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Go Def or go home tbh! All I'm missing for the acidic set is the dagger, and I prolly got fucked on pet abilities, but at least it heals.
Well my back up archer has ubhp, but I just gotta get it to 8/8 before I use it like I do the other for farming tbh.

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thumbnail of disgutingdudewhoharassedme.png
disgutingdu... png
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Why the fuck are you guys okay with this prick? He's literally the embodiment of annoyance and harmful shit into one. He's an abomination of all mankind. 
He literally never has remorse for his actions, harmful or not. He doesn't forgive or learn from mistakes... seriously. 
Stop fucking giving Klim attention and/or allowing the aussie sick fuck here. Please
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thumbnail of 302.jpg
302 jpg
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➽ [●] “Stop Calling Me Yonkers”: https://voca.ro/v1pd4WiuoN 

This guy must really hate Santa... so rude and abusive toward Santa. He'll be getting ''nothing' this Xmas from Santa.

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Little Mack the Goon, CEO of Stanko Inc. - Jordan Tardo Rivera

Their latest product: "Toilet Man - The Game": https://toiletwoman.itch.io/toiletman

>  >trying to convince me to do drugs or "mushrooms" 
I would tie you down and beat you in the head with a hammer until you open your stupid mouth, game over.
Complementary color theory:
The glow is a special effect called 'halation' the word was coined by Wayne Thiebaud (experimental art).
Wayne Thiebaud (1920-2021) Professor Emeritus

He's famous for paint can art

Big Mack the Whopper with cheese, CEO of Stanko Inc.
Jordan Manuel Rivera
Obvious inferiority complex is obvious, just another power hungry little animal.

Maybe they should've listened and not be an annoyance with their shit-obsessed posts. 
I like your creativity so you should like mine. 
it's something like that..

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