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It's stalking when you're consistently talking to them all the time in other places, moron. Leave me alone. 
> muh pd- 
No, it isn't. Stop telling lies already and accept that you're annoying
im not gonna post much, go find my shit on /trash/ if ur able to spot me
any last questions before i go
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Oh shit you beat me. You asked about Scetic, so here is my idea of him, Yael, and our pirate on one of these threads. And one lainbee I think I missed. Oh fuck You even put /baaa2/ for us. <3
That song bumps, bro.
we might both be brown but you do not have the black mans penis bro
prolly a bad idea to be throwing stones on the nailing front lol
Not true Jordan, you're a wreck. If you looked like a child when you were 17, then it would have been easy to convince people not to post those disgusting nudes.
A lot of people posted them and jannies didn't delete them because they didn't believe you were underage. They didn't believe that because you look old.
I'm not a wreck. 
> those disgus 
blame the german pedo, not me. I never wanted to be exploited in 2021 
also i dont even have a lot of scars or acne in 2021, so of fucking course that was me as a minor
> I'm not a wreck
You is.
> blame the german pedo
You didn't cut his name in your arm did you? >I never wanted to be exploited in 2021
Yet you kicked the hornets nest, and found out.
> also i dont even have a lot of scars or 
acne in 2021
You sleep in poopies and cannot  into shower.  Its  all grime and filth.
> me as a minor
Should have stayed off the internet with your disorder.
Yes, Jordan: You are a physical wreck.

Stop denying this fact about yourself.

Don't respond "no you", either; that's just childish.

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Never ever mock or harass Yonkers the Poopcat ever again.
He now has David, a Professional Order of Pedos Assassin (POOPA), who is specifically trained in AI Defence Security (AIDS) to defeat his bullies.
This is NOT a Larp at all, this is real. Mittens said so.
You have been warned.
nobody knows or cares who that is
unless its someone who upsets geordie ofc
in which case they must be anti pzds
and therefore a good guy

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New Reply on thread #24850
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