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It's interesting that PDD boy knew exactly what I was talking about and that "it is a company". How would he have this knowledge if it wasn't just another one of his retarded games? He thinks everyone else is as learning impaired as he is.
It's funny really. "A company who makes the same retarded logos I do has talked to their CEOs and decided that the best marketing campaign going forward is to spam the comments section of a girl who is making videos about a minor attracted pervert with PDD, defending him and pretending to be the government as well as using exactly the same defenses that he does. They think it will be really good for business, it will play well with the PDD zoomer market."
Cognitive abilities of a 5 year old might be too generous.
everyone isn't two people, dumbass. 
You're wholly retarded. Megan isn't real. 
Stop lusting for that snapchat girl larp. 
It's interesting that you the nigger knew exactly what you're doing. I never said anything about learning impairment. I don't even have that. 
Otherwise, how would i FUCKING LEARN TO DO A CLEAN LOGO??? Imagine fucking underestimating even the averagest person on the planet. 
No, a company that specializes in animation, distribution and experimenting. That's what it's about, it's not "retarded" crap... all of them actually have effort. 
The only thing keeping that cartoon from happening is the amount of yapping you're doing. 
> marketing campai- 
Private companies don't campaign shit. Nobody's spamming the comments section otherwise I would've saw a whole ass raid from people from deadhouse.org; additionally, this "minor attracted pervert with pdd" isn't a fucking thing. You're harassing a 20 year old  who does art,design,font, and more (of the non-para kind) just because you apparently hate them so much  you THINK it's done by a teenager and you think it's "shit". It is not. 

to assume i'd ever "defend" people, or be the government is actually fucking shocking; i would never go as far to impersonate high tech agencies. or to market anything. being privative is not the same as public marketing. i DON'T want to do public.
> to assume i'd ever
I thought that was a company and not you? I was talking about that "company".
You're too PDD to deceive people Jordan, stick to the truth so you don't trip over your own lies.
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thumbnail of acn.png
acn png
(39.23 KB, 200x135)

He has been caught LYING for YEARS about this!

Yonkers has now been fully discredited as completely untrustworthy.

[ ] Yonkers Technique N° 26: Create/Invent imaginary companies etc.
[ ] Yonkers Technique N° 9: Create/Invent imaginary infantile cartoon friends/worlds.
> it doesnt matter who leaked it
Because it was you who did it.
>  >>/29126/
> Real people are weird. 
Not everyone has pdd, I know.
> Plus I thought I wasn't intimidating? Just "autistic"?
Your pdd presence alone is 
> Not healthy to repeat yourself very often, with little to no facts
> Not healthy to repeat yourself
Like your lies?
> linking my page? how cute.
PDD at it again.
> good luck trying to find a new account in there. it isn't going to be me. wonder what you're gonna call out this time
No worry, just like DA, discord, /bant/, drawfags and Geordie, all come to us. To laugh at this.
> You like viewing my profile, don't lie
Nobody wants to see pzds. Keep it over there.
> Because Jenkem isn't a thing anymore, and ew that's a fucking gross thing even for a 'drug
Are you lacing your jenk with fentanyl? 
> it's not healthy to rely on me all the time
That's why Hector bounced.
> I have more than one fetish, you know that right?
We know. Keep it in your diaper.
> Even when logged out there's no excuse. If someone says stay out, you stay the fuck out.
Then feel free to log out of imageboards. Oh wait, you're stuck with us. >>/29226/
> otherwise
> Again. I am nothing to you, just a stranger you're arguing with.
You're the equivalent of a fidget spinner. Something to pass the time.
> everyone isn't two people, dumbass
We are not alone.
> No, a company that specializes in animation, distribution and experimenting. That's what it's about, it's not "retarded" crap... all of them actually have effort.
The only thing keeping that cartoon from happening is the amount of yapping you're doing
A company is lurking.
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thumbnail of PDD 09.png
PDD 09 png
(636.03 KB, 1003x1201)
Let's all hope this helps Jordan to get a grasp on his condition better, and why he acts/thinks abnormally the way he does.

We can only hope.

inb4 "I don't have PDD" childish denials blah blah blah
i'm talking about stalking profiles, not imageboard. read clearly next time 
I've grasped more than you ever could, pedophile. 
Using random pictures set under Arial font isn't going to prove. You know NOTHING about my life, or people's "condition". 
I've socialized both off and on in life. 
I've behaved pretty damn well compared to my YOUNGER young years; but never really freaked out in life. 
And I can communicate a language just as good as a normal being can. 
Telling me words on a screen about false claims on repetitive stuff isn't comprehensible. 

Oh, and I don't think nor act "abnormally". I do NOT ever think of fucking a real person or their child, or even a dead body.  THAT is abnormal, and thinking normally is  not such.  Just because I like fiction and hate paraphilia doesn't mean abnormality or disorder. 
As I said, for one last time; researching and looking for images doesn't count. "inb4" is a dead term well, no one says it anymore. 
Grow up.
You're SO wholly retarded, you even make fake quotes about. I've never said that at all... 
No, moron. I'm not a drug promoting channel, i'm experimenting with music genres and animation styles... you'd understand if you weren't such a piece of shit. 
> check your- 
There's nobody in any closet, paranoid freak. 
> y-yup as expe- 
I know what the disorder is about but projecting it onto me for thousands of times isn't going  to make that true. I've never delayed talking to people, even my own family. 

No, being privative doesn't mean PDD either. You're very unintelligent  and  that's a shame.
it's 8 in the morning retard. 
That has nothing to do with me. Stop projecting your problems onto me, I'm not the one causing them to you; you make yourself  do these things on your own volition and will. It's your fault, nobody else's. 

Now stop replying to me, you fucking creep. 

Also, those noises??? It's just being fucking silly, and very stimmy at some parts. Testing burpy voice and fast voice, there's nothing lunatic about this... you're overreacting.
In fact, he's more PDD than I thought. Can't even tell the time. It isn't even 7 am in Pennsylvania yet.
Is he really THAT stupid?
Yes. yes, he is.
> talking about stalking profiles
Go stalk your own boards.
> socialized both off and on in life.
Just because you get monthly visits with Hector don't mean you have a social life.
> but never really freaked out in life
Explain breaking down Carmen's door. Exposing your horrid body on 4chan. Jumping out windows. Screeching at Rot to not record your mushroom creaming. Etc.
> I would've saw a whole ass raid from people from deadhouse.org
Wtf are you on about even. Last time  /baaa2/ did a raid was when you randomly decided to go make a board in a patch chan, and we crashed into their /b/ scene. You, thinking you were welcomed, when in reality, they mocked and ridiculed you. And that site went down. And you came back to us. Acting like it never happened.

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