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Dunking on the mentally ill

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Yes, aka he's gonna hire a hitman to kill you. You pathetic hitler-loving waste of a scumbag.
It's not false. You just don't want to admit you're a horrible human being who thinks they know anything of the world. 
Your "wife" is merely not real, and will never save you when you get homeless or even die.
My job is literally making cartoons without any profit, among the other damn hobbies I have. 
You CAN make a hobby as a "job". 
All you have to do is DON'T go to a stupid bankrupt building
You can make a hobby into a job, yes.
However, the secret ingredient you are missing personally is income. If you don't make anything that people are willing to pay for, then it's not a job. It's something to keep you busy so that you don't shit the house up.

Like people give to children.

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New Reply on thread #19056
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