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on this site i met a woman that i really was not ready on but that had a massive impact on my development as a person and foremost my sexual development, she would train and milk me for hours, nights, make me fuck women in public and such, never really got over her, than again other one that was not ready for me but it still did not stop me off from fucking her in public despite her age i will not disclose, that girl is still obsessed with me, already 5 years later now.  A ton of other girls i had fun with online and few i met, one got to be my friends girlfriend. Death of this site made me feel just how much of a garbage internet is nowdays, including this shitty forum. Everything is overmoderated, there is almost no place you can openly express your thoughts, and the knowledge that you can end up in jail for illegal combination of pixels is beyond mind drilling to me, even more so that this is now considered normal and acceptable 
Let us say, You make a site that will randomly generate and display pixels at 1024x1024 page, in time, this almost random image generator will generate illegal combination of pixels, and  that can lead to being charged of distributing illegal pixels, which can lead up to decades in prison, i am feeling so empty to share earth with subhuman species accepting these laws of men
 >>/48732/ i would not say so, i pretty much heavily dislike being near babies and toddlers and seeing little girls just makes me feel blissful, now when they are coming over 2 digit number it is just a question of do they get me hard or not i do not give a shit really
omegle being gone is hardly a loss considering there are plenty of other places for degenerates that enjoy exposing themselves
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Decentralization of the internet is really the only future where it's not complete brainrot garbage. We've taken some big steps so far, but it's not mainstream enough for normies quite yet.
Internet has changed a lot over the years. Adapt to it and find ways to make it better, or consider spending more time offline with other hobbies. That's what I have been doing since image boards have pretty much died. I'll come online and shitpost once in a while, read some news, enjoy sharing files on various p2p clients with others and sometimes I'll attend to other activities offline while the p2p clients still run. Sometimes I won't and I'll go offline completely. I know we are a dying breed, I get it, times change and so do the youth. Just got to accept it and adapt, and find better ways to spend your time (online, or offline).
I do not believe normies will adopt to anything other than brainrot garbage platforms though, and that is the main problem. Notice all normies flock to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc? All that is brainrot garbage run by algorithms that make it that way, that focus on hooking people with the most mundane clickbait crap. Sadly, that is what normies like. That is what 90% of the youth today enjoy. We are not going to be getting Tik Tok users adapting to decentralized platforms which require PCs or laptops with physical hard drive storage to run node to node, that just ain't going to happen.

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