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> also, i'm not stupid. i saw you stalk that poor innocent person.
> on may 2023, that is when you went after their deviantart accounts
Geordie pretending he's someone else again.
We all know Geordie ended the Rivera bloodline, for his birth cursed the next generation. Out of fear he will creep on any daughters his cousin and sibling might have.
No, you are wrong, anon.
Klim has a 12-yo step-sister as a wife.
He is very very cool.
We all love Klim.
Klim is the best of all of us.
> anon 
quit the games moron we have documented evidence 
you have no child for a wife 
no one will love you the same way your obsession is with me. ongoing for 4 years now
> we 
schizo alert
> Are you really perverted??
I'm not the one telling people what I wwack it to.
> You know how hard it is to design a fucking ball of yarn in this program?
Some of us don't exist in your shitted program of a mind.
I don't think you understand how doxxing works. People have no innate interest in the addresses and phone numbers of random strangers, people who piss people off get harassed when their details are posted because of the reputation they have built up first.
Hector has us blocked. Carmen only wants to talk about spaceman. Shoulda, Coulda, and Woulda. You call them. See if they answer tbh.
You're right Jordan, I can't shut up. That's why the internet knows my full name, my full address, my date of birth, what my family looks like, what my penis looks like and all my sexual desires.

Oh wait, that's not me is it?

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New Reply on thread #24577
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