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Dunking on the mentally ill

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(but is unwilling to believe is true...)


All he did was wear blue contact lenses and a pair of glasses. Voila!

Check the 'image' you claim to have secreted of Klim off the internet and compare, Jordan: If You Dare!

It's over to you, Jenkem Jesus.
> i post a media i like 
> "T-that's stolen!!!!" 
> you post other peoples work 
> "Yay! This is MY original and TOTALLY true and honest proof." 
Fuck off, hypocrite. You will never be successful. Not even TikTok wants you
thumbnail of Book - Dunking.png
thumbnail of Book - Dunking.png
Book -... png
(1.89 MB, 1563x2500)
Here it is! Klim's new authoritative Text Book!

🙄 inb4 Poopcat’s it's a fake it's not real childish retarded PDD screaming-sperg-out paranoid delusional BULLSHIT nonsense AAAA klim did it no u yaddah yaddah yaddah… 
thumbnail of Bernie Klim.jpg
thumbnail of Bernie Klim.jpg
Bernie Klim jpg
(1.03 MB, 3000x3000)
Yonkers is jealous that Klim married his step-sister on her 12th birthday.
It's all pure jealousy.

That and that Yoink doesn't understand he's being trolled about it all... he is convinced that it is all true [in his mind].
> bragging about something you will never do in your life 
Fuck off, paraphile. 
> trolling 
> joking about illegal relationships like elderly men and young children 
Get killed.
What's the matter Jordan, don't you like the drawing of the fictional child? You used to be a strong defender of that kind of thing a week ago. You didn't care one bit about the law, and now you do?
We all know that Yonkers von Poopcat d'Mittens is just jealous of Klim's relationship with his wife.
It is all very real for Yoink.
I never used to care about wrestling until I heard about Vince McMahon pooping on people's faces. Now I am a huge fan!

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New Reply on thread #20311
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