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[Beck's] sartorial bent and the way it was represented in the press didn’t captivate everyone. A few years ago, he bumped into Gregg Alexander, the lanky writer of the huge New Radicals’ hit U Get What U Give, which ended with the vituperative rap of “Fashion shoots with Beck and Hanson / Courtney Love and Marilyn Manson / U’re all fakes / Run to Ur mansions / Come around / We’ll kick Ur ass in”.

“I was in a grocery store and he [Alexander] came running up to me, so apologetic, and saying, ‘I hope U weren’t offended. It wasn’t supposed to be personal.’ I was kind of pleased, because he’s a big guy.”


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> taking a shit
> watch greatest movie of all time
> decided to look at related videos
> ad plays
> this shows up

I have a feeling their descent into the atmosphere will prove unwell.
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I'm not a /bane/' regular, some might even call me a hothead, but just wanted to show some support for Ur based asses

I gave up polo shirts like a decade ago, but realized I need at least one polo in my wardrobe
> watching doco on mafia in Serbia during th 90's
> Find Bane


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Some of U have expressed concern that CIA4Bane is not the BO. However, I feel really in charge right now, and I am power stancing as hard as possible as I type this. However, if he wants, I will add him on as a co-owner. 

Stay frosty, we still need some lighter fluid to get the fire going
I'm at the /bane/ communities disposal. If they move here I'll move here. If not, I don't begrudge a companion/competition /bane/ board on this site, but I have no interest in moderating on two /bane/'s.

No intention of stepping on anyone's toes, I'm just willing to serve the majority of /bane/ big guys wherever they end up.
> concern
No, I'm glad that hothead isn't running the show here. He thinks Baneposting is capital and claims everything as his work and gives nothing to other brothers.

Also, he's reddit.

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