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Dunking on the mentally ill

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you only say that because you keep thinking that i draw something i'm CLEARLY NOT INTO. i fucking hate scat, i hate the smell of it, everything. why the fuck do you keep thinking otherwise, did you forget to learn to read at fifth grade or something?
I say that because that's what everyone on 4chan calls you. You were claiming that Klim is incredibly unpopular on 4chan whilst ignoring that they all call you by a name that only an incredibly unpopular poster would get.
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Oh Yoinkass... dear, dear Yoinkass: Your PDD prevents you from seeing your own faults and responding in an appropriately mature manner.

You just aren't listening to, absorbing or applying anything they are trying to teach you in your twice-weekly psychotherapy “Play Groups.”

Please note: That is NOT OUR PROBLEM. It is YOURS.

Have a Nice Day.

NOTE: This post will be absolutely tl;dr for Jordan, who won’t/can’t read or comprehend it at all, so will dismiss it – as usual [sigh].
> he ignored my posts?!? canon!!!111 
you are severely retarded and i hope you have a terminal fate soon
Youyr response is insufficient at this time. Would it be possible for you to eddicate us further using words that you mean to say and words that you say you mean, please?
Thanking you,
The Wee-Wee Manager
Are you really The Wee-Wee Manager? I would like to request a replacement. The model I was issued with appears to be the wrong size for someone over the age of 3.
I think this is the right place to share this...?

I have realized that I have become sexually-attracted to my toilet bowl.

Is this considered normal? Has anyone else here ever experienced such a thing?
> us 
Fuck off no one actually likes you. You know exactly what I mean by "You're retarded". You are a creep, and you need to fucking DIE.
Also no, klim you're NOT any manager. 
Hi, Klim. Nice larping today aren't we.
Yonkers Dreams What Heaven Might Be Like For Him:

Head filled with Psychosis:
Psychosis is the term for a collection of symptoms that happen when a person has trouble telling the difference between what’s real and what’s not. This disconnection from reality can happen for several reasons, including many different mental and physical conditions. It’s usually treatable with medication and other techniques, but it cannot be cured.
Studies estimate that between 15 and 100 people out of 100,000 develop psychosis each year. A confused human is not uncommon, most humans prefer fiction to nonfiction it seems an easier way of being.

If you need help contact information is on the bottom.

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New Reply on thread #16895
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