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thumbnail of Hitlerfact.jpg
Hitlerfact jpg
(72.77 KB, 252x314)
Jordan Manuel Rivera is only days away from being 20 years old and he's still a fat NEET creeping on adolescent furries, chugging gatorade, and pissing in bottles.
thumbnail of is dat sum poopie.gif
thumbnail of is dat sum poopie.gif
is dat sum... gif
(1.45 MB, 360x480)

Jordan Manuel Rivera
302 Walnut Street, Catasauqua, Pennsylvania, 18032, USA
DOB: Feb 13 2004
[email protected]
(805) 567-8214  https://voca.ro/1eaWnAGEqeAV

(914) 410-0909 (Carmen's [his mom] number)
Go back to being dead, please. 
> fat ne- 
Lol no, i've  been  educated and entertained already. Thanks to a new agency I did on my discord server,  and  to my account being banned so you dont harass and stalk me anymore :) 

I hope doing cold turkey for your stalking habits did good on your health :3  
> creeping on adole- 
Nope. I'm not a groomer unlike you :) 
And I don't chug gatorade, I DRINK it. 
And I stopped peeing in bottles long time ago lmao whats y our stance on that? 
> from being 20 yea-
Nope :)
> 914-
Not a real phone number. 
Instead, call 484- 
i've never drawn scat because im not into it and there is no "children" shitting in anything.

> I really am in Burbank, CA.

We all honestly believe this is true, because Jordan is without sin, therefore he cannot tell a lie. Kitty God Upon High directs him to say such wonderous truthful (non-delusional) things.

Plus... now he lives in California, he is so much physically closer to his beloved b/f Klimmy in Ozland! Wow!
thumbnail of retard05.png
thumbnail of retard05.png
retard05 png
(101.65 KB, 1000x1527)
To whom are you referring to, anon?
Is it Klim? 
Or is it someone else entirely?

None of us here are sure to whom you are addressing this post. Could you please clarify this in the future, anon. That's all we are asking you.

Moist sincerely
Baaa2 Community Advisory Committee
> did geor- 
Did you kill yourself? 
No one likes moving out, and I'm sure you wouldn't either. 
I remember those calls last time and yeah, you still live with your family lol 
Pretty based 
Stop thinking that everyone like you, no they do not. They all hate you and naturally dislike you a lot. 
You are not anyone's bf or lover, you do not deserve a relationship. You are the lowest form of a "human". 
Burbank is a place for famous studio Warner bros, dumbass. Look it up and don't assume it's just "porn crap". Because it's not. 
Why are you such creeps.
>  Did you kill yourself?
Yes. Yes, we did.

> Human
We all thought you preferred sex with little boy cubs, anon... is that a pansexual thing now?

> Burbank is home to the LoliTV Loli Porn Studios.
Look it up.

>  Why are you such creeps?
We here only act as you do. Yes, "We are (You)", remember? You inspire is to do only what you yourself has taught us to do.
> We all thought you preferred se- 
I don't do sex. Hell  I don't fucking DRAW sex. 
> durrr misquoting again 
You're a fucking braindead pedo moron and I really hope you have a hitman to your doorstep soon.  
It isn't "lolitv", the  network was never about lolicon, it was LOL TV - being the ANIMATION NETWORK FOR ANIMATED ORIGINALS AND IMPORTS. 
> we  here only- 
No, no you don't. I'm telling you you deserve no kindness
Looks like you have come to the wrong place, anon. No one cares about childish games here. Go and get in your car, get a job, and go to work and get some money. Then you can have sex with as many animals as you like.
...Literally all your threads have been childish, what are you talking about??? 
> go and do things i already do 
of course, i'm working at more cartoons. isnt that what you wanted? 
or did you want me to be objectified and groomed, and being made fun of for getting fucking sexually abused as a child? kill yourself. 
> then you can have se- 
Already did. 
It's you that needs to fuck off and not talk about me anymore. Or other people. 
You are vehemently obsessive and creepy. 
And you said I was "hot" to you, when I was legit 15 years old that time... 
What part of any of this don't you understand? You're not welcome. At all.
What I'm only saying is: 
If you sexualize a stranger's child online, you're a fucking pedo by default. There's no going back, once a pedo always such thing.
> i-i'm sure they wil- 
Nah, I'm already "cured" of being groomed. I'm not gonna go on an adult website as a minor again. 
And plus, I meant stranger's child as in... like, if you sexualized someone you know in real life
This place is not good for your mental and emotional health, anon. 
No one is forcing you to come here, to a place populated with people and things you hate.
Coming here causes you much angst, anxiety, and personal agitation. You seem to find no joy, pleasure, or happiness by coming here.
This is not the place that is going to positively help you.
Walk away and lead a more peaceful life for yourself.
No one is forcing you to come here. The choice is always yours.
i'm not really feeling whatever you're scared about buddy 
i'm actually nice and calm about this 
it's you that's painfully oblivious to the point of not answering something like a Fucking Normal Human Being instead of robotic typing
Look who's talking, you're the one that's beyond hope because you're not taking this seriously. You're repeating yourself twice and saying "goodbye" without any reason, unless you're coping with the fact you did something terrible, no matter how long ago. 
And I tried to reason with you and tried to stop you from even talking here. You refused it by disregarding helpful advice. 
You could've benefited from this. 
But no. You choose to be a fucking pedophile who stalks one person every day. This is stupid, even for you
It's not your fault that you can't see when someone is joking, it's very common for people with your condition. Your PDD is such an impairment that you probably wouldn't even go to jail for the offences you commit, a judge is likely to put you in a ward instead.
Saying something inappropriate to a teenager's face is still wrong. Joke or not. 
> y-your non-existent disorder is an impa- 
I don't have pdd. Stop comparing me to fake disorders that I've never even had.  
> a judge is likely to- 
No, dude. Stop comparing me to other crazies like Daniel Larson. 
I'm only telling you the truth in a nice, civil, and rational way... and you're just flat out disbelieving it every time. 
The truth is one of the fucking members on this board is a 90 year old creep. That creep is Klim. 
If you see NO care in doing anything about mr. klim, then by god you're lost in the head. 
There's no fucking way you can justify a fucking gross comment at a 15 year old and think it's "funny". I could've fucking gotten groomed by him. 
> condition 
My condition is VERY well unlike yours. You are just being vehemently gross and stalky 24/7.
> . I could've fucking gotten groomed by him.
Really? Was he drawing you in? Were you attracted to him? Is that why you behave like a spurned lover now?
I don't know, why would you follow him to every site you find him on just to talk to him at every chance you get? That's the behaviour of a lover. Either you still love him or you are angry at him for dumping you.
thumbnail of izwLw2fn.jpg_medium.jpg
thumbnail of izwLw2fn.jpg_medium.jpg
izwLw2fn_med... jpg
(107.6 KB, 688x970)
I'm talking *about* you, don't you fucking see the three words I just described you as? 
You're all of them. Get the fuck away. 
> anon 
> that's the behavior of a- 
No, it isn't. 
I am NOT fucking following him. *HE* does that on purpose. 
> for dum- 
Stop playing this game with me, this shit is very serious... he's USED MY FACE AND SAID SEXUAL STUFF TO IT BEFORE.
thumbnail of Xmas.png
thumbnail of Xmas.png
Xmas png
(480.08 KB, 712x512)
Yonkers loves his b/f Klimothy, even tho Klim rejected him. A broken heart is hard to heal, especially for one so immature. First love is not easily forgotten.
Whups! You just did it again, anon.

Yonkers asks his trolls: “WHY DO YOU KEEP COMING HERE?”
That's it. Yes, it’s that simple.

Yonkers asks his trolls: “What are you even gaining from any of this?”
That's it. Yes, it’s that simple.

(*) Simply: Your replies and responses are hilariously entertaining, even if you don’t realise it. Yes, it’s that simple.

NOTE: That's not the answer you would like to hear, but that is the honest reason.

No rules or personal boundaries apply for (You), Fascist. This is here, and you don’t rule here. You do NOT tell others what to do.
If you want rules, create your own board. And stay there.

Thanks for playing this game (You) invented, anon. It'¬s always so much fun to see you take pointless shitposting so seriously.
No, we shouldn't. 
Because I'm not klim. 
I'm also not the one repeating my MULTI MILLION COPYPASTAS to post on the thread.
thumbnail of unnamed (1).png
thumbnail of unnamed (1).png
unnamed (1) png
(12.22 KB, 547x515)
> p-please sto- 
> stole- 
Danny's images are of public domain, and fair use. 
You are the one that steals, not me. 
> ano- 
not really, i protected it under the starruko copyright protection act. 
and if i see anyone posting my art i *will* report it. i do not grant consent to freaks using my art to judge or steal
...It does exist? 
I'm sure you CAN own the fucking character if you created it? 
What kind of fucking dumbass are you? Jesus christ you're really insane to think someone creating any kind of cat is "not capable of owning it to themselves, so it's now public domain!!!" to you.
> i protected it under something that doesn't exist.
Your images must be public domain and fair use too then, you can't accuse people of "stealing" your art any more.
not really, i protected it under the starruko copyright protection act.
and if i see anyone posting my art i *will* report it. i do not grant consent to freaks using my art to judge or steal
That act covers and supplies /baaa2/'s movement,as an independent statement from /baaa/.
It could be worse, at least you're a poster on the board and not its subject. No matter how much dumb shit you do it isn't going to cause PDD.
> That's literally not mine.
That's 100% pure autism saying that, right there.
Not joking.
Listen: people have been telling you this exact same thing online for FIVE YEARS already: You take things literally, because of your autism.
That's your problem Jordan, and no one else's.

Because you are incapable of seeing that... that's exactly why people mock you.

Jordan, before you respond to this, please stop first and think about what you are saying before you write it.

For example:
> "Look up a question... you're disallowed" 
makes no logical sense whatsoever. It's childish, to be brutally honest.

Again, it's not your fault. That is just how your autistic mind works.

It's OK. We here all know.

It's time for you to acknowledge and act on it.

And pls don't respond with something autistic by taking one phrase out of context and whining about it, such as "There is no 'we!'" etc.

That's exactly why people mock you: because you cannot recognise or accept your Autism, and how it affects your interactions with others.

Again: not our problem.

Note to everyone else here: We all acknowledge that Jordan will a] not read this, b] not comprehend it, c] disregard it, d] express hostile anger at being told what to do; e] pick-out some unrelated irrelevant point in the post and target that, as his primary Autistic coping defence mechanism: all because of his PDD Autism.
> for five yea- 
You've interacted me since 2020, knock it off with your excuses. 
> y-you take things liter- 
You save my childhood photos and use it for your creepy pleasure. That is something to be taken seriously because it's not right to make victims like me uncomfortable or to say that shit in the first place. No matter if a "joke" or not. 
> t-that's auti- 
No, I'm dead serious. Finding shit related stuff of defecation doesn't automatically trace it back to me because I am not drawing it nor have coined "shittier" at all. You're actually retarded if you think otherwise.
> That's your pro- 
I have no problem with people who aren't pedophiles who save people's art and use it to stalk other people on drawthreads or anywhere else in general. 
This is different from having a "problem", this is confrontation. 
You HAVE to deal with the consequences, not ignore them naively. 
> it makes no sense to disallow ME, a CREEP to use a character!!! 
I have a right to reject your advances. Deal with it, loser. 
If I say you're not allowed, you aren't. Simple as. The reasons are obvious. Boundaries exist. And you attempt to break them .
> we here- 
Fuck. Off. 
There is no "we" you spoilt fucking manchild. 
Stop pretending you have friends. 
It's not autistic to call you out on your deranged/stupid behavior. It's called you need to accept the reality that you're a horrible man. 
There are no "people mocking me", it's only either you or sometimes 2 people (spaceman and wizard). It's not an  angry mob coming after me just because I posted my first artwork on the internet. 
> you cannot recog- 
I've known about this but I act better than most special ed people who have godawful looks like my classmates at a former PA school. My interactions are not affected at all - not even for standing up to myself, dealing with a mentally challenged pedostalker. 
> one phrase out of context 
Not at all. I form words with my keyboard and brain. 
I actually take time to reply just nicely, you're the one disregarding it along with actual tips to help you forget about me. 
I've read and comprehended everything in your "post" to know that you're not willing to cooperate. 

None of this is written in anger. Nobody is "picking any irrelevant point". Nobody has "PDD" over this. 
It's called being realistic with you. 

You need to drop this for once and all, you pathetic whiney cunt. 

> at being told what to do 
Have you ever told me anything to do? 
What does this have to do with anything? 
Do you think I'd ever listen to your sick abnormal excuses? 
The answer is pretty simple as: No.
nobody has been telling me about an imageboard for "five years" 
i've simply knew about it for 3 years, and have since posted on it. 
When bigger imageboards were on the rise. 
Why - in any way - would I NOT know about endchan. 4chan is absolute shit sometimes, and this place is the definition and opposite of aforementioned board. 
As for your 
> childish 
I was merely suggesting you to look up if you can own an intellectual property from someone else, and if it's legal to even claim that. 
You would've found your answers. 
But no, you decided to disregard everything written to you.
As with. Every. Argument. You. Do.
thumbnail of Victim Card.png
thumbnail of Victim Card.png
Victim Card png
(376.72 KB, 640x480)
thumbnail of The Law Does Not Apply - I AM the Law.png
thumbnail of The Law Does Not Apply - I AM the Law.png
The Law Does Not... png
(471.82 KB, 888x557)
As predicted re.  >>/23471/

We all acknowledge that Jordan will a] not read this, b] not comprehend it, c] disregard it, d] express hostile anger at being told what to do; e] pick-out some unrelated irrelevant point in the post and target that, as his primary Autistic coping defence mechanism: all because of his PDD Autism.
> disregarding coherent text made by your victim 
Okay, enjoy yourself rotting to death then. You're a really lost cause.
Someone who is not in employment, education or training and who stays up to 4am so that he can argue with people on the internet is a net drain on society. Your 4am forays are looked down upon because they are a symptom of your unwillingness or inability to function in society.
People with productive lives can't post at 4am on a daily basis because then they will be tired at their job, their school or their training.
thumbnail of Yonkers Screaming 10 secs.mp4
thumbnail of Yonkers Screaming 10 secs.mp4
Yonkers Screaming 10... mp4
(758.81 KB, 1748x1038 h264)
Uh oh... you tired using a reasoned, logical and well expressed and well intentioned post directed at Jordan personally.

He does not cope with such things.
Autistic PDD screaming sperg meltdown will follow in 5... 4... 3... 2... 1...
I've been employed at LTN Media LLC already, dude. 
> caring about who stays up at whatever time 
Fuck off. You'll never be a night owl. 
> so that he can- 
This isn't arguing, this is educating you. I'm sure you'll understand sooner or later. 
> is a net dra- 
No it is not. Browsing and going out ain't no drain on anyone's society. 
> are looked down upo- 
No they arne't. You're thinking things agian. 
> because they are a symp- 
I have no symptoms of your sobstories. I already function pretty damn well unlike you. What "unwillingness" are you talking about, don't project your Danielisms on me. 
Your predictions are a fail, go fuck Fig.
> I work for made up unpaid child minded delusions
Okay, good job. That proved me wrong.
> You're not a night person
I am actually, I even had to request that my employer let me start half an hour later because mornings aren't for me.
> I do shit
Where does the money for that browsing and going out come from Jordan?
> Bunch of 75 IQ horseshit
Not even worth dignifying with a real response.
> "d-durrr, is made up!! duhhhh!~" 
You really don't know what WEB animation is, do you? People do that shit online, NOT tv. 
Plus it *is* a company, dumbass. You CAN run a damn company online and trademark it. Unlike your dumbass who only spends time arguing with me 
> I-I a- 
No you're actually wrong. You're incorrect. You're stubborn. 
Also 'night owl' is an actual word. 
You have no employer, no one is gonna hire a dipshit argumentator to randoms online. 
> Where does the- 
Where does the dick go in? Your throat?
I know it's a hobby until you get paid for it.
> You need to be crabs in a bucket like me
Sorry to disappoint you, but I'm posting from work while the database updates.
> No comprehension of finance as he is a neet manchild who will forever be a burden on his parents until the state has to pay for him instead
Good work Chris 2, you should be proud.
You sure can, well done for admitting it's a hobby.
> I never said anything about crabs and buckets.
Nor did you understand why it was in the reply. Metaphors are tough, aren't they? PDD strikes again!
> Never been one. I'm not a burden nor is anyone even paying FOR me
How do you pay for the food you eat? Where is the money to make rent coming from? How do the devices you use every day get recharged? Who is supplying the data you use?
Does your mother pay for it all? That's fine when you're a child, but you're not a child any more are you Jordan? Adults go and get themselves an income to pay their way in life.
> I'm not those extroverts who want money
The vast majority of computer jobs are staffed by introverts. They want money because if they don't work, then they end up on the streets. That's outside with other homeless people. It's not a good place for introverts to be.
> Now if you'll excuse me, I'll go back to CwCVille to play with my Legos
That's right Chris 2, back to the nice safe pretend world where nobody makes you think about nasty things like gainful employment and everything is just provided so you can be a child forever.

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