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...Even though that's not true. 
Plus don't you type "too fast" yourself? Gee, you sure do have a lot of time calling people the same thing, including "pdd". I wonder why you hadn't grown tired from that?
LOL  how funny of you to ignore my correct, coherent points. 
May I also bring up the classic "This Board Sucks and Here's Why..." post? Remastered Edition? 
'Cause I sure can. 

You're fucking weird, but also ungrateful. 
Nobody  said anything about not proving anything. I already proved the fucking thing was genuine from the start because, one rule of making a MERELY ONLINE, INDEPENDENT, AND NON-PROFIT company (whether money making or not, noonecares) is to NEVER forget to add in a logo, unless it's for a surprise (see how warner bros got a new  logo this year and is going to debut their logo next month. You'd think mr. blue shield was here to stay, but that's no more. Say hello to the new shield.)
Nice job stealing webcomics from the internet. 
Bet you're gonna argue they should exist physically instead of web.
thumbnail of LTV Letters.png
thumbnail of LTV Letters.png
LTV Letters png
(52.63 KB, 1575x512)
thumbnail of Lole TV blue print.png
thumbnail of Lole TV blue print.png
Lole TV blue print png
(36.7 KB, 2328x397)
I mean, come the fuck on. 
WHO in their right mind FORGETS to make the logo, for this supposed web company + network. Since September/October and b eyond I wanted to revise the way Lole TV even was before, and made it better. Yeah, sure it may be similar to 2020s but at least the font doesnt look so uneven compared to 2021. 

And of course, even a FITTING logo. That almost went on, until October. 
Now, Macker does have  a logo but its not rounded classic stuff - but I'm sure it'll look cooler. 
Lole TV's logo on the other  hand? It's cool AND  better. Now it's not weirdly inconsistent, and it omits the star too, which is good. 

I also thought that having stars for almost each company was... too much anyway? As nice as the star is there had to be a limit. Oh and "KCX" was never gone either, they just helped Winner out.  Aka I've been managing each company on the web because I fucking can do that instead of arguing stuff that isn't even meant to be hated on. 

Also I'm a fan of logos (part of the mature side.). I would never destroy them.
Your posts are a write-off Jordan, every element of them is wrong to the point that correcting them would be like repainting floor 50 of the second tower because of smoke damage. Easier to let it fall and start fresh.
You have a hobby, a developmental disorder and delusional aspirations, nothing more.
thumbnail of Sttarr.png
thumbnail of Sttarr.png
Sttarr png
(36.47 KB, 1440x1036)
Look.. I'm not trying to ramble or write a long post. 
But please note I still put in fucking effort, even more than 5 months ago, too. Even the entire  3 month summer. 

This shit right here is just... 100% better. 
You're just wasting your own time, hope you know that. Have a nice day. 
> correcting 
You mean giving you sense into you for once? You'd think I'd only call you an "idiot" 50 times? 
No, none of this is reminding you of any repainting floors. Don't know where that came from, but irrelevant. 
Well, sir, this "hobby" is still million times fucking better than attempting to call out someone just because they're smarter  than you anda ren't a piece of shit. Hell, I'm that smarter person. I'm improving not just my art and design, but my attitude as well. So in this case, if you aren't nice, then I'm not nice. If you are, then I am  nice. 
But you aren't nice  to people even  doing things for fun so you assume anyone you don't like or even know is "muh developmental disorder and delusional". 
...Isn't THAT what you are? You're the delusional one, man. You STILL think I act like my past when I've bettered myself. Now get a life, I'm done monologuing to you.
> How many of the things you just said do you actually comprehend?
Yeah, no. I do comprehend more than you, but... with your words? 
You were pretty much just being rude over someone doing... anything? Anything merely harmless that hurts 0% of anyone and not of these so-called "developmental monsters" you make up in your thoughts. You know nothing about words, and their actual meanings behind them. 
You aren't professional, just sad. And naive. You make no sense.
Arguing with someone who has a developmental disorder is indeed a waste of my time, you're correct. I might as well be trying to explain to pigeons why stealing is wrong.
thumbnail of 501c3-Stamp-300x300.jpg
thumbnail of 501c3-Stamp-300x300.jpg
501c3-Stamp-300x300 jpg
(22.23 KB, 300x300)
You seem to think that a Logo means that you have a legal business, and you imply that it's a nonprofit. But we know that you don't actually understand what that means. If you try operating this way you will have an IRS problem since you are an American, we know that you have not filed a 501(c)(3). 
Starting and operating a real business is not something a pinhead can handle, especially alone. But we will just play along with your imaginary dreamworld, and here is the information that you must understand to be legal with the IRS...good luck.

Exemption Requirements - 501(c)(3) Organizations

Wow, you made a blue rectangle with text, but that does not mean you have a Legal Business with tax obligations, you will find out down the road like every thing else the hard way with boogers in your mouth.
I wonder what Chris Chan will do when the Etsy Store has a tax problem?
thumbnail of no9zPTH.png
thumbnail of no9zPTH.png
no9zPTH png
(274.8 KB, 600x634)
This is an amazing post Jordan it proves by your own hand that the depth of your ignorance is pathetic, there is no help for you.

-Happy Holidays
> I wonder what Chris Chan will do
But seriously, good point. With the public nature of everything he does, how has his fundraising not already gotten him in hot water?
Pre-motherfucker saga he's been recorded as receiving single transactions of $1000+, that's the sort of thing the IRS starts taking notice of.
Wasn't the Sanic totem that sort of value?
In demand. 2 people bought this in the last 24 hours.

Price: $15.00
Temple of Sonichu Sacred Rocks

Rocks for sale...anyone?
> Rocks for sale...anyone?
Yes, hello. This is request purchase for said rocks tossed at Geordie, anytime he yells at me. For posting here. How much is the shipping?
thumbnail of d50a36.png
thumbnail of d50a36.png
d50a36 png
(36.41 KB, 1440x1036)
Shut the fuck up Klim, you sick old man. Go to jail where you belong.
You are wrong. I always use my brain better than you can. How can someone with PDD and Autism create a logo like this? They can't. I do not have those at all, you stupid liar.
that wasn't even me, moron 
"i always use my  brain better than you can" isn't the same as "I'm actually smarter,  coherent, and more  sane than idiots weening and  harassing ONE PERSON." 
Not every post you see is going to be me, it's only me when I REPLY TO YOU. If it's not at all times then that means i  have a life
> Poor 
Poor you that you're legit fucking retarded and a creep. You can't grasp that. 
You mentally haunted me when I was 16
Rich coming from someone not listening to the word "STOP" multiple times. 
> there is no help for- 
I already gotten help, something YOU should try doing. 
I stopped hating on  certain things, learned differences between fiction and reality, and I even stopped kinkshaming people a long time ago. 
I stopped being a hater in general, too. 
That's what help does/did to me. 
And I've never felt any more  happier since I retired streamyard for good, and I'm glad too. 
Maybe you should try getting help and doing us a favor along with the rest of the people on this board. I'm  better, but why not you? 
> posting legit word salad about "noooo!! having online is  le bad... harassing and deluding, le good!" 
I've explained enough about this you fucking retard.  Your gov URLs will not even validate  your argument any further, and also: absolutely no one is even impersonating REAL companies like Warner Bros. 
> b-but we 
Shut the fuck up. No one's having an "IRS problem" but your own self. You're acting paranoid/looking into deep over a fucking online hobby thing, even if it's a company.
> you seem to think that- 
I am coherent, and you're a CREEP. 
This is not  a think. this is fact.
over 3 years you have stolen my art  and  all the other stupid shit, you even kept posting my deviantart  and youtube almost all over the place every single  time 
and yhou even thought that "klimcorp" stole evcerything from me. I call  legitimate bullshit. Your "company" makes nothing ORIGINAL, no wonder your Toilet Man series bombed you stupid piece of  shit of a pedophile. You also  pretended to be an underage  artist on stream and  posted them on 4chan. 
> good luck 
...Having nothing happen because you know I'm right, and you're wrong. You're egotistical and delusional.
I dont care whether I'm speaking to klim or not. You are really a lost cause with nothing to do other than argue with someone with an actual life compared  to this board. Forget the inactivity, it's the members here that are the problem. 
Because if  you don't agree with what they say, they'll tell you they don't like people with "disorders" they screech about.
I don't have one, though. So it must be you, idiot. 
No one's talking to pigeons "stealing". All they do is fly, and walk away even if a human approaches it
> wow you made a  blue rectan- 
It's called a  profile banner, you fucking moron. 
And it's part of the 2023 rebrand. People in graphic design do it all the time, or when necessary. So fucking yes I made a logo, because the other one was shit/not good enough. Fuck you. 
You also forgot to read the rest of my post clearly and rationally  before you even thought of thinking "oh, you made a  business? prove it!" 
My god I said COMPANY. not  business. 
Animation do not  need to be fucking business-only, bitch. Let people animate from home and do  designs. You ungrateful sack  of shit. Nobody on this planet wants to be a grumpy know-it-all puritan for their whole lifespan.
> That's what help does/did to me.
> And I've never felt any more happier since I retired streamyard for good, and I'm glad too.
Do you talk about us in therapy?
> No one's having an "IRS problem" but your own self. You're acting paranoid/looking into deep over a fucking online hobby thing, even if it's a company.
Is geordie not gonna do my taxes?

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