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A quick question to confirm:


Did he lick his OWN poop?

If not... was it someone else's' poop? If so, the ramifications of such a concept are simply horrifically staggering.

We all know that Jordan has acknowledged as a fact that he licked poop and that it tasted like a pill. That goes without saying.

The question that needs confirmation is: WHO'S poop did he lick?
Movies, music, news, autism.
the "who let him back on 4chan" thread seems to have reached bump limit, so i'll use this thread for geordie updates now
archive of previous thread in case it dies: https://archive.is/ACAcs
updates: /b/ anons created a new /bant/ thread in hopes of getting him to fuck off. scetic spotted on /wsr/ asking for people to give him requests for yael, yoinkass is not pleased.
It's time for today's Thanksgiving Episode of...

"The Yonkers Game!"

Your Question for Over 9000 points: "What did Yonkers do with/to their family Thanksgiving Turkey this year?"

Shat on it on the family dining room table.

Shat inside it before it went in the oven.

Didn't think he got enough of a serving, so shat in his hands and flung it around at the family sitting around the family dining table.

Smeared his poop on the family plates just before the Thanksgiving meal was served.

Tried to rape the Turkey as it sat on the family dining table.

Contributed his Original Recipe for Poop-Stuffing.
True power is having such a strong hold over a man's psyche that he hallucinates your presence.
look like  >>>baaa2/5552@5552 hit its bump limit
and its june
that means its the month when you have to make your choice again
> lgbtpzds pride
> or keep it inside
pics related
==Yonkers' Unforgettable Highlights==


JORDAN MANUEL RIVERA aka. Yonkers/Poopcat/Mittens/Megan/Geordie etc.

**(NB. Please add to this list as you recall – thanks).**

(*) Jordan Manuel Rivera is a fat delusional Mexican mentally-retarded “Special-Needs” house-bound forever-alone (now-19yo) ChrisChan lolcow, with a diagnosed PDD mind of a pre-schooler, who lives in his own imaginary fantasy world (ie. he does not co-operate with reality, and demands everyone to believe his magical world and ‘friends’ are real), with zero social-skills, and honestly believes he does nothing wrong (ie. no concept of consequences), and will disagree with anyone about anything he either does not understand or does not want to know about (he must be seen as 'right' in everything, and blames everyone else for his own failings), and who is in total denial about it all.
PROOF (Source: from his own mother, Carmen Bautista, January 2022):
https://archive.org/details/carmenonstream (MP4 video; 01:29:16)
 OR ~
Carmen Stream : https://youtube.com/watch?v=6VRXOwgapBQ (MP4 video; 01:29:16)
(The part at 32:30 is straight from a horror movie with the creepy green lighting and Jordan pathetically whimpering and slowly crawling up the stairs to his attic).

(*) His PDD prevents him from understanding that he has PDD and how it negatively affects him.

(*) Continues to deny he has PDD, as his mother publicly admitted. ie. He calls his own mother a liar.

(*) Admitted he licked his own poop and said it tasted like some sort of pill.

(*) His indescribably-awful and incompetent childish drawings ("Artism").

(*) Diaper Fetish.

(*) Doxxed himself and his family.

(*) Takes and posts creepshots of his own mother.

(*) The Piss Closet.

(*) The ultimate Lolcow.

(*) Is abusive, violent, angry, hostile, aggressive, negative, racially abusive, inhospitable. Shows hatred; "KYS"; Fuck off and die" etc. Yell; Flip out; screaming etc.

(*) Cannot discern his fantasy world from reality; Creates imaginary infantile cartoon friends/worlds; insists they are real.

(*) Posted his own penis/genitalia/ass without being prompted (not once but TWICE+), then blamed someone else made him do it. Note: he did this when he was underage, therefore he posted CP in public.

(*) Caught masturbating on a chat thread TWICE.

(*) Makes ridiculously unverifiable claims: “I literally have magic”; “I cannot die”; “I am a scientist”; “I am over 1,000 years old”; “I am a cat/dragon…”; “I have cat parents”; “I literally lived in France”; “I am god”, etc.

(*) Makes shit up as he goes, including his ‘Canon Lore’.

(*) Be incapable of neither making nor implementing plans/goals/aims, therefore never finishes anything he announces; blames others for this. ie. "Nothing Go!", "Jampacked", "LoleTV" etc.

(*) Pathological Lying.

(*) Admitted his alleged 'companies, corporations and businesses' are fake, fanmade and dreams; in other words: they do not exist, although he spent years attempting to convince people they were real.

(*) Doesn't detect sarcasm. Doesn’t understand irony. Doesn't ‘get’ parody. Satire is beyond his comprehension. Takes things literally. Does not recognise criticism, mockery, or insults for what they are. ie. classic signs of high-stream Autism.

(*) Cannot control himself from responding/replying to obvious stupid moronic shitposting troll bait, as if it is serious.

(*) Continual changing of online identity.

(*) He ridiculously claims someone else ‘Brainwashed and Groomed him against his Will’ as an escape clause.

(*) Refuses to listen and/or learn/take advice.

(*) Project onto others what he perceives to be his own failings, faults, flaws, weaknesses, inconsistencies, deficiencies, and shortcomings; reflect onto others the blame for things he perceives to be negative characteristics about himself. "My perception of you is a reflection of me". ie. "You am I". He knows that deep inside his very essence what he is, and no amount of hiding behind PDD can change that.


Hiii this is a discord server for mentally regarded and autism people. We are very suportive and loveing. Please consider joining, we have over 200 text channels for all autism stims. racism is ok. hope to see you there!! lol
Oh yeah while you idiots complain to each other I'm gonna uh... post diaper edits. Or draws.
I will start with 2 files of the I Ching.
Do persons without autism watch programmes about autism and wonder what the disability is?

I recall watching the series Employable Me and wondering how autism constitutes a disability, because the stars with autism seem not disabled in anyway.
The title says it all. Is Autism a mental illness?
Actually, it's a very good likeness.
Geordie can jerk his button mushroom to that happily now.
rank yonkers's biggest trolls
> spaceman
> bongo
> nice canadian
> lowercase american
> sig
> insane chilean
> klim
Shut up nigga
Greetings barbarians
Imagine bashing this old cunt’s face in, slitting his veins open and letting his blood slowly drain while he screams in agony. I want to stomp on this past busking kike’s nose. It would be so satisfying hearing his brittle bones snap with minimal effort. I want to hot press a Juden symbol on this cunts massive forehead he’s trying to hide. I want to cut off his tiny ED dick and force feed him it
Did 'El Demonio que Come Caca' get a job yet?
Bisexual lighting
Neat books from archive .org, the Internet Archive. From some Paladin Press books collection section of theirs, I think.
yonkers is off his meds again


For anyone wondering; the server this happened is in the description of the youtube video.
Hmm... what will this board be about?
얘네 학대한 모친의 모습을 표현한건가?
디시 계피맛사탕 고닉 갤로그 프사랑 배경사진과 비슷하네
그곳으로 몰려온 본진들에서도 추방된 난민 패배자들이
한글 한국어 외국어 실력 원어민 초등학생보다도 못하던데
총 지능 정신 신체 합계가 바퀴벌레 세포 하나 속 소립자 하나 미만
작정하고 밟아주니 흔적도 없이 섬멸되어버리더구만
한국인이 신인류라는걸 그들이 직접 증명해주기라도 한건가?
재외 한국인들도 있지만 일방적으로 털려나가기만 하던데
a imageboard with board creations thoughts?

I am going to work as a prostitute and switch to part-time study, because there are not enough available subjects for me to study full-time. I receive the disability support pension for autism. Refer to the image whose source is this link.


Notice that the overwhelming majority of persons with autism are unemployed and the overwhelming majority of employed persons with autism do not work in open employment. Anybody can self-employ himself as a prostitute, so why do persons with autism not become self-employed prostitutes where prostitution is legal despite the overwhelming barrier to other forms of employment? Prostitution is popular among the disabled because of how accessible it is, so I do not understand. There is little information online about persons with autism working as prostitutes for some mysterious reason.

I should mention that I have also graduated with a bachelor of accounting but to work as a prostitute pays more in one hour than in one day as a graduate accountant.
how do I solve this riddle ? there's literally nothing other than a random string : 7D77C89F2C0E489081BAE1A923A7CE2F
I found it on this shitty onion site :
supposedly there's a 100$ prize.
it look like geordie really want to talk with his boy spacey
so this a thread for you bro
> fuck off i'm into a lot more pokemon than just pikachu and sylveon.
> When have you assumed I "only" liked anthro?
lol bro
> ackshually i want to fuck all the animals
aint a good comeback
> you retard, 
grouphome projection
> have you ever heard of furfaggot bullshit
no thx i dont fuck dogs
> none of my interests include a fucking real animal in the mix.
opposite talk
> You're a moron if you think lucca liked any cub porn. 
lol ye you right bro
the tranny who saying drawings is fine is definitely not a pedo just because he using the same argument that lolicon lovers do
that would be crazy right
> there's a thing called fiction and no one is GETTING HARMED FROM IT.
loli argument
go away pedo
The chinese are coming.
Movies, music, news, autism.
Never you mind me just saving scraps from my thread on 9
> connection failed
what is your discord yonkers? i want to have a talk to you
the truth is we are tired, we have been putting up with this for many years and no one listens to us if we decide to stop the abuse, because we fat people also deserve respect and we also deserve the right to have our peace, since 2021 they bother us in kricket tournaments because of our weight and our disorders. 

We have been living in Argentina for a long time because we got tired of the abuse and decided to leave our past behind and live a full life again.

We come from Mexico to Argentina, from the mistreatment we were given in our native country, then we will tell you about our experience:

In 2021 we met a group of guys at our kricket club then everything was going well, we were very friends and then things turned a little suspicious.... 

They sold us a nice friendship but they started showing a racist behavior towards us and started bullying us, at first they started cutting papers in the shape of pigs making allegory to our weight and they threw it at us when they entered the living room and also shouted "fat pigs", fat people also have rights and deserve to be defamed for our physique.

Our dream was always to aspire to be like our great idol Virat Kohli because since childhood he was always our inspiration to fight despite all the teasing and adversities and continue with our day to day.

One day we went to lunch and we neglected our kricket sticks in the locker room, having lunch we heard a loud noise that was coming from the bathroom, we ran to see what was happening and we got to the bathroom and when we got tired there was water on our feet and fecal matter coming out of the toilet, when we noticed what had caused this we saw our kricket sticks in half covering the bathrooms obstructing the duct and we were horrified, the managers were behind us being as horrified as we, they thought that we were the ones who had caused all this, and without the possibility of objecting, they expelled us for two weeks.

then we were all normal until a new member came to the group of our bullyings: Macarena 

At first we did not understand why out of the blue she was good to us knowing that her group was the one who harassed and harassed us all the time, as time passed we started to give her more confidence and she was a very sweet girl.

One day we went to take a bath with her in the club locker room without waiting for the terrible future that awaited us, because when we took a bath we did not realize that she was recording us, but when she finished she left quickly something that we did not understand but we left it there, until one day a blond boy whose name was Lisandro sent us a message saying that we had been recorded naked bathing and the boy made fun of us and began to denigrate our image, we did not understand who he was until we remembered Macarena, when she went to claim where she was with her group, she played dumb and started crying because she thought we were going to hit her and the coordinators believed her.

they kicked us out, fed up with all the problems we had been carrying.

After all these mistreatment and insults we have decided to put an end to all our dreams and hopes of being like our idol Virat Kohli.

As our experience we know that there may be several similar ones out there so we want to make visible the racism and homophobia that is lived in Argentina and many countries, homophobia is also a disease that produces hatred to the masses and ends with the dream of many young people who want to be them and follow a bright future that is often extinguished by their family and peers.

That's why we want to give back to all those who destroyed our dreams of being like Virat Kohli, we will expose all those who deprived us of our dreams of being like our example to follow.

Milagros Gonzalez, Naiara Delgado, Camila Reyna, Marcelo Castro, Matias de Clerqc, Heredia Kevin, Geraldin Hermosi, Aquiles Miller 

+54 9 236 469-3347
+54 9 236 439-1483
+351 875-2252
+54 91144170968
+54 9 351 555-8364
Pälsbög från Finja misstänks ha filmat flickor på Norrängsskolan i duschen!

Ett flicklag boende på ett särgymnasium i Hässleholm slog larm när en fet och illaluktande  man som hade blöja och rävsvans på sig, på fredagskvällen dök upp i lokalerna medan de duschade.
Rävmannen greps sedan på platsen och anhölls.

– Det som misstanken avser är att han ska ha filmat eller fotograferat flickorna i duschutrymmet, säger jouråklagare Fredrik Johannesson.

Enligt Norra Skåne som var först med att rapportera om händelsen så är pälsbögen i 40-årsåldern och bosatt i Finja. 

Han ska ha lyckats ta sig in på Norrängsskolan medan ett flicklag i handikapp handboll duschade, päsbögen heter Mikael Westergren och kallar sig ”Smirre Kirax” kunde gripas och anhållas kort därpå.

– Ett handikapp flicklag i handboll larmade och pälsbögen Mikael Westergren aka Smirre Kirax påträffades i anslutning till ett duschutrymme som flicklaget använde för att duscha i.

Den misstänkte pälsbögen har autism och förstår inte att hans agerande var fel, varpå han  släpptes på lördagen. 

Enligt Norra Skåne och överåklagare Assar Nilsson ska Mikael Westergren sedan tidigare vara dömd för bland annat djurmisshandel, barnpornografibrott och kidnappning och våldtäkt av en treårig pojke till en tidigare assistent. 

Mikael Westergren alias Smirre Kirax har även gjort sig skuldig till vapenbrott, stöld och smuggling av avancerade militära höghastighetsvapen, förberedelse till allmänfarlig ödeläggelse, olaglig hantering av spräng ämnen, haft en nästan färdig atombomb i sitt garage, mordbrand och Satanistdåd mot flera kyrkor, jaksabotage, bilstöld, boskapsstöld av får vilka han get till vargar som mat. 

Mikael Westergren har vid flera tillfällen även ägnat sig åt narkotikalangning på Jakobsskolan.
Den smällfeta autistkossan Mikael Westergren är en vidrig och ond man, men har aldrig kunnat straffas för sina vidriga brott.
Whatever can go wrong will.
This is a fucking joke. Don't stop trolling.

Anyway, welcome to /baaa2/, the board at least predating to 2019, made originally for whenever I got banned on 4chan, even for being allegedly underage. Which was evident in 2021, too.
But I'm 19 years old and I'm gonna say something about this board.
This is a board made for original creations, obviously.
Original anims, test animations, even original characters and other original concepts thru the LTN Project.
That's right, I have a project. Even though it is rough doing everything buy yourself sometimes, I can still manage to keep it running and fast too. As of July + August, I have already decided my branding for the LTN logo as well as its fonts. And of course, a new Macker logo early in the month.
Total Yonkers death. Kill Yonkers.
Don't copy messages
Remember when Geordie kept getting angry about this girl on /bant/?
what's gotten into him?
Yonkers spotted on /bant/
I seek it and willxoxo
Imagine bashing this old cunt’s face in, slitting his veins open and letting his blood slowly drain while he screams in agony. I want to stomp on this past busking kike’s nose. It would be so satisfying hearing his brittle bones snap with minimal effort. I want to hot press a Juden symbol on this cunts massive forehead he’s trying to hide. I want to cut off his tiny ED dick and force feed him it
All about PDD MonkeyMan ScreechTard the GoonBoy, the image is extremely relevant to this discussion.

Brought to you by, (Please thank our sponsor with a middle finger salute): Stanko Inc.
Message to poopcat.
Fan vad vi hatar den jävla aktivistfittan Greta Thunberg!

En sådan jävla aspergersugga skulle man bara ha gasat ihjäl och slängt i en gödselbrunn som det jävla skadedjur hon är!
Happy birthday Saint Elliot!
We're examining the Lamb in God's throne room. The Lion of Judah who conquers is the Lamb who is slain. But as John describes what he sees in the throne room of God, this Lamb is not lying lifeless on the ground, drained of blood, dead. No, he is standing next to the throne. Standing!

"And between the throne and the four living creatures and among the elders I saw a Lamb standing, as though it had been slain, with seven horns and with seven eyes, which are the seven spirits of God sent out into all the earth." (Revelation 5:6)
wats this board about neway
we've got some valid answers, some arent good, some are
what is this?
get it?
A message is mandatory.
new mittens just dropped https://youtube.com/watch?v=pXvj4Zl9Lqo

this happened in discord.gg/merrjwB3XE btw
En sinnesjuk man i Finja som har tassfetishism med rävar.

Ni kan nå honom på telefon: 0451 16050
Poopcat deleted all his deviantart accounts because he's a coward. Pathetic.
what happened to the recurring characters like memeboi or the crazy chilean or sig and the proxybong? and what happened to carmen?
I'm trying to get money for plastic surgery. Where can I buy counterfeit $20 or $100 bills?
edit courtesy of cuhcord 

Mittens, jolly nonce
Animals and children run
The FBI chases
hello howdy hey yodel
This is so true and I say it all the time.
The "Fake Christfag" is NOT real.
Hitler IS alive.
Gilgamesh IS real, it says so in the Epic of Gilgamesh.
Klim IS the mayor of Mackerville.
shmorky come home.. please.....
SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE https://www.youtube.com/@ScytheAge
Mehehehe! Pamp thread! ^^
Extremely appropriate

 >>>baaa2/11916@11905  >>>baaa2/11914@11905
Good keks
Try out our new endchan frontend.
Our new look:
Go here and read the Site Announcements

Thank you to the hardworking developers and everyone behind the scenes (odilitime Board owner) that make endchan great  :^)
Got 7000+ hrs of audio from tapping a furry assburger. Its crystalclear. He talks about his mom a lot, how she's his enemy. And he talks about his fursona, the neon wolf. would take a bit of effort to get it all online, but im confident it can be done!
Do you think that Yonkers will regret his decisions when he is burning in eternal hellfire for being a PZDS?
who the fuck lives in ashburn, virginia
Total Yonkers Death
poo poo pals lol
Check out this great film: "Close" (2022)

and to the person who still uses my email for funny business 
piss off
The only reason why KKK constantly tells other people to kill themselves is because he is still suffering from trauma after his attempted suicide in '19.
Did the poo man get a job yet?
Oh look, new e-card dropped! ^^;
G-Man stands from Gem Man.
you fucking deserve banishment from the internet you nasty trolls 
not even saying this in a lolcow-y, chris-chan-y way 
i actually really hope there's a new rule for insufferable fucks like you. 

meanwhile, you get chikn nuggit's doggy ass, maybe.

This image is not edited at all in any way. Yonkers posted this originally in 2022, and confirms what he has always denied:


PDZ confirmed.

Any questions?

No, didn't think so.
i wonder if jojo prays to the sainted y man on sundays when he at church
> saves images of child models
What the hell is this?
hes autistic and he grooms little girls on discord. sunio
#0001 he gets them to write his name on their chest in eyeliner. nasty autistic man
Yonkers, you need to de-fat yourself.
are you tired of living? want to complain? have you given up all hope? are you looking for a place to express all of your deepest most revolting secrets? join the tower. the tower exists purely as a place for all twists to come out in the open, a shadow pocket for everything truely heartfelt to be sunk into. blood poets, suffering seers, widowed heartaches , unrequited love
the tower only sinks the knife deeper, sigh
you will NOT refrain
poo guy where is your job
Anyone can draw better than poopcat can. That is a fact that has been certified by all the independent fact checkers and the Science.

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