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> I do not climb trees
once upon a time there was monke
he was too fat and retarded to climb trees
so he just sit on the floor being sad
and eating poopies
poor monke
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> could a pdd make fonts
> could a pdd draw logos
the monke angrily demanded answers
> no ofc not so that proves i am not one
to his monke logic this was a ironclad defense
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(488.58 KB, 512x712)
but sadly it was never to be
monke could never turn his ideas into more than a hobby
his ambitions would always be just that
dream big monke
dream big
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when klim used to work in a zoo he adopted one of the baby monkes
sadly the one he chose had pdd and was far more retarded than he expected
all it would do is whack it when school kids visited the zoo or throw poopies at anyone else
he had to give it back in the end and the monke hated him for it forever
I'm not klim, you f ucking spaz. 
What is wrong with you. I meant  for you to  never use  my face pictures, not some random elder man
idk why klim put his hands down his shorts or the woman in the background turned into some kind of fuckin orb but ai gonna ai
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Yonkers Stalked me, Groomed me, Brainwashed me, Manipulated me, Pranked me and Forced me Against My Will to do that. He HURT me. It's all his fault. Poopcat MADE me do it, I swear! I never did anything wrong.
subconsciously geordie is racist, and subconsciously he also knows he's mexican. that's why he sees a monkey and immediately thinks it's him, he thinks mexicans are a bunch of filthy taco monkeys despite being one himself
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lads they know about the
culto de gato de caca
we going to have to disband
see you on the other side
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(75.05 KB, 720x1280)

It is NOT a cult! Lies!
We obey whatever our Loving Lord and Master tells us!

Poopcat HAS no others to rival him.

Please tell us, Yonkers: Why did you kill Kitty God? Where did you put him body?
now this is interesting
the boy has immersed himself in tranny culture
because their acceptance is the closest that he is going to find to pzds tolerance
but he is far too retarded to understand the nuances of the current holy land conflict
which pack of wokies will he side with
the jew haters or the muslim bashers
> he aint tell us to
> we just started eating the old mans logs
lol ye this is definitely the religion he picking
he dont exactly lead
its more like when pajeets worship cows
he just go round shitting everywhere and getting all piss in the closet and the cult takes it as signs
the actions of the big dumb animal are incidental to the wider activity that is focused around it
i'm leading no cult, moron 
the actions of "big dumb animal" are not ignoring you actively and working on things peacefully while you mope around making disgusting jokes about people who arent even scat fetishists

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