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Anything posted here are autistic works of fiction, only a fool would take them seriously.

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Found in a TOR pastebin. The delusional fucker who put this garbage together went beyond the black pill. But somehow it's make sense in the end.
Slavery, misoginy and unethical human experimentation just because OP can't spank a beaver? No thanks.
Unethical but I would not be surprised if some governments would desire to experiment with this. China is already a slave plantation so I'm sure they would be the first to experiment with something like this.
That's a good world building material. War, sex, human exploitation and sci-fi all in one package, like an HBO serie. OP should develop it into books. Gonna use it for my next RPG.
Do we not already have enough human suffering and misery in this world? Why are we so evil to keep promoting more of the same? Don't we have any semblance of dignity or ethics left or is this country absolutely hopelessly evil?
It's so beautiful that now I'm depressed, felling like trapped in pre-history. Men in future when this become reality will read about their ancestors not understanding how they tolerated our shitty status quo.

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New Reply on thread #50637
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