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Last thread


Chronology Pack: https://mega.nz/folder/FjhVgRqQ#o6mXZrNggxb9OHQCh188GQ (MP4s, Instagram Pics & Stories)
Streams: https://mega.nz/#F!oI8lnIIb!tx-7ck3DiZCkK8KSZhrJsw
Gifs: https://mega.nz/#F!0cUQEY5J!HgGoMgczzr3OujwC4SHk1w
Misc. stuff: https://mega.nz/folder/9ZNDjA6a#mHx0ketjN1AeDWmkCzVuNQ
(Edits, Memes)

Useful links:
FYI discord fags have falsely reported all the archives
would be good to find more reliable alternative hosting, I don't expect it will be the last time they do it
I saw this site https://anonfiles.com/ in another board, don't know if it works for big files like bon's. compared to Mega its a major downgrade but maybe we can have both this and a Mega.
It's shit on top of being slow. I can upload it to Dropbox but it's the same problem of niggers reporting links like the ttg archives. What do you all think about making a torrent and releasing a new version once a month or something? I could keep seeding it on my server
Guys, I hate to break it like this, but Emiru and Bonbi are fucking and there is nothing you have to offer to change it. You sad cringy faggots. 

Kill yourselves.
I like cringe people, its good to see people being themselves and having fun. its even better when they have friend to be cringe with. heaven is when you can be cringe with people who loves you, hell is when you get called based in 4chan.
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> Guys, I hate to break it like this, but Emiru and Bonbi are fucking and there is nothing you have to offer to change it. You sad cringy faggots.

> Kill yourselves.
bonbi used to be a fucking chad streaming now shes hiding off in a corner or mumbling sentences
wtf happened
Honestly this stream was weird as fuck. Bonbi was super fucking weird. She's definitely on some part of a spectrum. I get she was probably nervous, but man.. just go rewatch the first 15 minutes or so and watch how she acts. Look at how robotic she is and what faces she makes. Even the chat was asking if she's okay because.. well she didn't look okay.

And also yeah, she's definitely deeply in love with Emiru. All the biting and sniffing and shit. She reminded me of little kids showing affection while not knowing how to properly show affection. It's so fucking obvious. Tbh I don't think Emiru feels the same, she's probably smart enough to not go there, but man.. Bonbi just doesn't know how to hold back, does she?

It has been really apparent in the last few months that she is nervous appearing in front of 1000's of people and takes time to settle. After that she just behaved like an average 18 year old.

True she seems to appreciate Emiru more than the other way but that might just be Emiru is more practiced at putting on a stream persona. It might also be because Bon is isolated when she is at home (doesn't drive, lives in a rural setting) so the interaction means more to her.
I'm not the guy you're replying to, but there are a number of possibilities including some characters from the /ttg/ discord who aren't directly related to bonbi. They've been proven to shit up the other chan. Bonbi-universe people who might to blame are Cosmo (the one who finally doxxed her and is an honest to god schizo), Mr Black (the guy who was almost 40, ran the Devil Town server for a while, said he was done with everything bonbi related in spring 2019 but stuck around for another year+), and the "Nick's Lounge" edgy types.

Either way, back up the MEGAs.
> said he was done with everything bonbi related in spring 2019 but stuck around for another year
average bonbibruh behavior

she acted like this was her first time in life being next to another person. shes prob mixing up lonelines with love. if emirus smart she will wait some more time before taking bon seriously. tho on tiktoks the energy she has is good cause its short and in cosplay but on streams its just too long and cring cause you cant tell if its her or a persona
its just that she is doing something new and out of her comfort zone, she is comfy doing it alone in her room and after the first couple of time with emiru she will be more comfy doing it with her. being cringe means she is just being herself and hopefully enjoying herself.
yeah, it looks cool. I can imagine her in school in this outfit and in the background there is me creeping and sniffing her hair, then she notices me and and bite my throat leaving me gushing blood on the school floor, then come the bri'ish jannies to clean it up and throw me in the trash :(.
"she looks like a British student" is a reference to the Chiaki stream in which she says that about herself.
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Chronology Pack (2021-07-01)

I'll post an updated torrent every now and then until I come up with a better solution
i've seen a lot of discord screencaps but can't remember anything talking about her irl friendships.
can you post them?
if you can't even figure that out you're indeed a retarded. thanks for confirming
Dude I'm sorry. I didn't mean to piss you off. I have no idea what posts led you to think I'm samefagging but I'm not. I just know bonbi and emiru come here to see what people say about her. Just trying to get under their skins is all.
So seems like I misssed quite the event by not checking this place for a few days. 

Whats the tl;dr on her stream with Emiru and the aftermath?
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3leftypol mp4
(8.45 MB, 640x360 h264)
bonbi read the communist manifesto and emiru started quoting mein kampf, things got heated but they signed a peace treaty by adopting NazBol (National Bolshevism)
she is anxious since its her first time, I look like that in social occasions since I always fuck up and start shitposting about bonbi but in real life
I wonder where copyright lies on openly broadcast streams? Guessing Bon but TikTok might try and claim it. Point is it would not have been the copyright holder complaining so seems strange.
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It's obviously complete bullshit and I can dispute it but it doesn't seem like it's worth the effort. Here's the wall of text if you want to read it.
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just dox... png
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yeah it's a fraudulent DMCA takedown. to dispute it you have to dox yourself
this is (or used to be) a common thing on youtube as well
> When we receive your counter-notice, we pass it, including your address and other contact information, to the party who issued the original takedown notice.
what makes this even worse is they don't even tell you who sent the takedown notice

it's possible to just move everything from the dmca'd folder to a new folder but personally i don't want to risk losing my account over multiple takedowns
it is not necessarily fraudulent given there are edits from hundreds of people in there, who all have intellectual rights to those particular edits
well i got a takedown for the chrono pack which doesn't contain any edits. and since they've seemingly all been taken down at the same time it's probably all done by the same person
so unless bonbi herself issued the takedown it's most likely fraudulent
Reminder that "Mr Black" worked for Pfizer and likely contributed to the creation of the vaccine since he worked in genetic therapies and it's an mRNA vaccine.

Would you take a vaccine made by a dn? I wouldn't.
actually he confirmed himself he was working on the vaccine
imagine taking a vaccine worked on by a pedo discordnigger
The vaccine was developed by Biontech. He likely had no influence at all on it. Imagine letting discordniggers influence your decisions
oh mine's the same. i just didn't think to check my email
gonna assume it's not actually her doing this. she doesn't even have that email address in any of her profiles anymore
just watch the vod bro

it was planned to be a cooking stream but emirus laptop couldn't handle it. they went to bestbuy to get an ethernet cable but that didn't help.
so they did a ylyl stream reacting to viewer submitted videos instead.
bonbi bit her all the time which was weird but cute.
> aftermath
emiru has rabies now

Point is you are not the copyright holder so it will be difficult to get it overturned - even though their claim is BS

Might be able to do it by claiming all materials are in the public domain but the self doxxing is a bitch
could be her. i once asked her if she is okay with edits, because i got paranoid about some anon claiming she is going after editors with copyright claims. she never answered my dm, but i guss this is answer enough.

i think she wants all that underground stuff to go away and just be some chick who posts on tiktok.
bonbi's folder Nooooooooo, now how do I update my folder.... 
I'm going to cry for a while and I'll be back....
 I find it strange that mega has published the e-mail of the "victim"....
...doesn't it have privacy policies?.... 
now we have to look for a free accommodation far away from dmca's jurisdiction.
lol this has nothing to do with bonbi you tard
it's some salty assblasted discordnigger that got his panties in a bunch because his own nat archive got taken down
it's just stale vinegar all around
we just need to find a filehosting service that isn't as easily pozzed as mega
who cares ill just upload it somewhere else 
thanks for uploading, backing this up immediately
seems a bit expensive though, especially considering the limited traffic
the Bonbi is always nice, but the things that comes with it is also interesting, I love how there is thousands of different Bonbis and everytime a new Bonbi drops I get excited.
bonbi bon is ochaco tonight
emi is toga we are having a blast
was playing fornite then got notified
bonbi posted a tok then my game crashed

open up the app see bon and emi dance
what a time to be alive two of best
see ochaco and toga almost lost in a trance
bonbi and emiru and fuck the rest!!!!!
"We're gonna cosplay so much you may even get tired of bontent, and you'll say, Please, please, Ms. Bonkers, it's too much bontent! We can't take it anymore!"
I'll admit I use to make edits in my free time. But that changed a long time ago.
first time I discovered bonbibros and their edits I wanted to make edits as a rite of initiation, to feel like im part of the community, I felt happy when I see my edit reposted, now I don't have the strong motivation, I still have ideas but I lack skills. how many edits did you do? I only did one edit and a couple of unfinished ones.
50 is indeed a lot, you are a certified bonbi editor, this certificate will follow you to the grave. other bonbi editors will look up to you, and you will look down in shame, but you know deep down you are the one and only certified and famous bonbi editor.