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You were being very inappropriate to me when I was a kid, I don't care if I just "took the pictures for  display", You weren't even supposed to talk to me. 
And here you are, still trying to seek validation while posting the same bullshit.  
It's  not a  sin to tell a  sinful person to go to hell, as they rightfuklly deserve it. 
> time to wash that dirty colon 
Please  keep your disgusting comments away from me.
> Uh oh- 
You are LEGIT a monster that should  go back to its dirty fucking den of sick twisted fantasies!!! So get the FUCK away from life before you hurt ANOTHER CHILD! *I AM NOT JOKING!*
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thumbnail of 1617635320-2.jpg
1617635320-2 jpg
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Thanks for bringing up the past yet again, anon.
I thought we didn't bring up the past here anymore.

Uh oh... perhaps we were wrong.

(hugs his Loli plushie tightly)
Stop repeating  yourself and admit you're a sick fuck, dude. 
> loli plushie 
Not even lolicon wants you, gross ass 
> i thought we 
I thought "we" agreed to ban you from ever accessing the internet. I'm calling your ISP
Could you please diapers stop repeating Burbank yourself poop could you please diapers stop repeating Burbank yourself poop could you please diapers stop repeating Burbank yourself poop could you please diapers stop repeating Burbank yourself poop could you please diapers stop repeating Burbank yourself poop could you please diapers stop repeating Burbank yourself poop?
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thumbnail of yonkpuritanism.png
yonkpuritanism png
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thumbnail of yonknazigf.png
yonknazigf png
(60.87 KB, 802x384)
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thumbnail of yonkfriendshiplove.png
yonkfriendshiplove png
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thumbnail of yonknazigf2.png
yonknazigf2 png
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yesterday geordie turned 20. also yesterday, geordie likened being against pedophilia to puritanism, and for some reason also compared it to disliking trump for being orange. he also revealed that he's e-dating nazifag (the same one mentioned in the op) through discord, who, according to people in the thread, was apparently a female to male tranny.
thumbnail of NaziGurl.png
thumbnail of NaziGurl.png
NaziGurl png
(647.3 KB, 830x594)
Let's hope that Geordie figures out quickly who his NaziGurl really is, before he gets his heart broken again, and jumps out of a window again... like someone who is just telling him what he is desperate to hear...
The nubbin and the Nazi sounds like an old German fable. OIs this the beginning of Chris 2's catfish dating sagas?
fuckin lol
so you got one person who mother nature gave a button mushroom and one person who got a vagoo with a sausage glued to it
genuinely struggling to work out who the man in that relationship
absolute clown world
there is no relationship 
it's just a game 
you should go sleepy time now,  no more hallucinations for you
> Why does Geordie's entire life seem like a really
Good life that isn't about stalking the same person, being a creep to said person no matter their age, or saving thousands of edited or original artwork from said person and spreading misinfo  about them? 
Yeah. Because I'm smart and  you're not. I  know I  may not seem #1,  but that's better than being lonely and  bored all the time. Better than being a sick fuck like you too.  
> well, hopefu- 
Nice stalky post, anon.
You scare us.

It seems pretty clear to us that NaziGurl dumped Yonkers first! 100% keks

Love your Clown World, angry anon.
> I'm smart
Coming to a site you hate every day just to see things that will make you angry doesn't sound very smart.
...Being stalked is not something to be proud of, nor should any human want. 
This grandpa of a pedophile has keep up with this. For *4 fucking years.* 
I keep telling him no and he's still on my ass, trying to impersonate or "fit in" at all. 
And, once again, he said I was hot when I was literally a kid. 
How is that not something to get """angry""" about
How is that something you subject yourself to for 4 years? Why do you look for him every day when you have no reason to visit this board?
At this point, it's the only thing that makes sense. If he didn't like the interactions on the site he also doesn't like, then he would have no reason to keep coming back.
Poor fool is still way too stupid to realise this and too scared to act like this because he loves the attention. If he stops, he stops getting attention. Sadly, that is his real motivation.

Oh, and it's pointless trying to argue logically with him: he has high-spectrum low functioning PDD Autism.

Of course, he's in complete denial about it, as his own mother has confirmed.
No, you should leave just like everyone else. this shit has no worth existing outside of cyberstalking threads and shittalking. 
Also you're a pedo. 
I don't. I call him a pedophile because he called me hot and a tranny when I was 16/17. 
Nobody is craving you, sick fuck. 
i dont have high spectrum pdd anything, you barely fucking know which is which condition. the only thing i disclosed was MY autism (not those shitty special ed kids w/ creepy behavior in school) and a former ADD thing, in which I actually improved my attention span from. 
> d-denial 
Aboit something I've never had since birth, yeah. 
Because I dont fucking have pervasise disorder shit at all. 
Otherwise I wouldnt even create fucking nethernets or any brand logo. 
Fuck you. 
Using blanket definitions from your ass surely shows you any worth
thumbnail of LEAVE.png
thumbnail of LEAVE.png
(183.69 KB, 1197x233)
thumbnail of NOT Smart.png
thumbnail of NOT Smart.png
NOT Smart png
(226.07 KB, 1299x280)
Why do (You) come here every day, anon? (and don't say something autistic-like, "I DON'T come here every day').

It must be to get attention, even negative attention. It has got to be some sort of misdirected sexual thing for you, as you've been doing it to yourself for years now.
Blaming others is a clear indication o0f your own terribly-low self-esteem. Get some professional help. Coming here is NOT helping you at all.

You've been told that year after year tho... nothing changes for you, does it? That is no one else's fault but yourself. You pay the 'victim card' so poorly.

Time to move on, anon. Yup, it's time.
That isn't saying autism at all, 
> w-why do you- 
I already explained to you multiple times about this, you utterly disgusting pedophile. 
> d-duhh it must be- 
> b-blaming others is a clear indi- 
no the fuck it isn't. it's not a blame over someone who actually sexualized me at 16 years old, that's me pointing out your actual crime. you being oblivious to it is not gonna convince your lawyer. 
> victim car- 
You're literally not making this easy. You sexaulized me. 
> nothing cha- 
I wouldn't have made this logo if "nothing changed", but lo and behold; it fucking did. Everything. 
However I still want you gone because you're being obsessive. Every day. 24/7 and 365 days a week. 
With no water or anything else keeping you "entertained" by your disgusting ass. 
Stop fucking denying YOUR OWN ACTIONS and blaming *me* for them. I'm not the one who made you like me sexually, no matter if I was a child or not. It isn't hard at all to point out every single fact about how you're a child molesting bastard. 
Don't disregard everything and see it as "crybaby" because it isn't. This is serious bullshit, and pedophilia is not a laughing matter. Pedophilia as in saying something sexual to a random child irl online.
Sorry, I meant this. 

But I don't know where else you'd find it, definitely NOT on facebook hmmmm? 
Are you gonna stalk me there too? I fucking dare you, so I can let everyone know that you're a disgusting piece of shit pedophile even further. You like REAL people AND real kids and that's a red flag. Even if those kids had grown up does not magically make it any better, how fucking dare you just wash away your own heinous actions like that. 
Maybe it's no wonder you dont do drugs.
> facebook
What's this I hear? I have an ancient account with a fake name and no friends on it, that I got bored of. Last I checked it was still active. I can definitely assist on keeping tabs of your creep shit. Should you wish to share here.
...Buddy, I'm sure you can't put fake names on Facebook?? 
Plus, it's real. I genuinely - with no doubt - put my own real name there. Even with the nickname Macker Relashni. 
Don't believe me? Here's a screenshot. 
> of your cree- 
No, moron. 
I didn't shade any of the letters nor made it look that. 
There is nothing to fix. The text is flat color, the background is not.
Doesn't matter to me what you believe. I have an account and can report back. If you would like me go do so. So you used your real name? Makes it easier to find your acc. See you over there if you wish.
...Nah, I think you just got tricked. Lmfao. 
> admits to false reporting 
LMAO man I aint even posting pornography and already you wanna do that? Lol. I bet you'll be shocked that I go to a school.
> ...Nah, I think you just got tricked. Lmfao.
I can prove my claims, can you?
> admits to false reporting
Pdd autism at it again. I meant posting here.
> LMAO man I aint even posting pornography and already you wanna do that?
You know the board rules no porn. Of any kind.
> Lol. I bet you'll be shocked that I go to a school.
Behavior school ain't nothing to be proud of.
> i bet you're the same person that tried to argue w/ me about fiction
Turns out /baaa2/ isn't just you.
This place is not good for your mental and emotional health, anon. 
No one is forcing you to come here, to a place populated with people and things you hate.
Coming here causes you much angst, anxiety, and personal agitation. You seem to find no joy, pleasure, or happiness by coming here.
This is not the place that is going to positively help you.
Walk away and lead a more peaceful life for yourself.
No one is forcing you to come here. The choice is always yours.
A serious response: I disagree.

We know this is not the response you want, but it is my response to your comment.
Thanks, and have a nice day.
You're only disagreeing because you dont want help. You dont want to be saved from doing one thing all the time.... which is you saving my pictures and being weird to people. 
You're heavily addicted. 
> we- 
You're delusional
> You dont want to be saved from doing one thing all the time
Neither do you. You love your chats with the person you say is a pedo. Hoping to get tips?
Thank you for your response. It has been noted.
We know this is not the response you want, but it is our response to your comment.
Thanks, and have a nice day.

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