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"We aren't in your life"
> he took it literally 
> he still goes to 4chan and legitimately scrolls down posts and screenshots it and posts it here 
...Yes, you are. You're merely stalking and that's still invasion of one's life. 
that quotation marks was to mock you, because you really don't listen and learn at all. you legit cant learn differences between anything. this is really why you're failing at life
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Come on Klim, that's enough. Poor Jordan has no idea how his PDD Autism affects him. Leave him alone. Jordan did nothing wrong. He has never done anything wrong. He is a good person. He is without sin. He is a GOD.
i'm not you, why the hell do you want me to be an elderly fuck like you? go be creepy to someone else. im not even joking. 
no this isnt "pdd autism" this is a genuine answer to your disgusting/stalking creepy actions
i'm not klimberly, i'm the guy you keep harassing for 3 years now. fuck off 
> us 
fuck off no one wants to agree with your grimy ass 
that is indeed what trolls say
but i know the difference. 
cartoons aren't real. 
and neither are fictional lands like thunderia, equestria, or even ponyville.`
the cartoon irl effect will never happen 
stay mad 
drawing a character, especially from a year ago is not "killing"
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> i know the difference

This is incredible MENSA-level of intelligence, such as never been observed in these parts. You are astonishingly intelligent knowing these things, Anon.

> my situation is that i'm not a minor anymore
> i'm not a minor anymore
What are you doing about it? Now that you can decide for yourself, without Carmen telling you?
Yes buddy, yes you are. 
I also know the difference between bait and people misusing words like that. 
Greenquoting for "bait" is not bait, nor is it funny. 
Nobody buried anyone, dumbass. Hell I didn't even draw it. 
Because Kitty God is still alive for fuck sake, he did not get killed nor killed off. I just hadn't drawn him in god knows how long. 
Dude... I've been harassed since I was 16-17. How the fuck do you not see harassing minors as bad thing to do? 
i dealt with a subreddit over a post that i took down twice via DMCA takedowns
Klim is allowed over there? I don't believe you.
> i dealt with a subreddit over a post that i took down twice via DMCA takedowns
Which? Or at least provide screenshots of this subreddit.
> Dude... I've been harassed since I was 16-17. How the fuck do you not see harassing minors as bad thing to do?
Bruh you're not a minor anymore. The only one harassing minors is you on discord.
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Your life is a joke and here is the punch line:
It's just a shitty imaginary story, you should be happy it's not real, 
but you can't do that because you are crazy.
it means digital millenium copyright act 
you dipshit 
he did not get killed off just because i never drew him for like 4 years 
Learn to read, please. 
No, it's not a joke. No, you're a story that can never shut up. 
No I'm not crazy for politely telling you to stop being weird and posting vague posts. God you keep using words in wrong contextual definitions it's not even funny.
Pls stop pretending to be Poopers, Klim. That's enough, OK? Just stop.
Yonkres wouldn't post here now. He's way too mature and beyond all this bullshit.
100% Klim fail.
Doing the right thing (like taking down my work posted w/o permission) and rightfully judging this board and its members like you isn't any misconception nor delusion, buddy. 
I'm not pretending to be my own self you stupid fucking nigger. Jesus christ Klim you really are delusional, nobody desires to be a gross ugly elder man like you are. 
> way too mature and beyond all this- 
More mature than your ass stalking people. Kill yourself, please. You stupid pedo. And creep.
Oh Klim, come on! Stop pretending to be me, you stupid creepy delusional senile pedo old man. I am much smarter than you will ever be. You don't even draw, let alone belong on the internet at all, unlike me.
do the monkey think he on b
saging on a slow board is peak pdd
what do he expect it to do lol
Stanko clearly just needs to keep talking to his beloved b/f Klimberly. There'd be no other reason. Tis Yonkers' pure sexual energy.

Now we sit back and await his classical PDD response of denial with a raging fury. Clearly, he jacks off to this shit that he posts.
every single of my work is protected by the WTFA corporation + starruko inc
unlike you i don't put sage in my username. So no, I'm NOT you. for the love of god stop thinking i'm you, i am not an elderly creep like your pathetic life is 
> you don't even draw 
Yes I fucking do draw, the problem is that you steal it. You need to stop stealing arts and impersonating me with them. I don't care how many hours you do it, it needs to stop. Go fucking sit alone at christmas you fucking geezer. My god, not even my own grandpa was weird
Saging is not pdd, it means the thread is bumped down because again - it doesn't deserve to be up + or even cyclical. It's fucking childish to have a thread screencapping someone's doings even if it's 1 or 2 day a week. It's boring, lame, and unneccessary.
I'm surprised no one even posted ANYTHING about an inkbunny or baraag account here though. :) 
Or even know where I'm at on Twitter ;) Hehehe.
jesus christ you're not my boyfriend, you are a LEGIT CREEP. 
you fucking know what you did. you talked to me weird when I was a MINOR.
this is not a classical pdd response of anything, this is a person feeling genuinely uncomfortable with you and wants you to stop interacting/talking/stealing art from them. it's not that hard nor is it too much to ask. jesus you're so dense
> I'm surprised no one even posted ANYTHING about an inkbunny or baraag account here though. :)
> Or even know where I'm at on Twitter ;) Hehehe.
you said that before geordie
maybe its the pdd that made you forget that nobody care
I have no pdd, though. 
> nobody cares 
My god, you need to stop with the ebonics. It's getting very annoying and offensive to people who are actually gangsters irl. You are not a gangster. 
And if you didn't care, you wouldn't have contributed to stalking and posting screenshots as said before. 
I am not comfortable with people screencapping others without permission or with intent to STALK. Don't you know what it means? 
It legit means you're doing online surveillance, unwantedly!!!
> grammar lesson from esl
lol nice try geordie
just because you aint white either dont mean you get to tell me how to type
cammy and hector always had high hopes for their boy
> one day he will grow up and get his qualifications
> one day he will have letters after his name
esl pdd lgbt and pzds prolly aint the letters they were hoping for but beggars cant be choosers lol
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> every single of my work is protected by the WTFA corporation + starruko inc
Which do not exist, so point is invalid. Next.
> Draw
The correct definition of your work is "childish scribble".
> Twitter
Where do you think we all here get your art from?
> creep
Fig sends her regards.


Enjoy your jail time, PDZ.
It's "Who the fuck asked", you retard. If you knew any lore about companies and their acronyms you would know this already 
it's not about asses 
my drawings and other stuff exist ONLINE of course, yes the fuck i am the holder of all copyrighted stuff i work on. because no one else is going to come up with a light yellow cat with a blue shirt and cute design. 
that's me, the one who came up with a cat wearing a shirt only design.
and ofc, starruko DOES exist - again, online. doesnt have to be a mega irl corporation thing. it was a project i wanted to start until i got demotivated for 2 years (until december 2022) 
> t-the correct definition, is... uh.. 
You're the definition of the nerd emoji. No the fuck it isn't a "childish scribble" nor has it ever been such thing. 
I don't fucking care if you don't like people doing cartoons for fun, you're not to feel okay insulting or harassing them just because you want to. 
> Where do you think we all here ge- 
I don't even post there anymore. 
> f-fig sends her- 
Fuck off. 
No one mentioned this bitch that is irrelevant. 
> o-online sta- 
Oh that's rich coming from you, who constantly posts every 4 hours each day. Leave me the fuck alone. I'm not the one stalking unlike you. So YOU enjoy YOUR time in FUCKING HELL. there's plenty chamber cells there too, hehe :)
You seem to know what he'll is like a whole lot, anon. Personal experience, perhaps?
Asking for a shy naked young friend...
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thumbnail of mittens died.png
mittens died png
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El Stupido - Stanko Poopcat Inc.
Cult Group Thailand Division Ltd.

Macker Relashni (macker's hotdog relish)

Starruko Global

Stanko Entertainment Cult



Mittens Died (RIP) and it's all your fault Jordie
(Please observe 1 minute of silence for Boohoo's)

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