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thumbnail of NSA VERDICT.png
thumbnail of NSA VERDICT.png
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Fucking oh yes at last! It's official! No more Yonkers/Klim bullshit! The verdict is in!
Not a larp. This is authentic and real. Fuck the haters.
Now we can bring some sanity back to our threads. Fuck those guys.
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Quit simping for me and my family lol 
I've ALWAYS been allowed, what the FUCK are you talking about. 
I have no demons, sweetie. You're thinking of another unrelated person, try again. 
Nobody gets insulted for being into FUCKING FICTION. 
A nightmare isn't childish. It's a fear. 
And I'm sure evil fucks likw you deserve that kind of thing 
Klim deserves it. He needs to get scared so he can fuck off for good. 
And I'm not being a masochist by actively despising a pedo stalker.

How can you not put up with Klim, the utter damn pedo and art theft fag? He's actually very annoying and will not stop contacting me. What's worse is that he's' been doing this for... three years.
The reasons I give/speculate for his ongoing behavior is already listed.
I've told him why I don't want to talk to him or have him harassing/following me ANYWHERE no matter the amount of place online.

He's a really misbehaved cunt. And you guys think that's okay? Okay, another reason to want this board shut down.

And another thing, he still goes after me even when I'm not in any of these boards. Fuck.
It doesn't even serve any purpose besides being used for shitty literal-who books that NO ONE will read.
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thumbnail of canon00.jpg
canon00 jpg
(227.17 KB, 1010x1010)
> the police came to jordan's house and he had a 'carmen stream' pdd autistic sperg out, so the cops ignored it all

This is now confirmed as Official©️®️™️ Yonkers/Poopcat/Mittens Canon Lore.

“So Mote It Be”

Idk about pussy eating, but Chijo's boyfriend hands down wins the Boi Pucci. And he's got palentstian blood in him.

> You know damn well you save my art and edit, and ujse the sadme face pictures if not AI-edited ones. 
No I don't. Who am I this time Jordan?
>  I am not starved for attention
Why do you come here then?
> a good life without yonkers
What more could anyone wish for?
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thumbnail of jdB72Fh.jpeg
jdB72Fh jpeg
(17.17 KB, 839x602)
I forgot Geordie wore children's underwear, with little pizza imprinted on them, that image was blocked out by my subconscious to protect my sanity until now.

More like 
> it's Klim Stupid Time! Bonus is for him to repost the same fucking image and bump his own stupid fucking threads for absolutely no reason, not any better than his CREEPINESS over his victim, Jordan. 
> Who he keeps blatantly calling him Geordie, or "Poopcat", like the demented, mentally insane senile freak he is.
Wow, that sounds very annoying. I think the way I'd deal with that situation is to come back every day to the sites he's on.

oh my god, can you actually stop bothering, harassing and stalking me on everywhere i go. i'm not even joking at this point, this is just starting to  mentally tire me, not fun. and stop calling me "geordie" and watnai, please. you absolutely know zero percent of any lore, one-offs or not. watnai is a fake country, not a fucking kingdom of defecation. it has blue dragon creatures, not fucking empty lands. but who am i to tell a 90 year old and their equally freaky friends about that, huh? they'll just accuse me of "changing the  lore", when that's clearly the other way around

(i dont mean that pervertedly)
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She wouldn't have made all those videos if it weren't for you being the shit eater you are(figuratively and literally) towards her and others.

People don't just make lolcow boards and callout videos on innocents just because they can.

thumbnail of __hiiragi_kagami_lucky_star_drawn_by_ichimi_renge__c5dc1a7b33ed6a70af9a88986862afe9.jpg
thumbnail of __hiiragi_kagami_lucky_star_drawn_by_ichimi_renge__c5dc1a7b33ed6a70af9a88986862afe9.jpg
__hiiragi_kagami_luck... jpg
(307.74 KB, 1228x869)
It's been years and I'd like to catch up on a few things.
> How many of you are still around and why have you stopped posting on /bant/?
> What happened to Carmen, is our boy living apart now with a handler or has he just beaten her into submission?
> What happened to Sig?
> Why does the Australian police force allow the senile old man to continue grooming mentally ill children and rape our eyeballs with his edits?
> Do you also think eggplant is disgusting?
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And you're dwelling on the fucking past. You should be grateful I don't have to hear your ugly elderly voice anymore, though. No one really liked it, much less your crappy stream and its unwanted  recording no thanks to Ram.

i need a lot of help doing research for the history and all the events that happened alongside it, because i am not subjecting myself to going through tons of /bant/ or /b/ thread
i'd appreciate it a lot if you can contribute <3

heres the doc link (wip)
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> I also stopped posting in drawthreads
Why do you say these things Jordan, does the PDD have you thinking anyone falls for such blatent lies?

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