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Hi Posters,

I would like to ask of you to fully incriminate this girl. Do all you can so she can't look at herself in the mirror anymore. She is a horrible person that deserves no platform anywhere. Fuck Her UP! ;)

Mariepray Timp (Facebook) Fullname
Mariepray (Instagram)
Ricecocker (Tiktok)
https://www.tiktok.com/@ricecocker?_t=8kvjz42jrcW&_r=1 [Embed]

These are all of her socials, please make her suffer. Do your worst.

Kind regards,

Yours truly poppykok <3
You should get some “tiktok views” software. Try to run it on her posts so the TikTok company thinks she is buying views. She might get banned.

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New Reply on thread #50568
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