countries like they've already done countless times.
> Americans can't really go broke.

Seriously fuck you. Have you seen the homeless crisis in nearly all major American cities? Have you seen the price inflation for food, housing/rental prices and energy or are you just sheltered living in your mother's basement? I have friends who are being forced to work two fucking jobs just to make ends meat today. Most Americans are strapped in debt trying to maintain their lifestyle. Now companies are hiring illegal aliens over natural born citizens. Dude, seriously, if you have a problem with America you can blame the federal government and our crooked politicians. Stop blaming us and stop spamming your BS threads 24/7 (YAH, YOU!)
America is not a broke country, in fact the country is extremely rich in abundant resources. You know why most Americans are broke? Because we have bad political leadership in all the cities and at the federal level as well. We have corrupted politicians who does not represent We The People. They represent their own special interests, most of which are international corporations and banking interests. We have taxation without any representation. America could be a very rich wealthy country if only we had good honest leadership. America could be an extremely nice and safe country to live if we got rid of all this corruption and started to focus on domestic economic reforms here at home. We need to close the open borders and stop the third world invasion. We need to bring back and incentivize domestic manufacturing and industry using our own natural resources. We need to focus on having energy and food security, this would bring down prices over time. We need to address the national debt crisis, declare the federal government and central banking system insolvent, and cut back a whole lot of the unnecessary bloat and wasteful spending. We need to repeal the Federal Reserve system, it's completely insolvent and it's policies are bankrupting our entire nation. There is no easy way to reform this systemic corruption anymore, you have to get rid of the parasitic abuse to truly reform it.
they arrested that asian kid for THINKING about shooting a school

his crimes included;
> Googling "Mass Shooting 2023"

Wow, what a fucking monster.  Being anything but a nigger in this country is illegal, and doing research on anything means you did the crime.  Unless of course you're a fucking nigger murderer like George Floyd or all those "slaves," then they murder yet more in your fucking honor.  This government will finish its suicide in my lifetime, I am convinced.

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