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A moment of silence for StarrukoTVGo, another poo down the loo. Also holy shit what is all this Llama badge and point heresy.
> Core Membership
> Badges and Fragments
> What are badges and fragments?
> When you want to express your appreciation for a deviation or comment beyond a favourite or like, you can award a badge! Badges you award will appear on that deviation or comment—as well as on the deviant's Profile.
[You can award badges to:
[Deviations that inspire you
> Helpful resources or tutorials
> A heartfelt reply to something you shared
> A clever, witty comment that made you laugh
thumbnail of a2b09000-06c8-4eb3-8577-48b7d9396ac2.png
thumbnail of a2b09000-06c8-4eb3-8577-48b7d9396ac2.png
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(65.26 KB, 628x279)
> There are three types of permanent badges: Quartz, Hype, and Diamond. To give them to a deviation or comment, you’ll need fragments, which are essentially tokens used in exchange for badges. 

> When you award a badge to a deviation or comment, the recipient will also receive fragments, which they can then use to award their own badges. The standard badges are as follows:

> Quartz (costs 10 Fragments)
Award a Quartz badge to your favorite deviations and comments. The recipient of a Quartz badge will receive one fragment.

> Hype (costs 100 Fragments)
When the Hype badge is given to a deviation, that deviation’s visibility will be boosted on Browse pages for a short period! The recipient of a Hype badge will also receive 10 fragments.

> Diamond (costs 300 Fragments)
The recipient of a Diamond badge will receive 100 fragments, and, if they’re not already a Core Member, they’ll also get a one-month Core Membership for free!
Once you grant a Diamond badge to a deviant, you cannot grant the same deviant a Diamond badge for 12 months. 
Limited-Time Badges
Quartz, Hype, and Diamond badges may not be the only badges you can award to deviations or comments. Occasionally, special badges may be available as well, such as the Heart, Gold Coin, and Snowball badges! Watch team for updates regarding limited-time badges.
> How do I earn fragments?
> Fragments can be earned in three ways:

> When someone awards a badge to your deviation or comment, you’ll receive fragments.
< As a Core Member, you’ll receive fragments each week.
> You can win fragments in official DeviantArt contests and challenges.

> You can find out how many fragments you currently have in the drop-down menu under your avatar.
> What do you need help with?
Account and Profile
> Profile
> What are Profile badges?
> Badges add a bit flair and a lot of fun to your Profile! Some are earned by participating in official contests and events, while others are given by DeviantArt as a distinction for excellent work or spirit. Some are just for community fun!
> Llama Badges: Deviants can send Llama badges to other deviants! Collect llama badges and watch as it evolves into different kinds of llamas! You can also purchase sunglasses and a bowtie for Llama badges for 80 and 40 DeviantArt Points, respectively.

> Cake Badges: Give slices of Cake badges to deviants to add a festive celebration to their Profile! Cake badges can be given for $1 USD (or 80 DeviantArt Points) each.

> Misc. Badges: Earn badges by keeping up with the latest DeviantArt contests, events, and activities! Badges are often available for participation in these events, so keep an eye on your message center and official DeviantArt announcements to join in the fun!

> Staff Merit Badges:  Some badges are awarded to staff or volunteers for their work! Some of these include the Distinguished Service Award and the Commendable Leadership Award. Former Staff and Volunteers will also receive a badge to commemorate their valuable service.

> While you cannot disable the badges feature completely, you can hide badges from your page:
While on your Profile, click the "Edit" button on your About section.
Make sure the "Show My Badges" check box is clear.
Click "Save."

> Badge notifications arrive in your Message Center, and you can disable badge notifications in your Message Center by visiting your Account Settings. Uncheck the box beside "Disable message center notifications for badges" and click "Save."
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dekiigb-1e... png
(1022.74 KB, 1200x1848)
I has 40 llamas 1 point and 100 fragments.   And I forgot I even followed KingADVRC.
> The requestor wished to remain anonymous.He had asked me to draw Lain Iwakura from the anime Lain as a bee. The only specifications he gave me were head of Lain and body of a bee with 4 wings. Since I was given so much freedom in how I approached the piece I decided to try drawing her as a monster girl.
> This piece was drawn and colored digitally using iBis Paint X on my tablet.
> I am no longer accepting requests. I no longer have the free time to do them on a regular basis.
> I will still fulfill the remaining few requests that I have lined up here so I ask that you be patient a little longer
Well shit. Idek if that means he's gone from  running into him on imageboards.
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cK3vYzBLS0t jpg
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1685774355723433 png
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172011 png
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He did it to himself: he took his own advice to others and used it for himself: "KYS"

RIP StarrukoTVGo and all his other countless projects and companies. All gone forever.

It seems that our beloved Poopshat is now an obvious full-time professional artist and logo-maker, legitimately making money for himself and supporting his family - at last!

I am sure his web series will now finally come to pass! Yay! It's only been five years... now he can focus all his attention on it.
thumbnail of klimbot.png
thumbnail of klimbot.png
klimbot png
(354.09 KB, 400x560)
thumbnail of travs_by_l3m0n2_dehpefn-pre.jpg
thumbnail of travs_by_l3m0n2_dehpefn-pre.jpg
travs_by_l3m0... jpg
(81.28 KB, 775x1031)
I cast shade with a throwing klimbot attempt play at responee, and holding my spaceman and geordie card for next round. And toss in travis two knives as distraction. From anyone squaring down mad mulsh on what the replacement can be from lainbee to the new pinned thread.
A moment for all of you to burn in hell. 
> hahaha time to look at someone's accounts and make fun of it and make the same 24/7 false accusations every day for the rest of my life until i die!!! 
> oh no, he deleted them because he's a coward? 
Fuck off holy shit mate you are gratingly annoying. I wish someone would put you down, you filthy troll. 
Lain is a child you dumbass. She is not a beast. 
> the requester wished to remain anonymou-
Okay L3m0n2.
> Pathetic.
How FUCKING IRONIC. You LITERALLY spent the fucking time to edit my stuff and you don't even do anything to hide it. 
I know damn well you're the one that should be pathetic for all the actions you've caused, including blackfacing my fucking artwork. And making non-canon versions of characters you'll never own. 
So you can't do "whatever you want" with it
I know you were always a sick fuck meeting you the first time but saying something like "online suicide" 
> countless 
I'm already focused on jampacked. 
> all gone forever 
Why do you still search for it then 
> beloved 
No, fuck you. You are gross. And repulsive. You don't "belove" anyone, you aren't going to get any love from me either Klim. Go post another 11 year old or say something sexual bout them so I can report you to the feds, because holy shit you need to be caught already. Prosecuted. 
> making money for- 
Who said anything about money? I don't seek popularity from creeps who want to edit everything and steal it along with mentioning donkey fucking semen. 
> five years 
Oh my god you're literally a lost cause if you think Jampacked existed from that time. IT DIDN'T. 
lol that aint it bro
geordie deleted all them accounts because he aint got attention there
like i said all along
he kept asking us to go to them but we aint do it
lol no honeypots thx geordie
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thumbnail of 16845503rr.png
16845503rr png
(541.99 KB, 600x968)
Yonkers is unironically the most important drawfag right now. He's the only one who puts actual soul and effort into his art, and unlike the rest he's incredibly likeable, with a personality that's almost flawless. Plus he's super hot in real life. Trolls seethe at him because they wish they could make bitches wet just by looking in their direction the way he does, but they never will because they're nothing but pissbaby microdick chudcels. Poopcat RULZ!

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