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She had to have had him late so that he suffered from that double dose of autism (with the other dose being what she passed on).
Isn't she in her mid 40s by now? I assumed "his" HRT was what he was stealing from her.
ok, actually stop talking like this. i'm not doing anything to "spook" you. 
I don't live in a fucking group home, i live in a private house with my mom just as you doxxed. NO i don't have HRT 
She had me in 2004, dumbass. Another child in 2007. 
I don't suffer from anything. 
She has no HRT. Your posts are not funny. She's not even 45, cunt.
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thumbnail of It's Pronounced Geordie.mp3
It's... mp3
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> Spook
No. We are not going to spoon feed you about trolling yet again, Geordie.

> as you doxxed
You doxxed yourself. Don't go blaming others for what you have done to yourself again, Geordie.
No. We are not going to spoon feed you about this yet again, Geordie.

> cunt
Abuse is your "Love Language", isn't it, Geordie? It's all you've ever personally received: abuse. So your PDD makes you assume that is also normal for everyone else. Spoon feeding you: It is not normal, Geordie.
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thumbnail of 1695868268178636.jpg
1695868268178636 jpg
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Yonkers Stalked me, Groomed me, Brainwashed me, Manipulated me, Pranked me and Forced me Against My Will to post these images. He HURT me. It's all his fault. Poopcat MADE me do it, I swear! I never did anything wrong.
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thumbnail of Salvador's Cat.jpg
Salvador's... jpg
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thumbnail of Raining Fluoride.jpg
thumbnail of Raining Fluoride.jpg
Raining... jpg
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I have now started drawing, as Jordan is my muse, visionary and inspiration.

Thank you Yonkers/Poopcat/Mittens.

I am now an artist, just like him!!!
For obvious reasons, Jordan will NOT be allowed out in public doing any Halloween Trick-or-Treating activities this year.
I go outside all the time, just last week I went to McDonald's. So there I was, shitting in my pants like a boss when this dumb Karen came up to me saying
> Sir you can't do that here, it smells.
I replied YEAH IT SMELLS DELICIOUS, BITCH! then grabbed one of those golden logs of heaven out of my tighty brownies and took a bite.
she screamed, so I flicked the nugget into her open mouth. As she started choking I used my sticky fingers to draw a snooty mustache and glasses on her and called her a nerd.
> Wh-who are you?
she choked out while gasping for breath. I replied THIS IS RIVERA TOWN, AND YOU AIN'T SHIT. as I walked out the door.
That's what happens outside.
You're literally spazzing out, man. I WILL tell you to LEAVE because NO ONE LIKES you.
Frankly, I'm much more than your level. 
I'm smart, you're not. 
"Rivera Town" isn't real, for obvious reasons. It'll never exist

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