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Dunking on the mentally ill

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I have Wizardville on Session, I can take 8 more people, or 10 total in the group. Just in case of emergency, copy my number :^)

There are no rules or bans, just please be nice to each other 💜
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He is tired now the meds are finally kicking in for him.
He should go back to https://endchan.org/baaa/ again
i already had stuff "kicked in", you pedophilic fool. now please actually kill yourself, even thinking about your elderly face is a turn off
And it has been ever since that incident, for he is to afraid to repair it at the hands of others. Over the content on it.
> STOP asking about the toilet cam, it was just a prank
fucking idiots all of you
I never once mentioned toilet cams...
No one mentioned toilet cams, guilty conscience much?
> it was just a prank
So you actually went through with it on your family? Just a prank, Carmen said to herself.

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