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So… WHO does he want to be known as TODAY? Let’s play along with his childish little Game!

➽ [●] Jordan Manuel Rivera, aka.

Yonkers / Meow Meow Kitty / Bell Cat / Woody / gwow19 / Macker Mellamental Relashni / Lil’ Macker / Starcat / Lil’ Dalla Mane / Woody Woodpecker / Evil Dark Lord / Scarfy / woodyentgroup / dvdcollection123 / dvdrocks / Jay Dane / Asriel / blandsupestar / GangsterWoody / Ralsei / Typical-Warrior / Starzy the Starcat / Geordie / Starruko / Mittens / Shmarty / merkakol / merka1arts …

YES! There are the names he has actually called himself and has demanded everybody else call him, over these last few years… it’s clearly all just a childish game for him.
Oh, no I'm not gonna post any drawing btw. I'm not having anything stolen by an elderly pedo. 
Lol no I'm not bad at drawing. I think you're just saying that because you only see anime as "true art". 
But then again, w hat is that godawful anatomy on that image? No one draws fingers that undetailed, unless you're trying to mimic Van Partible's art style (on Johnny Bravo). 
Using other memes isn't validating your claims,  plus that really, REALLY isn't me. 
Also I pretty much draw aimkid better  than whoever that anon did on 9chan. 
Speaking of... do you remember? 
I hope you do. I didn't find ALL threads but I'm sure you have saved my  artwork before, klim. A LOT of it. 
Repeating yourself is only going to make your decline go much faster, and so is your eventual death.
also literally none of my drawings  reference coprophagia. AT ALL. 
Because I don't have a fucking fetish for scat, why aren't you believing me.
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thumbnail of 009.jpg
009 jpg
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Loving your great sense of humour today, Klim! Always good for a laff. You've been sadly missed. Especially after the ‘chicken breeding situation’. Your Larp as that ‘other guy’ - and even his mom - sounds pretty convincing today, Klim - even using a different illegal vpn/proxy/flag as well is a good trick you’ve played on us all here - thanks for the ongoing fun! You are so BASED, Klim – and we love you for it.
No, and no. Hitler's literally evil and doesn't know me, because he died. I wasn't born in fucking 1930s like him either.
Your life sucks and you should end it already
> deluding in one post 
Man you're such a necrophile for Hitler. Leave him alone. 
Plus he doesn't talk like that, and he's German. You're not German.
..That is not  psychotic at all.  
What a way to prove you're more stupid than before. 
And it isn't "poop-eating" either, because once  again, I am still not into scat. 
Nothing you say or claim  will make it true. 
I'm not the one who said Hitler hates Gen Z, dumbass.  
Look at OP.
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thumbnail of 17k04.jpg
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Why do you keep talking about Hilter and scat with such truthful devotion, anon? We all think that it makes you seem pretty stupid.

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