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Some of U have expressed concern that CIA4Bane is not the BO. However, I feel really in charge right now, and I am power stancing as hard as possible as I type this. However, if he wants, I will add him on as a co-owner. 

Stay frosty, we still need some lighter fluid to get the fire going
I'm at the /bane/ communities disposal. If they move here I'll move here. If not, I don't begrudge a companion/competition /bane/ board on this site, but I have no interest in moderating on two /bane/'s.

No intention of stepping on anyone's toes, I'm just willing to serve the majority of /bane/ big guys wherever they end up.
> concern
No, I'm glad that hothead isn't running the show here. He thinks Baneposting is capital and claims everything as his work and gives nothing to other brothers.

Also, he's reddit.

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New Reply on thread #49
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