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I saged it, not bumped dumbass. 
Your threads are terrible. 
> "d-durr, jacking to fiction issn't normal!!!! only hurting people and putting them in danger is!!!!"  - you 
Kill yourself. Please. 
Paraphiles need not to live. 
You're even worse as Daniel Larson, and even he technically wouldn't hurt someone (unless it was an elder, but that won't happen anytime again.) 
> using my old face pics for random movies 
> without consent 
> the face is an identifiable version of my young face from 2020 
If this isn't CSEM, then it's definitely a bizarre version if not worse. 
You don't ever use my face (past or present) for your fucked up AI stuff. I don't consent to it
It's pretty clear: Our Boi Geodie only comes here to expess his unique love language with his b/f Klimothy. it's akin to outright flirting.
We all know it. It's just so beautifully and simply expressed in his own 'special' way.

Only an active practising paedophile would know about this: you'll have to ask Jordan to explain it all himself.
it's pretty clear: you're a fucked up individual who should stay more than 900 miles away from me as far as possible, and other people who are more normal and not fucked up like you. 
Stop being awfully naive to the people who don't actually like you, nor seek to be in a disgusting, undesirable relationship with you. 
You have been talking to me since 2020 and have never stopped then or now. 
You have been told numerous of times to STOP. 
But you didn't listen. 
Sure some people might've gotten bored, and actually had the balls to move the fuck on from me (during 2019 season.) 
But people like you are so addicted you can never get enough of embarassing yourself just because I happen to exist. 
Fuck you, Klim. Literally nobody likes you nor will ever love you, you're a hated, criminal, corrupt pedophile and an art thief of the lowest order. Cease thy actions, drop the act, and never return here ever.
You're NOT welcome AT ALL in ANY PLACE.
> i-it's akin to outri- 
We here have to admit that it becomes very disturbing that anon does not seem to want to appropriately act on his disturbing allegations.
He has a few, but I don't remember what they are.
I know he can't resist talking to his Australian boyfriend, find one of the YouTube links Klim posts and look in the comments section.
That's the one. I think all his changed lyrics videos are on that, so a link shouldn't be hard to find as he posts them a lot.
Found it. Unfortunately, Klim is smarter than Geordie and comments and leading clues are dead. Just like the boy who jumped out the window at Yonkers.
I want to be a diaper man is still my fav. But klim won't let us know how he finds the autist, so I gotta wait for Geordie to appear. To participate, spill out his accounts, then complain about how someone from /baaa2/ got there.
> Unfortunately, Klim is sma- 
No, the fuck he isn't. He is a pedophile that said nasty shit at my child pictures and that's bad. I do not want him to even talk to me. 
> just like the bo- 
Never happened. I never jumped out nor do I plan to do it anytime soon. 
> liking any of his videos. 
Those aren't me. :)
> Those aren't me.
so you saying that you aint own all those starukko videos that were on that page
i guess that means stanko aint yours ay
good work giving it away bro
now you even lost your pretend company
bottom of the toilet barrel stuff lol
lol ackshually its even better than i thought
the other page got mittens and macker on it so you dont own them either
you gave away everything rip
your entire legacy of turds
thrown out to hide your history
...He literally saved multiple pictures of my face during 2020-2021, if not present. 
starruko was always mine, it wasa just a fucking label for a rebrand because i got tired of the macker name. 
no one else owns it but myself. 
think before you enter one liners and assume thing 
i've never given anything away, actually. i dont let people use my ocs unless they even know lore, but either way not happening. 
> prete- 
Nope. You can start a company online.
But those youtube channels aren't you, they belong to someone else. Maybe it was Bunyan or Bardial, who owns those. Quit riding off their coat tails, Geordie.
May you seek out the scatman like a hungry dog.
Although wouldn't Facebook be a lot easier? That creepy robot in charge of it forces a "real names" policy, so a search for JMR should do it. I can't check myself because there's no way I'm creating an account.
That site dont even think it has my current email or actual name on it tbh. Not even my phone. It was stupid ex girlfriend shit that made me drop it. But Geordie brought it up. And all is fair now.
no geordie
those channels aint you
so you dont own the things that are on them
you dont let people use your ocs
and those channels use the ocs that used to be yours
so they must not be yours any more since those channels aint you
> You can start a company online.
ye you can
but that aint what you have done
you have done tardo shit that children do
thats not a company
in fact children who start a lemonade stand or wash cars got more of a company than you got lol
even in the child company world you aint matching up
This is some eerie witchcraft at work. I can see why Hector packed his bags and walked out on Carmen in the witching hours of the dark.
thumbnail of herp derp.png
thumbnail of herp derp.png
herp derp png
(218.93 KB, 500x392)
Special Meme commissioned 5 years ago, especially for Jordan Manuel Rivera.

inb4 some retarded PDD autistic comment like, "That wasn't five years ago", or "That wasn't for me, idiot", or "That's not me", etc etc.
> you dont let people use our ocs 
Only if they intend to use it for gore or whatnot. Or stuff I may not into 
> and those cha- 
Nigha shut up. I said that to fuck with you plus those OCs arent exactly public domain if thats what you're implying. No one's allowed to use these and claim it but myself. I am the sole owner of all ocs 
> you can, b-but ackshually- 
No, fuck off. I legit have a company online and it isnt just making logos for it. 
I even have a imageboard dedicated to posting almost any WIP on a cartoon that I am making, you're only thinking it's impossible because you yourself didnt make anything, or know any shit for the matter. 
You have only used me for your own personal gain. 
> child company wor- 
Not a thing. 
None of my works are for minors, lmao 
That was NOT from 5 years ago, you actual retard. 
This isnt a pdd comment either, literally nobody who has this fake disorder says this. This is of a normal rational person who tells you to back off and stop interacting with me please.
Well, a compilation of noises made during BOREDOM, and ONCE of course... along with a scrapped voide audition for a rebranded character, who used to be known as Starruko Tuff Bunnybuns. 

Now they're known as Cuggle. A portmanteau of Cuddle and Snuggle. OC is still in the works/temporary halt.

Answer: Until Jordan stops his continued ongoing denial about his PDD condition, and stops deluding himself about it, but accepts and actively seeks help/treatment for it, ONLY THEN will Klim leave him alone.



[ ] “Klim is the one who ‘Keeps the Bastards Honest,’ basically.”

[ ] “Yonkers has a TRUE friend that actually cares about his well-being in Klim… why does he treat Klim like shit, the ungrateful asshole?”

[ ] “Poor Klim… it’ll be a never-ending, thankless (and ultimately pointless) task…”

[ ] “... (Poopcat) will never even understand his condition, let alone accept it. You might as well be explaining string theory to a dog.”

[ ] Video: https://files.catbox.moe/adhwh3.mp4 

Yonkers asks his trolls: “WHY DO YOU KEEP COMING HERE?”
That's it. Yes, it’s that simple.

Yonkers asks his trolls: “What are you even gaining from any of this?”
That's it. Yes, it’s that simple.

(*) Simply: Your replies and responses are hilariously entertaining, even if you don’t realise it. Yes, it’s that simple.

NOTE: That's not the answer you would like to hear, but that is the honest reason.

No rules or personal boundaries apply for (You), Fascist. This is here, and you don’t rule here. You do NOT tell others what to do.
If you want rules, create your own board. And stay there.

Thanks for playing this game (You) invented, anon. It's always so much fun to see you take pointless shitposting so seriously.
> "oh no, why do i keep following this person who wants NO contact with me?" 
I've answered you that. Take a guess. 
Spoiler: it isn't your pasta. Your posts are not bait nor funny or haha humor, you are only a failure at life and you aren't any valid.
It's so very bizarre... anon shouts that he will not talk here anymore, yet he keeps talking... very irrational...
I'm calling you out, you know that right? 
I have neither poop plush or any "tuda". I am not larson, and i have NO 'phrenia. 
> i-it's almost- 
How about YOU fuck off to sleep, dude. Stop fucking creeping on me. PLEASE. 
thumbnail of gepng.png
thumbnail of gepng.png
gepng png
(585.05 KB, 912x512)
A huge shout out and mega thanx to our Klimmy for baiting our Boi Geordie into a classic Autistic PDD speg rage today. Well done, Klimothy. You're the best.
> Why would I hate being white, lmao
I'm sure you would love being white. Maybe one day you will get your wish like Michael Jackson did.
thumbnail of Magic02.png
thumbnail of Magic02.png
Magic02 png
(350 KB, 433x398)
thumbnail of Magic01.jpg
thumbnail of Magic01.jpg
Magic01 jpg
(52.52 KB, 600x460)

Is this some form of Nigger Magic we are unfamiliar with?

I know I am not racist at all in any way, it's just that I hate anyone who isn't White like me.

(NB. for Yonkers: This is sarcasm. Sorry we have to spoonfeed you this, but because of your PDD Autism, you won't recognize sarcasm etc at all).
thumbnail of Lord Flatulence.png
thumbnail of Lord Flatulence.png
Lord Flatulence png
(233.16 KB, 355x438)
OK... last one for now
Have fun while I'm away at my Uncle's Funeral.

cf. https://bienpincherico.mx/obituary-and-funeral-of-jacob-rothschild/
> wi- 
Nope. Not wishing. 
I already have it. Because if you compare an actual african picture ot my face (not using minor pictures), you'd see I'm not mexican or brown at all.  
Nobody's doing any damn magic, fuck off. 
You suck at "sarcasm". This isn't because of anyone's autism this is literally because no one shares the same humor with you. 
> i know i am no- 
Yes you fucking are.
Making up stuff and putting your victim's face on it won't make you a good person. 
Stop using minor face pictures. 
Linking other people's profiles won't give you absolute shit. You will never have him as a father.
Now we sit back and wait for Jordan to say something autistic (re. https://endchan.org/baaa2/res/22521.html#23471 ) like, "But that's not real!"
No, a victim means you're fucking targetted for harassment, and being creeped on. 
> i-i choose to- 
You're an actual retard, and racist. 
Nobody is "blaming" here, I am not the one who raised or enabled your shitty behavior. You caused it yourself. 
> circumsta- 
You're the one doing YOUR circumstances. You utter racist. 
Don't use my face pictures on actual black people. My mouth isn't black. And neither are my skin or eyes.
You're a monster.
Sarcasm doesn't mean intentionally offending someone, or disrespecting them. 
There's no way to "unintentionally" do it either, the matter is you did that with no second thought or regret. 
You're remorseless.
thumbnail of UltraNigger.png
thumbnail of UltraNigger.png
UltraNigger png
(46.18 KB, 363x328)
thumbnail of Tits02.png
thumbnail of Tits02.png
Tits02 png
(287.83 KB, 718x443)
thumbnail of Tits.png
thumbnail of Tits.png
Tits png
(153.38 KB, 600x387)
Looks like Klim broke Jordan with that long post of his... Jordan is flooding this board with childish dribble as a response to it. Poor broken-hearted little boy.
I'm not broken, racist pedo. 
> "durrr your genuine advice is childish!" 
You're so incapable of learning. I hope they arrest you.
> Look at my lips.
I see Mexican lips, now what?
> That's not mexican
That's Mexican.
> nor african.
Why do you keep bringing Africans into this? You keep mentioning them for no reason, do you have some problem with them?
> And they're orange,
Then you should see a doctor.
> Mr. Racist
Racism would involve something like denying my heritage because I was ashamed of it. Like you do with your Mexican ancestry Mr. Manuel Rivera.
thumbnail of 1611884468-1b.jpg
thumbnail of 1611884468-1b.jpg
1611884468-1b jpg
(89.45 KB, 749x439)
He's not Mexican, he's American
Mexico is in America.
Rivera is an American name.
Rivera is of Mexican Heritage.
USA is America.

The concept of Continents and Racial Heritage is beyond his mental capabilities.

Has anyone ever noticed this endless and pointless cycle of retarded Poopcat logic?
thumbnail of 00023.png
thumbnail of 00023.png
00023 png
(673.47 KB, 712x512)
Oh my gawd... Jordan is RIGHT! I am so STUPID! Why didn't I know that Mexico is in Spain? And I thought Tasmania was part of Yugoslavia... how little do I know!

Jordan has pointed out my lack of knowledge. So - thanks to his inspiration - I will be enrolling to go back to school again. I must learn so much more.

It will be sensational spending all that time with my fellow students, children aching to learn just like me. Such a touching time for me to experience again. Maybe even Sleep-Over study nights with my fellow students! We could learn so much from each other. I've concluded that I am going to enjoy this.

Thank you, Jordan. What a great friend he is! So subtly pointing out the many errors of my knowledge.
Yeah, it fucking is. There was never any involvement with English America. 
A person with a brain knows this. 
You HAVE a lack of knowledge because you're a pedo stalker. 
I'm pointing out your errors of horrible things you have done 
> sadly, we all- 
And WHY would I joke about an actual fact
thumbnail of Smart2.png
thumbnail of Smart2.png
Smart2 png
(231.7 KB, 453x413)
thumbnail of Smart.png
thumbnail of Smart.png
Smart png
(200.19 KB, 407x389)
Thanks for sharing your advanced knowledge with us, Jordan.
I can't wait to get started being with my fellow school children again, as I'll be going back to school now. I am so dumb.
But it's true. 
I'm NOT a lolcow at all. 
None of what I do counts as it. Not even the things I say, either. You barely have any understanding on the person you're attempting to make fun of.
ye you right geordie
all those years of free laughs and entertainment you been providing for everyone must be because you an aspiring comedian
you was doing all this shit on purpose right
you loved every minute of it did you
thumbnail of 00065-942523645.png
thumbnail of 00065-942523645.png
00065-942523645 png
(354.63 KB, 712x512)
thumbnail of 00067-312175111.png
thumbnail of 00067-312175111.png
00067-312175111 png
(244.57 KB, 712x512)
thumbnail of 00066-1209054163.png
thumbnail of 00066-1209054163.png
00066-1209054163 png
(383.77 KB, 712x512)
klim once told me that when he was younger he used to play some old vidya game
it was called something like pedozoo puncher
and you had to walk through the desert and fight off a strange brown man who tries to steal your children
idk if that sort of thing would be allowed today
not woke enough
prolly have to play as the pedozoo and try to steal the kids so you can trans them or sth
if by "everyone" you mean 2-3 members, including some that have only moved on 4 years ago you're an idiot and should seek therapy.
getting harassed, no matter what age, isn't a laughing matter. 
> aspiring comedian 
literally how 
what makes me a comedian ? 
drawing for people? 
producing stuff in private? 
i dont strive to be the next ren and stimpy clone, dude. and even then, why the fuck should i be "comedic" for that. 
i mean, look at cow and chicken. that show got liked but was of course a barely disgused fetish show for butts n stuff, particularly for red guy. 
and maybe cow  
> still talking in ebonics 
god please shut up. stop insulting actual hood people 
He never told you any of this because none of it happened. 
The game never happened. 
> strange brown man 
Literrally where? 
First picture and second isn't brown, is it? 
> who tries to- 
No. Fake again.
thumbnail of d86b.jpg
thumbnail of d86b.jpg
d86b jpg
(1.15 MB, 3088x2316)
Actually, they are using this photo of Jordan that Jordan himself published about four weeks ago, aged 20-yo.
Looks like someone has embarrassed and humiliated themself yet again.
> actually, they-
> filename 
> the "-yo" excuse 
Fuck off. Stop trying to find ways to be "different". You're still the same old hag. 
And telling someone to stop is not embarrassment nor humiliation. 
> still using white people on black people pics 
> teeth fucked up 
> ai 
You're a delusional, racist moron.
Hi faggot, you did post my picture. You literally right click and save as.
thumbnail of the wires.png
thumbnail of the wires.png
the wires png
(19.08 KB, 1043x187)
thumbnail of how the magic is made.gif
thumbnail of how the magic is made.gif
how the magic... gif
(3.51 MB, 278x384)
thumbnail of 00036-2687533980.png
thumbnail of 00036-2687533980.png
00036-268753... png
(440.56 KB, 512x712)
thumbnail of 00020-802578795.png
thumbnail of 00020-802578795.png
00020-802578... png
(464.7 KB, 512x712)
geordie seems confused about ai so i going to help him out here
> I hope AI gets banished.
i cant talk for whatever klim using but i use a local solution which means even if every ai disappear from the internet overnight then the ones on my computers would be fine
see the wires png
> You mean if you keep posting my face pics onto random people. 
the ai uses a lora that was trained to identify what your face looks like which means it knows how to draw people who look like you from memory
it is drawing these people from its imagination like an artist would and the people never existed
how the magic is made gif shows a person being painted into existence who is made to look like you
no pasting just someone being generated with your features like 00020-802578795 png
> plastering underage photos on adults
these ais look at your facial structure and create pictures that look like it
thats your core characteristics and it will only create underage people with them if it is asked to
if they are asked to make old people then they will 00020-802578795 png
in fact by your own arguments defending pzds since these images are of people that never existed they cant be minors
> seems confu- 
No, I don't want you doing anything with my face pics. Please leave me the fuck alone.
> using lora 
Not any better. I wish Lora would ban uses of real people (or teenagers) faces onto AI generation photos. I don't care if it's not classified as abuse material, it's still fucking disgusting since it uses a picture from me at age 16. 
i don't want to be used in your generations period it's fucking gross.  
> these ais look at your- 
it uses my old photos from 2020-2021, in which i was underage on. that's still weird. 
> thats your core character- 
I'm not a youngster, my guy. Even my younger self doesn't want to consent. Leave. It. Alone. 
Just because I lied about my age then doesn't mean I was serious about it. I only said it so you can kindly piss off and that I dont get banned on 4chan. 
> they cant be- 
Teenager is still considered a minor between 13-17. 
You have used (from your own hard drive) an older photo from when I wore a green shirt and had fairly short hair. That photo was taken no longer than 2020. 
I can even share the original and compare it for you if you want. Besides, what kind of fucking adult saves underage childhood photos from their victim? 
> these images are of people that never- 
You used my face on it. I clearly exist. I was born on 2004. I wasn't from a fucking AI generate, I came from the vagina and a pregnant belly. Before I knew, I also got fucking circumcised. 
TL;DR You're gross for using any of my pictures and for defending AI / thinking it's okay to do any of that for AI. 
And once again, there is no "Megan". 
Pretending to be dumb won't solve your case. 
Spoilers: It'll be fake, inaccurate, and fucking gay as hell. And not in the homosexual/phobic kind, like, REALLY really unhappy kind of gay.
thumbnail of c788f71c-682e-4fa5-95e5-f7e4f6acf663.png
thumbnail of c788f71c-682e-4fa5-95e5-f7e4f6acf663.png
c788f71c-682... png
(562.61 KB, 512x712)
thumbnail of geordie bot 1.png
thumbnail of geordie bot 1.png
geordie bot 1 png
(885.94 KB, 1443x804)
thumbnail of geordie bot 2.png
thumbnail of geordie bot 2.png
geordie bot 2 png
(770.49 KB, 1465x732)
its not perfect but it certainly give the geordie experience
it needs sillytavern so if you cant set that up i cant help you
all the data is embedded in the picture so if you able to set sillytavern up you just hit load and select the image called c788f71c-682e-4fa5-95e5-f7e4f6acf663 and it will load all the geordie characteristics
i could work out a way to put sillytavern and oobabooga in a single portable executable file but to be honest anyone who open an exe uploaded by a shitposter which is found on an anonymous imageboard is asking for trouble
Spoilers: It'll be fake, inaccurate, and fucking gay as hell.
it sure is
which makes it an exact copy of you geordie lol
that was a good effort geordie but sadly that aint the case
you see how a lora works is it gets trained on images by generating its own images and then comparing them to the images it is given
from that it can see how different the ones it generates are and tries again to get more accurate
all it actually contains is code that it needs to make pictures which are similar to the subject
it dont contain the pictures themselves it just used them to practice on
an analogy which you wont understand lol but i am going to say it anyway
would be animal testing
> the makeup is tested on the animals to find out what works and what does not
> at the end of it you have makeup which does what you want it to
> but that makeup doesnt contain any of the animals it was tested on
in that same way the lora does not have any underage pictures in it
it simply knows how to draw very realistic things that look like you
and you said drawings aint pedo
the pictures of you were fully dressed
so even if the ai did things completely differently and was more like whatever klim using
then as long as that face was
> pasted
on an adult and not in a sexual context then there is nothing wrong there either
i dont know why you think a childs face is pornographic
actually i do know why
what a pzds
Stop triyng to be a pervert to me lol 
the "geordie" experience is a lie 
> an exact co- 
No, it doesn't. You can't perfectly replicate someone. 
Putting in copied messages doesn't make a bot. 
'tis why I'd prefer "x reader/writer/creator" stuff, though I coined that last part i guess. I'd rather write the character interaction manually than have to make an AI for it. But using a real person is where I draw the line, even if it's a face from a real teenager or child... 
Plus that message was from fucking July 2023 when that board was slowly revived. 
> putting in copied replies or generated in the "bot" 
this is already fake 
I would actually tell you to piss off, becuase of aforementioned reasons that make you quite an insufferable prick. 
> asswipe 
Microsoft Sam-tier. Using that as an insult in 2024 is bullshit. 
> jenk closet 
Not a thing. Jenkem is not a real drug. Not even a drug addict would want it. If you think otherwise you're fucking stupid. 
> durrr opposi- 
No, no it isn't. This is reality talk. If you go ask about ANY person in the world about a fake drug existing, they'll tell you no, and walk away. 
> ok bro 
> to someone who's reasonably annoyed at you 
well you are insufferable of course, that's not projecting. i mean come to think of it you have done this for 4 fucking years now. all spent on harassing someone and calling them dead while desperately denying that. 

I'm sorry for the long message, but this ai chatbot just makes Duke Nukem look actually good, and better than your retarded attempts.
> similar to- 
You're still using a real photograph of a real person. 
That is not good. What's worse is that; the real person in the "subject" you claim, doesn't consent. 
That post about "noncon and con meaning nothing" was just naiveness from when I was 17, I'm sure I see the diffrence between the both. 
So unless I had said "yes" to you, which I did NOT - at the time of you making lora crap - I don't agree to even having my face there at all. I just don't. And using my childhood photos (teen or not) isn't any better. 
It's weird. 
> which you won't under- 
I understand a lot. I know you just want to make me feel weirded out. 
> d-does not have any undera- 
I'm sure you uesd a picture from 2020 that would make it say otherwise. 
I'm not even trying to say you do any SA material but holy fuck you can't just do this without htinking about the consequences of even using a TEEN ACTOR from disney channel. What is wrong with you. 
Using people or teens for your Lora stuff. ou have to be fucking stupid or insane to think of doing that. 
Claming it "doesn't exist irl" won't save you. Fuck you. 
If sexual abuse on anyone real is illegal then so should using real people in AI stuff. It's no wonder why AI is frowned upon and condemned. 

If you skip all of these warnings and make an excuse, just so you know, you're gonna get a visit by the FBI soon, or even worse, the IRS. 
Read at your own risk. 
> and you said drawings aint pedo 
Yeah, because you're not using a REAL child to exploit them in, right?  
> durrr, fully dressed!! durrr 
> and not in a sexu- 
Who fucking said it was, this is still creepy. 
> i dont know why you think a- 
I'm not saying a real child is anything like that, at all. 
> more one-liners in lowercase like a discord teen 
God kill yourself.
thumbnail of 00005-2705065122.png
thumbnail of 00005-2705065122.png
00005-270506... png
(445.2 KB, 512x712)
lol at how some of your replies are exactly the same as the bots
> i dont understand
>  I know you just want to make me feel weirded out.
holy shit you got it
> you're gonna get a visit by the FBI soon, or even worse, the IRS.
yes i told you already
call them
hand over your laptop
i want them to see the pzds for themselves
then you can find out just how the law really sees it lol
pic unrelated
this girl arrived at my house today
she said she was fbi and she gon get me
but when i said who i am she said
> sorry my mistake i am a stripogram and i was meant to be sent to klims donkey farm
idk what that was about
You're right, people using your pictures without consent to train an AI is weird. However, he is right that what an AI creates is just a very realistic painting.
Things like this are exactly why US law considers drawings to be illegal. The shit you like and shit AI can produce are both offensive pictures of minors, so you're in a tricky spot.
You can't say one is okay without saying the other is.
I agree with the law, both are wrong. https://uscode.house.gov/view.xhtml?hl=false&edition=prelim&req=granuleid%3AUSC-prelim-title18-section1466A
They didnt say anything about fictional cartoons at all... so uh, no it's not illegal to fucking make lolisho or cub. Linking the Handley incident from 16 years ago aint gonna do shit. The protect act is ruled unconstitutional. Deal with it.
Like, they're not gonna start being like France and ban those who make loli porn of even a random gumball girl character. People only give a shit when a REAL, actual identifiable and indistinguishable minor is used in porn
> still putting oneliners like a teen who doesnt get any pussy irl 
Fuck off. I win. :) 
> just how the la- 
This isn't Hanley 2, shit for brains. No one is gonna waste time prosecuting others over a stupid cartoon 
> pic unrela- 
No, you're using AI of my teen photos. Get the fuck away from them. 
Klim has no farm, do you not see his house? He lives in bumfuck Australia, and aussies have no farms at all
Did you contact the website yet? The US government don't seem to know that the law is unconstitutional, you better tell them to update it before they accidentally arrest you and your MAP friends like they did with those other two guys.
ok looking at klims images i think some of them might be entirely generated too and not face swapping
>  like a teen who doesnt get any pussy irl
lol geordie i aint know you getting some pussy
thats amazing
20 years faster than cwc
you like a chris chan speedrun
poor cammy tho
> yapping the same words
projecting, are we? 
i've gotten pussy already.. i mean. i looked at a vagina before. 
stop one lining. 
> before they *starts rambling like a schizo* 
Cartoons dont make you MAP, dumbass. Get help
No projection here Jordan, I didn't contact the website because all the laws listed on it are correct. As you don't think those laws are constitutional, it's on you to contact them.
you have to be either gullible, loco, or even STUPID to even think an officer would bet the same as a france or UK one. 
> it's on you to 
Once again, as said by many normal human beings - no one likes to waste time. 
> i didn't contact because i'm stupid 
ok, no one's asking you. you're still delusional, though
Which part of the United States law website do you think is going to be enforced by French or British police officers? That site is a list of the laws which US police officers enforce.
> still thinking my dumb joke of megan is "real" 
piss off 
> it will sca- 
I'm not scared of animation, or freaks like you. 
> still using old photos of me 
I don't care how you "spin this around" but you're not excusing yourself out of this one. 
I hope you turn yourself in for using 16 year old pictures for dumb shit like this
thumbnail of d86b.jpg
thumbnail of d86b.jpg
d86b jpg
(1.15 MB, 3088x2316)
> using 16 year old pictures of (me)

This selfie pic used was self-posted by Jordan Manuel Rivera of himself in February 2024, when he was aged 20-yo.
There are no laws that consider a 16 year old's face offensive. There is however a law that finds fictional minors offensive.
> Fuck off, dude.
Make him.
> The "moustache" and the "overt" of acne only spread at 19 to 20.
So you weren't a minor. You should have, could have, went to college.
> I didn't look that freckled at 16, so, stop lying
You look worse smh.
Hey dickhed... you posted this pic of yourself  >>/24246/ as a brand new selfie you took of your own face just around your 20th birthday this year.
Get a grip, dude. Stop lying.
> he's posting one of my surpressed childhood memories 
You're a horrible person. 
It's even worse when you think it's on LTN; it isn't. 
I'm not gonna say it again: None of this will be on anywhere else beaide the guy who created it. Along with other games lile Whack your boss.
lol ye
das rite
i got to defend geordie against the k man every now and again otherwise he lashes out
wouldnt want rose to join cammy with blood problems in the piss closet
ive seen the poo stains on that sofa back when cammy was still alive to clean it off
i cant imagine how bad its gotten since she died
its not like anyone else would be cleaning
so hiding under that thing might be a fatal health hazard in itself
> he doesnt realize the house contains the same furniture pooper so whether it is the same sofa isnt relevant
pdd lol
he was shoving it in his mouth so it counted as chocolate cake in his mind
thumbnail of Market00.jpg
thumbnail of Market00.jpg
Market00 jpg
(1.42 MB, 3000x3000)
thumbnail of Poo Market.png
thumbnail of Poo Market.png
Poo Market png
(185.5 KB, 460x741)
Confirmed images of Poopcat stacking shelves at his local 'Poo Market'.

Now we sit back and await his Autistic PDD reply of "That's not me", "fake" etc etc.
Poor Geordie... always in denial.

🙄 inb4 Poopcat’s childish retarded PDD screaming-sperg-out Autistic paranoid delusional BULLSHIT nonsense AAAA klim did it no u yaddah yaddah yaddah… 🙄
> that's an o- 
IT WAQS NEVER FUCKING REAL, YET YOU DECIDED TO FUCKING USE THE PROMPT "CHILD" MIXED WITH A FUCKING ELDERLY MAN??? THAT SHOULD BE ILLEGAL. and I DON'T care if you dont use it for shitty CSEM porn, what matters is that you typed it in the first place.
all its missing is the donkey
geordie this was created with a lora trained on an adults face
and it is simply a very realistic drawing
it is fiction and a character that has never existed
by all the arguments you use to defend your pedozoo it is fine
are you now saying your pedozoo is not fine
im happy with that if you want to fall in line with reality
just a little surprised that you arguing with yourself lol
i wanted to but i aint got no shittens saved
all the pics i got had the fart clouds on them
i did request a bunch of geordies drawings to train a geordie style lora but all that was posted was pzds
i aint training on no diapershitting
only regular geordie images pre coomer phase
and none was supplied
i cant be bothered to go harvesting from his 400 pzds accounts scattered across the internet
or i would train one and see