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Dunking on the mentally ill

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Sounds kinda sexually kinky. Or is that just me? I mean, I DO rape my cat weekly, but everyone does that, it's quite normal.
> It doesn't mean fucking employment on porn star films
Are you an expert on the porn industry now too? Man, you are a genius level flufferian fluffer and content maker, tell us your thoughts on masturbation and does your mother know about your fantasy world, what would she say?
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Beware: Cat Rapist!!!

๐Ÿฅบ๐Ÿ˜ฌ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿง๐Ÿ˜ค๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿคฌ๐Ÿคฎ๐Ÿ‘ฟ๐Ÿ’ฉ๐Ÿ’ฉ๐Ÿ’ฉ
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ALL The Trolls! kek

[โ—] 4Chan /b/ Drawthreadfags ROLLCALL [โ—]

 Autistic/Mentally Ill/Retarded ~

AbnormieAnon Abusefag ACR Alisa Ako Annon-kun Arisu Awful AzazelFag
BB Bee Botfag Bullyanon Bunnigger Bunyan
CC/Cece Cheese Cobra Color Collagefag Cosmo Croanigger Cubchad
Daki Dante/Duke Debil Dew Dizzie Dogboner Dormouse Doyle Dstike Duck Dwell
Eetma EHG Egger Eggwater Eggs Ena Eos Eruza 
Fernando Fig Formerqanigger 
Goat Gobbo Gooey Grey grunkle stank GunLoli
Hallow Hatguy Hobo Hog Horse 
Imp Ivy
Jacob Jagerbombs Jellopic Joe Josh Juice Juni
Kai Katze Kay Klim Kolibri Kotorifag Kranny Krimble
Leafnigger Lee Lobster Lalo Lolifag
Majik Maple Miku Milk Milo Mr. Blue Mugi/Mugikike Munchies
Nines Niggerbalz Nim Niru Nixie NOBODY Norric Nyan
Objectfag OOF Oogoo Oskar 0xRiku 
Pallet Pataphysics Pettan Peony Percey Perudia Pettan Plague Pokenigger Poopcat Poxzi Provo Prudecuck Puff Puke
Ratnigger Ren Reg Revenge Rider Road Rocky Russell
Sal Sam Samgasm Scetic Schizonigger Scorci Scourge Scribble Scruffy Shadow86 Shikanon Shitrat Shotanigger Sicklr Sir Elefancy Sku Snacks Snowy Sofia Soren Soyboi Spamfag Sparren Stirling Suncat
Tai Tanya TCG Terez Tomo Trinket Tune Turbo
Vex Vigil Vik Viola Vix Vprel Vy
Witchanon Witiko WL Wurm
Yonkers/Poopcat YV 
Zan Zion
1F 50cents

[โ—] NOTE: Anytime someone makes a 'list', ppl immediately want to argue and challenge it. No list is ever definitive. Get over it, Autistic noob. Just keep drawing.
He isn't even a pedo, those discord screenshots were entirely faked. 
If you read the thread you would know this. 
Sounds kinda like you need to kill yourself for even making the dubmest shit up, as well as fucked up words you're saying you dumb zoophile. OH WAIT, you DON'T have a cat. 
Better not be a pet rapist, Klim. 
I'm an expert on many other things than this board is. This board is far from saving, and is generally dumb by default. 
Flufferian fluffer? You mean I'm a great creator of flufferians alike. Or whatever. 
No, I don't have this "muh fantasy world" - aka I don't fucking think cartoons are real. 
Drawing something doesn't mean it's coming to life like that. 
Jesus christ you know nothing 
Instead you fell for the retard's bait, regardless he's not funny. 

Oh looky, you're talking to your OWN SELF AGAIN.
> "I like to larp a lot, so here's me saying something about "muh diagnosis" on some job that doesn't even exist, not even from me. And let me blame the victim for it." 
> "Oh boy, you are right! One hundred correct!" 
You both are idiots.
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We here all know that Yonkers will NOT respond to a silly post like this (which is very clearly and obviously terrible-quality troll shitpost bait), because he is way too intelligent to do something as retarded as that. He said that he would not reply to his trolls (* cf. below), so he definitely will not respond to a post such as this, which is only posted to trigger his PDD. Surely our Poopcat is mature enough now and above all that childish nonsense of his past.

Plus, his current focus is on completing his animated TV series. Star just would not have the time to reply to senseless rubbish like this, being the busy consummate Creative Professional that he is. He is always calm, polite and friendly to everyone who comments on his art and โ€˜Loreโ€™.

In summary, Yonkers simply would not take this ridiculous bait from these prime master baiters and reply to such a post.

No, Poopcat: DO NOT DO IT!
Exercise RESTRAINT and SELF-CONTROL, Yonkers.
Just DRAW. Donโ€™t take the bait, OK?


*Yonkers FINALLY figures it out, after more than FOUR YEARS (a great moment of personal character development for him):
โ€œDo you want me to ignore trolls or not, because that's the reason why I've been hated on, I kept replying to them.โ€
(Source: March 3rd 2023, 4Chan; https://archived.moe/b/thread/895222476/#q895226160 ).

Oh Jordan... you have not changed at all...

(*) Cannot control himself from responding/replying to obvious stupid moronic shitposting troll bait, as if it is serious.

Before you respond, Jordan, please consider: does this look/sound like it is *real*, or is it just a shitpost to trigger you into posting?
Think about it...
Take as much time as you need.

Conclusion: Woah dude... it's NOT real. It's. Not. Real.
Stop reacting like it's real. That's your PDD Autism at work, preventing you from recognizing the difference.

Sorry we have to spoon-feed you what is blatantly obvious to everybody else, but it is no-one elseโ€™s problem but your own.

GEORDIE: tl/dr
The Kitty gods, blessed and cursed the group home with a Geordie who unclogs their toilets, yet escapes into them.
The toilet  has yet to see the light of day with proper flushing... critical levels have been breached in that self sustained ecosystem, I fear.
Memeplex (within Anthropology)

For memes and memeplexes to successfully replicate, they do not necessarily have to be useful, accurate, or factual. As an example, the geocentric model was a widely accepted concept despite its inaccuracies and has since been largely supplanted by more scientifically sound theories.
> This presence is due to the implementation of Universal Darwinism's theory, which postulates that memes can more effectively reproduce themselves when they collaborate or "team up".
That toilet... it must, no needs not be left to rot in it's sewage and gunk, but be set ablaze in nuclear fire.
Meme= human stories. If you change the story, is the virus killed (changed)?
An imaginary story is not reality, it has no effect on the way things actually are. The changes that happen are internal, but do affect behavior, and personality disorders.
A stubborn asshole will double down and build a bigger toilet, unless it sees a benefit to change or has been locked in a cell.
Here is a perfect example that is a real world problem and unless harsh changes happen now it will only get worse. Prevention is always the key.
I think there are certain belief systems (imaginary stories)  that once they become popular in a society that puts an end to that society. It is impossible to coexist among certain belief systems (memes). These belief systems must be kept from growing so they can never cause harm to whole societies, there is no other way.
> POCs
geordie thinks we all people of color
but at least he recognizing me correctly for once lol
i was done when it turned into 24 hour tranny and niggerdick hq
bongo got employment so maybe he dont want to spend as much time there
idk bout the others
dont be racist geordie
the phrase is person of color
its nothing to do with poopoo
or whatever else you had for lunch

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