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Anything posted here are autistic works of fiction, only a fool would take them seriously.

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How do i get a cute girl like pic related to pet me and cuddle me to sleep? 
Sex ain't really necessary, but if i can also fuck her all the better.
I heard young people just use dating apps on their phones today. Just pose as a mindless normie football-loving fag and hit on some girls online and it's likely at some point you'll get laid if you are confident and persistent enough.
Dating apps are what they are called. Typically they are used by horny young adults to hook up and fuck. You are not likely going to find a serious lifetime lover using dating apps, but the purpose is to satisfy the user base and keep people hooking up.
If you rape someone you'll only be getting sex, but the whole thing misses the love and affection part. You can't get that by raping a girl, but pursuing a relationship in exchange for $$$ will do it.

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New Reply on thread #50407
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