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previous  >>/30/
Man I had so much tea to spill I almost exploded! What took you so long?
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thumbnail of based.jpg
based jpg (53.58 KB, 1080x314)

Anonce was last on steam an hour ago
who cares what that degenerate does???
not following
I really hope you faggots got a plan.
The plan is simple
looking for waiting to fuck her porn
Grammer anon!
There is obviously no plan and nobody intends to do anything
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thumbnail of 9-24_NA1--1053230822_03.webm
9-24_NA1--... webm (35.2 MB, 1280x720)
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thumbnail of 9-24_NA1--1052844393_02.webm
9-24_NA1--... webm (20.64 MB, 1280x720)
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thumbnail of 9-24_NA1--1052844393_06.webm
9-24_NA1--... webm (47.45 MB, 1280x720)
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thumbnail of 9-24_NA1--1052812955_02.webm
9-24_NA1--... webm (96.53 MB, 1280x720)
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thumbnail of 9-24_NA1--1052812955_05.webm
9-24_NA1--... webm (33.93 MB, 1280x720)
how about some fresh nuts
Not enough drama for your tastes so you drop these? Okay anonce.
it's him
No shit
I have no clue about LoL. Are replays publicly available like that? Or does it have to be uploaded by somebody that was actually in the game?
you can spectate anyone you want, this is was not uploaded by seth
Okay anonce
After a quick google search: Apparently you can only watch somebody else's replay if it's a ranked game, which isn't applicable in Bonbi's case.
This only applies to the official recordings the client itself performs. Apparently while a match is going on, you could use a site like op.gg to record it. The thing is though, you would have to manually press to record it, and it's like 7-8 hours between the Lulu and the Rakan game. Maybe there are scripts that can take care of that though, no clue.
Also, the above replays were taken from Bonbi's pespective, not myspeld's.

In any case, somebody finding a way to record it, by either obsessively watching a site like op.gg or using weird 3rd party scripts, seems more likely than Bonbi downloading her replays, and either upload it herself or send it to Seth who then uploads it here.
thumbnail of myspeld has quit.png
thumbnail of myspeld has quit.png
myspeld... png (64.93 KB, 704x68)
> spends the entire match doing nothing but running around in circles literally riding anonce's coattails like his personal pocket bitch, then instantly falling over dead from a stiff breeze
lmfao this is exactly what I was expecting
> I could post as many "credible" looking screenshots as I wanted

> somebody finding a way to record it, by either obsessively watching a site like op.gg or using weird 3rd party scripts, seems more likely than Bonbi downloading her replays, and either upload it herself or send it to Seth who then uploads it here.
Is it really though? They've shown there's no floor to their stupidity. At this point, I think it's slightly more likely that they would post it themselves.
Anonce did have enough drama so he be posting these to make drama
But there's nothing even in these videos other than "haha, Bonbi is bad at LoL", which we already knew. There's no new drama here.
And why post them here instead of /ttg/?
Because he is a narcissist a d wants the attention
How do you know it isn’t masamune?
Because she'd only allow anonce to have access to her LoL account
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thumbnail of Screenshot_20191222-060049_Instagram.jpg
Screenshot... jpg (347.42 KB, 720x1280)
So some retard apparantly posted this on the subreddit.
Not sure if it occurred to them that publicly posting a diatribe of unverified slander is only going to work to the detriment of everyone, and mainly just paints us as the nasty incel bullies victimising bonbi and her totally not creepy boyfriend the AIDF would have everyone think
bullshit for sure
last stream she said she doesn't want to make too much noise because her brother is doing something
so he probably still lives with them, not in his own place
Why do people make up stuff like that?
It's not like things aren't bad enough already, and, as you said, it just damages the credibility of anybody that wants to talk about what's really going on.
So, did you send an email to that address yet? just to make sure?
Pretty sure she has more than one brother, though I don't know their ages.
But I agree, it's most likely bullshit.
That address appears to lead to a property completely censored off google streetview, so it's a pretty classic "trust me bro" scenario.
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thumbnail of horsecock76.png
horsecock76 png (22.64 KB, 750x110)
Not me, but it sounds like "horsecock76" has everything covered.
He sounds pretty legit.
If this was really true they should have posted it in a public fucking place where everyone can see it so I'm gonna go out on a limb here and call bullshit
Then again this also assumes it's not anonce doing it to flame the drama up
> should have posted it in a public fucking place where everyone can see it
It's on the bonbibonkers subreddit.
How much more public do you want it to be?
I meant to spell shouldn't
link in case it gets deleted
Ah ok, I see what you're saying.
Yeah, it's a pretty obvious smear campaign
Pretty stupid really, and ultimately pointless unless all they're trying to do is make her cry and / or quit.
Again that also assumes it's not anonce himself paoting it
Yeah, the thought had crossed my mind.
No better smokescreen than false accusation, amirite?
The reason I believe it might be anonce is because of the email
fucking dumb and fake, if that were real the person could go to the authorities immediately and have him arrested on the spot. Also why would you even publicly warn him? Fake and gay.
There's no plan u niggers, we're just larping as FBI officers in the internet
Sure anonce
Yes, anonce
I wouldn't be surprised at all if this was posted by Seth. After all, even the timing of the Overwatch account updating and speculation-posting was rather convenient.
It's honestly pretty disgraceful to think even at this point they're both likely treating this whole thing like a hilarious joke.
It's the only way to keep up the self-delusion, I suppose.
Understanstable for the pedo.
Retarded for bonbi.
thumbnail of 02 what i like 60fps.webm
thumbnail of 02 what i like 60fps.webm
02 what i... webm (5.6 MB, 720x1280)
But anon, she lives only for his smile...
I know, what's retarded is that she lives only for a pedophile's smile. But she's a free woman you know.
Dare I say....
See I love all those qualities in a women, too bad there all gone once your destroying their tight little assholes.
thats the reason why I only date guys
fags, pls leave
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thumbnail of 15602922563320.gif
1560292256... gif (9.95 MB, 480x360)
here to stay pal
so did anything come of this yet? post got deleted I'm assuming.
Nothing happened. Just some noncepilling but that won't amount to much.
thumbnail of Gayby Super Star 【Gachimuchi DX】 (Billy Herrington_s Dreamland).mp4
thumbnail of Gayby Super Star 【Gachimuchi DX】 (Billy Herrington_s Dreamland).mp4
Gayby... mp4 (5.81 MB, 480x360)
There have been plans, and they fall through because of liars over here and dumb cunts over there. Liars and dumb cunts everywhere. Things are looking decent right now though.
thumbnail of strong and empowered.webm
thumbnail of strong and empowered.webm
strong and... webm (5.43 MB, 720x1280)
I must admit, I quake in the presence of strong, brave, empowered young women who live with their parents, have no living expenses, use their physical appearance to get thousands of dollars from men, and love unemployed men who want to rape toddlers.
> Things are looking decent right now though.
gonna press X until I see results
I press X button.
A good idea, as always.
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thumbnail of hmm.png
hmm png (396.42 KB, 651x1350)
This is a random 19 year old girl btw. I am posting this for no reason
if you are trying to meme that this is bonbi, its not her fingers are longer and more slender and her knees are different
Look at that fool thinking he can outwith our based hand-fetishists.  >>/3173/
I like how one square is bigger than the other.
I always wondered what kind of underwear bonbi would wear but I doubt that's it.
post original or gee tee eff oh
I love Bonbi.
Else I eat shit.
where is the original
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thumbnail of 1576092711094.jpg
1576092711... jpg (94.74 KB, 960x1280)
thumbnail of 1576092863308.jpg
thumbnail of 1576092863308.jpg
1576092863... jpg (584.9 KB, 686x1334)
thumbnail of 1576092758831.jpg
thumbnail of 1576092758831.jpg
1576092758... jpg (188.67 KB, 921x1429)
As a coom connoisseur i recognized who this is. 

Its a lady of the night who was posting her pictures on 4chan
In that first pic, does she actually have religious iconography in the background while posing for nudes?
thumbnail of yuri really loves jesus.webm
thumbnail of yuri really loves jesus.webm
yuri... webm (668.06 KB, 540x960)
> christian girls
Do u really care?
Religion doesn't mean much to women, they just like the superficial feel-good stuff and socializing at church. They're still women at the end of the day.
thumbnail of legendary.mp4
thumbnail of legendary.mp4
legendary mp4 (199.55 KB, 326x64)

fuck off seth
Are you really so bored that you download LoL replays, search for the moment this message pops up, then cut a clip & crop it? 
And for what?
dafuck is this?
> red pill
If he got into the red pill stuff, why is he such a pussy now? The latest dm leaks showed she has him by the balls.
A pussy is a pussy regardless of what pill they take
It’s more of a give in take I’d say for 1 he doesn’t let her walk all over him case in point the twitch stream. It’s more like a fine line he walks every day with her, be a punching bad and risk being replaced, or as he put it so elegantly in a dm “I don’t want you to get mad and be unhappy.”
> "What girls call their friends are really just people they surround themselves with until they get a boyfriend."
holy fucking based and ironypilled
He is pedopilled, he knows what the little girl needs. She needs a beta babysitter whom she can play vg with and send lewds vid to.
Looks like masamune paid his entry for another round of LoL
On xmas day, no less
Truly VIP perks
was this from a server or private group conversation?
do you not know who that is? kek
he's just a neet larper.
most redpill incels are complete and utter pussies.
otherwise they wouldn't be redpill incels.
> do you not know who that is?
not everyone is a redditor like you. I've never heard of him
what happened to doxxing bon

moron and cuck
why the fuck would we do that?
People have given various reasons

I just wanna know her real name for certain
Her first name was confirmed in the discord dm from seth leaked recently
Madelyn is her name.
*full name
I've seen peterson as her last name but I'm not entirely sure.
Madelyn Maclownshoes.
Madelyn Waters (;
There's nothing like spending your Christmas playing LoL with two adult men for 6 straight hours. This bitch is completely lost, there's no saving her.
I guess either her house isn't visible on google maps or she's in a different place, people (russians) would have found her long ago otherwise.
People have found her it's just the ones that did haven't posted it for obvious reasons but if you want a tip in August there was an altercation between 2 men at a walmart near her place.
One one side when I read this I'm happy I'm not a cute girl because I don't need to be afraid of creeps, on the other it sure would be nice to be able to leech of people just by your looks.
So, that's where the Gautreaux name comes from?
That's hilarious
Honestly I'm kinda begining to agree with the janies. They might have been int the wrong, but seeing Bonbi threads outside of /wsg/ is just too fucking much. You are literally ruining her life with this shitposting.
The flood gates have already opened and there isn't much. that can be done.
Pedo guy won't keep her around long enough to get married. She'll be too old and he'll go back to trolling the internet for children.
I hope janny is wise and plays it safe. I rather have him do a tiananmen square on /wsg/ than this to flood out and ruin her life. Some retards here can't think more than five seconds into the future
Whatever you need to cope body. Do you think the childeren will have her's or Seth's face?
> You are literally ruining her life with this shitposting.
No one is ruining her life. She has betacucks dropping thousands of dollars on her. And more cucks worshipping her. She isn't a damsel in distress jfc.
Her life's already ruined.
Might as well make a public spectacle out of it.
Hell, with more attention brought to this, maybe somebody will actually intervene.
Seth, for real bro. We know you're never going to give up the loli shit.
You would just have to worry about wsg or even 4chan there's reddit, Twitter, facebook, Instagram and a whole lot of other social media sites that they can post it on.
which is why he's going to make children early. this way, as soon as bonbi is no longer a loli, he's going to have offspring to take advantage of.
Meant to say wouldn't
Believe it or not, sometimes in the future the thirsty incel juice will stop flowing to her. Kinda problematic with the employment once you can find these stuff about her.
> maybe somebody will actually intervene.
If it was someone mature, sure. But we all know what kind of people post here. She needs help, but not by any of us.
if only there was a containment thread
> Kinda problematic with the employment once you can find these stuff about her.
Kinda problematic when she's going to be living together with a NEET pedo that expects her to provide, yes.

> She needs help, but not by any of us.
Which is why we need this to pierce the normie-sphere more & more. Start with more mainstream 4chan boards like /v/, then, as time goes on, it will slowly spread across social media.
> Which is why we need this to pierce the normie-sphere more & more. Start with more mainstream 4chan boards like /v/, then, as time goes on, it will slowly spread across social media.
Genius idea man. I fucking swear, that certainly won't make everything just ten times worse. You sure would want your name and face be fucking dropped all over the internet.
Dude her face is already o  the internet
Mine is too you imbecile. That doesn't mean it's fucking dropped everywhere and my personal conversations with it.
No I mean it's literally every where on the internet. And so is moat of the conversations. Just have to google it.
No, let's be honest, the average subscriber of her tiktok account doesn't have much knowledge about this. She also has enough makeup experience to appear as a different person on casual viewing of her videos. To most people she's "some tiktok girl".
Makeup can make anyone look different. And you are right that most view her as just a tiktoker.
you talking about her house? The walmart she took the pictures at has obviously been found many times over...
The altercation happened at a different Walmart
kk, misunderstood
Why Gautreaux though?
Because it's the name of the sheriff interviewed about the incident?
What was the connection there?
Did you guys know bonbi has a twitter account?
She doesn't. Unless there is any actual, undeniable proof that it's her, it's almost certainly just a larper.
The account was created in September of 2018
Could have just been somebody that noticed her blowing up and decided to have some fun. I also seem to remember there was some fake Bonbi account around that time.

Unless the account is under a completely different nickname, and still has some evidence that it's her, why would she have made one without ever listing it anywhere?
23 followers follows only 23 is private and has the description "soon". Its bonbi.
> I like potatoes 
> I’m a filipina
bonbi confirmed.
Is that actually her, because the description says:
> I’m a filipina
Fuck if I know also https://m.9gag.com/u/Bonbibonkers/posts

This is what I meant to link sorry
You can tell those aren't her plays because she's actually getting kills in them.
And for how many months does it already say "soon"? 
It also doesn't follow or is followed by myspeld's Twitter account. 

Do you really think, looking for random accounts on every website with names like "Bonbibonkers", "honey_cot", "mocha_bean", etc. is worth your time?
There are probably countless retards that have made accounts to pretend to be her on every single one of these sites. Like  >>/3386/ could literally be anybody. Some Russian trying to catfish some money, for example.
I'm bored okay
Enjoy it while it lasts, lad.
Only 7 more hours til the world explodes.
Nothing is going to happen.
Just more boring Overwatch gameplay
If you say so lad.
I'll remember to drop an F in chat for you.
I wish something exciting would happen, but realistically nothing will.
Maybe some more "trolling the nasties", but there is not going to be some new revelation tonight that will make the world explode.
> ...and then anonce walked on camera...
Anon, if they were anywhere near each other, they wouldn't have played 6 hours of LoL last night.
thumbnail of 1c16544add65a022ce4dd8740e84b990.jpg
thumbnail of 1c16544add65a022ce4dd8740e84b990.jpg
1c16544add... jpg (109.66 KB, 1080x1080)
thumbnail of 989ab807e93289012c5db586d3cdaee2.webm
thumbnail of 989ab807e93289012c5db586d3cdaee2.webm
989ab807e9... webm (1.39 MB, 640x360)

She does have a fucking horrible taste in video games. I hope they are using it as a backdrop to talk on then actually actively playing
I can't wait for them to meet and she finally sees this guy in person and realizes he's actually an ugly brown balding beta male and not the chad hero she thinks he is because he plays video games and spends all his time with her but it's too late to back out.
> implying
Bonbi will convince herself that he is great no matter what. Giving up on him would mean that all the nasty 4chan incels were right all along.
Unfortunately by this point she'll be entirely blind to any faults whatsoever.
The sunk-cost fallacy is so high by now she won't be able to see him as anything other than a 6"9 musclebound horsecocked chad stallion
I really hope she isn't going to play LoL on stream, watching 3h of her running after the nonce would be even more boring than OW heal slutting
> in the real world I'm the looser, but in the discord world you are the looser
they have already met
If they did Bonbi wouldn't play overwatch 24/7

What did he mean by this?
I remember his photo with her ferrets
Also I found this yesterday https://www.ebay.com/usr/sethwaters enjoy
I mean...just because they met doesn't mean they moved in together already
> That'll probably happen by next christmas...
Post pic please
Lmao, I doubt they move anywhere with the financial situation they have right now.
I don't
nigget, either post it or fuck off with this made up bullshit
> Sorry! No posts were found.
What is this link supposed to lead to?
Dr. Phil had her real dox for sure, dunno if anybody else.

Well anonce has it thats also certain
A 9gag account
most of her old inner circle had her doxx I think, black def did, don't know about cintor or soupi
It's still kind of interesting to me how none of those people have just leaked everything they have on Bonbi.
I mean, she completely threw them under the bus, basically mocks them by flaunting the nonce, and has shown to be irredeemable. 
I don't know if that speaks to their character, or if they have some ulterior motives.
Yeah I got that
No posts or anything beyond that then?
Nope also I think the bonbi bonkers 9gag account is Seth's
I guess it just doesn't matter much to them, it was fun while it lasted but they all moved on.
Mr. Black absolutely still cares
lol no
I wonder who could be behind this post, hmm
She's so fucking bland and uninteresting that I doubt she's even capable of having taste. She just plays the games because the pedophile played them first.
she only really plays what the nonce feeds her. She played shit like nintendogs etc. before the nonce. Even saying she has any kind of taste is ridiculous.
thumbnail of Black and Youth VC.mp3
thumbnail of Black and Youth VC.mp3
Black and Youth VC mp3 (17.4 MB, 0x0)
Extremely difficult since "Dr Phil" doxxed her himself just about a year ago now and went about scouring the information from the internet. 

This post from March was referring to Phil:

This voice call between Mr Black and Youth is from December 2018, shortly before Bonbi returned. The professional doxxer referred to is Phil. Mr Black states that he prevented Phil from contacting Bonbi's parents. He also says that Bonbi told Cintor her (Bonbi's) parents were taking her electronics away. If this is true, why were Bonbi's parents going to do this? Unknown. However, it seems that if they had been contacted by Phil at that crucial time, we may have gotten a different, nonceless timeline.
thumbnail of sidesw.jpg
thumbnail of sidesw.jpg
sidesw jpg (8.16 KB, 226x223)
> phil 
> professional
> couldn't even doxx the finns after knowing their first names
> took 3 weeks to do the same /wsg/ did in 3 hours
huh, that's weird
Careful lad, you just might get doxxed for talking like that
thumbnail of risita.webm
thumbnail of risita.webm
risita webm (689.14 KB, 400x300)
i know this is satire but heres my obligatory uncontained laughter response
black is a pedo leech who just put himself into every drama so he could play some great character, he doesnt know jack shit

he is a 40 year old mid life crisis wagie who has nothing to live for, the only self worth he gets is from being some sort of father figure (or straight up groomer) to teens online
Someone should do a small donation to get her Text to speech to say 

"BonbiDatesOlderMen just donated .20$" or whatever
She doesn't have donations enabled.
 >>/3492/ How will Pumpkin survive?
I wonder if ((someone)) saw the things that were being suggested and thought it might be better to leave them off
It's not Peterson
> I guess either her house isn't visible on google maps
It is actually. Snowniggers are just dumb
> People have found her it's just the ones that did haven't posted it for obvious reasons
This is true
> in August there was an altercation between 2 men at a walmart near her place
This is doubtful at best
> She played shit like nintendogs 
I only know she played mario kart, mario party(?) and botw
> went about scouring the information from the internet
yeah because that's so easy to do. very much doubt this. and if true, he did a shit job at it
I got banned for asking if she watched the Hodge Twins

One of her mods at least knows about the Hodgetwins video of her, I really hope she saw it too kek
It's pretty funny how the mods have been scared into hiding lol
Seems most likely the nonce at least is online there
I doubt bonbi would be streaming without him looking over her shoulder tbh
Maybe Masamune too.
People doxing him after the first stream must have scared him quite a bit.
> This is doubtful at best
it seems to have happened in an entirely different area so I'm not sure
any evidence that it happened at all?
The altercation happened in a walmart fairly close to the address that was posted recently in the threads / here (the one with the horse dox)
Whether or not that property was actually confirmed as bonbi's (previous?) address though, I don't know.
Yeah, there are online newspaper articles about it but it's not in her area at all from my knowledge.

Okay, so it's all bullshit after all. The horse address isn't even close to that and it's not her house either.
Post dox please
link please? I don't recall seeing anything in the threads. even if it's bullshit I'm curious
thumbnail of 15705539799450.gif
thumbnail of 15705539799450.gif
1570553979... gif (250.78 KB, 1080x1080)
I was posting snippets of my Seth Tianmen copypasta, the Mandarin parts, for a good 15 minutes before the mod booted up google translate to figure out what I was saying and ban me

Dropping Sethpills in Chinese
The horse address is less than a 40 minute drive from there.
What evidence do you have that that's the wrong house?

The article was posted earlier in the thread  >>/3354/
Post dox please
Ya'll clueless
about what?
be more specific. name a few examples of things we're clueless about
thanks, missed it among the barrage of links
> What evidence do you have that that's the wrong house?
not him but how do you expect anyone to prove that without doxxing her?
Why the fuck would he keep him from contacting her parents? They should have known a long time ago.
> how do you expect anyone to prove that
I don't really, I was just pointing out the fallacy in that anon's resolute denial.
If he has some particular reason to believe that address is incorrect, he didn't state it.
I didn't even get a "trust me, bro"
Comparisons could potentially be made between the streetview images and old bonbi photos / stories / tiktoks.
So far it looks like mostly circumstantial speculation based around the right breed of horse standing outside. Like I said, it hasn't been confirmed, that property just appears to share several common denominators with things we know about bonbi.
didn't we figure out that the horse house was sold a few months ago or was that a different one
any idea who this could be? they've played a bunch of games together
seths friends
he doesn't want her to feel too isolated now does he









Are you fucking serious?
That's literally just a guy hitting random buttons to make an account. Please, stop posting this shit unless there is something that actually connects them to anonce or his friends...

I mean shit, watch out man: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Masamune 
Apparently Masamune is a lot older than we thought guys.
Okay anonce
thumbnail of fuckmytrannyup.png
thumbnail of fuckmytrannyup.png
fuckmytran... png (1.26 MB, 720x1280)
thumbnail of Screen_Shot_2019-10-08_at_5.44.17_AM.png
thumbnail of Screen_Shot_2019-10-08_at_5.44.17_AM.png
Screen_Sho... png (46.37 KB, 802x328)
thumbnail of unknown_6.png
thumbnail of unknown_6.png
unknown_6 png (40.05 KB, 1579x99)
thumbnail of mahson.png
thumbnail of mahson.png
mahson png (427.04 KB, 480x752)

thumbnail of 4iLNc0G.png
thumbnail of 4iLNc0G.png
4iLNc0G png (10.69 KB, 804x92)
thumbnail of 7qwDn9Y.png
thumbnail of 7qwDn9Y.png
7qwDn9Y png (12.79 KB, 894x119)
thumbnail of perci used and abused edit.png
thumbnail of perci used and abused edit.png
perci used... png (150.41 KB, 524x440)
thumbnail of pedo_arc.jpg
thumbnail of pedo_arc.jpg
pedo_arc jpg (80.25 KB, 696x829)
thumbnail of bonbi deepfake from wsg october archives.webm
thumbnail of bonbi deepfake from wsg october archives.webm
bonbi... webm (129.98 KB, 640x480)

thumbnail of 15631161588341.mp4
thumbnail of 15631161588341.mp4
1563116158... mp4 (8.02 MB, 576x1118)
thumbnail of 15631161589112.mp4
thumbnail of 15631161589112.mp4
1563116158... mp4 (10.02 MB, 576x1118)
thumbnail of Chop_chop.gif
thumbnail of Chop_chop.gif
Chop_chop gif (1.93 MB, 286x510)
thumbnail of ff08gXV2lS.png
thumbnail of ff08gXV2lS.png
ff08gXV2lS png (3.35 KB, 585x28)
Don't distract yourself from anonce but take this in the meantime
The "gregrussell" in Twitch chat was apparently just one of us trolling.
was kate cucked out of grooming apricot? LMAO
this, leave the guy alone
Didn't know about Bonbi or whale back then, but good to know whale was the real deal. Fucking legend fending off pedos back then. Love ya whale
Perci didnt mean porn deepfakes
who banned me if there was no myspeld.
pedo pumpkin
Who are these people and why is this relevant? Explain for a non discordnigger
thumbnail of emiru.png
thumbnail of emiru.png
emiru png (95.22 KB, 640x829)

Kate has caused many problems in the discord community. Always trying to snoop in on drama, take things into her own hands and only make things worse. strikethroughHestrikethrough She goes into DMs of people like Apricot and saves them from the ebil 4chan nazies, driving them away from everyone.
She got a load of people together to report the server which was posting incel seething memes after Bianca's death which was a good deed but she got them to raid the server which is retarded and against discord TOS. She reports accounts and servers that she doesn't like. It was agreed that it was likely that she was the one who reported the original rbbg server which is why it now has the gulag channel.
Servers can stay up while constantly posting New Zealand mass shooting memes but can be taken down if Kate reports anything he can pin a specific reason on.
thumbnail of BladeRunner_goddammit.webm
thumbnail of BladeRunner_goddammit.webm
BladeRunne... webm (531.36 KB, 854x480)
haha I wonder who she could be talking about haha
so kate is the person in the photos and "Wraith" in the discord screenshot or what?
> It was agreed that it was likely that she was the one who reported the original rbbg server 
now this is based. fuck em
Emiru BTFO out of bonbi circle. Sad
seethe tranny
i'm not him lmao
kill yourself nigger
kill yourself isnt that what 40% of u do 
at the very least dilate ur stinky disgusting hole
Kate's also one of bonbi's close disscord frenz now, trying to get her away from Seth, but for his own ulterior motives. It's sad that so few people close to her have been decent people.
> trying to get her away from Seth
kys you fucking tranny hes literally trying to suck seths cock to get closer to bonbi for whatever fucking reason
he was even talking about setting up a server for her and seth and doing moderating for them
fuck off, virgin
kill yourself fucking retard tranny 
fucking satanspawn abomination
> not Peterson
Purcel? Powell?
take your meds nigger I'm not him
She posted an IG story about games she played. Nintendogs was in the pic. I don't remember when it was posted, sorry.
Thanks, I'll take a look myself
Not sure. People have had many perfect opportunities to stop this long ago, but did not take them.
thumbnail of 2019-07-02_5.jpg
thumbnail of 2019-07-02_5.jpg
2019-07-02... jpg (125.19 KB, 1440x2562)
found it
Nintendogs was awesome
where did my file go
anyway it's in the chronologoy pack. 5th insta story from 2019-07-02

Lol wtf
> 0 videos
> no other information
why even post this?
Hmmm......on the other hand....

> spam posting a hundred empty accounts under the same spam username
Yeah I'm thinking this is spam.
At least the LoL account shows any connection whatsoever to anonce
Just stop.
Seth already seems to have accounts on many of these sites. "Mypspeld" and "Anon1725" both get a lot of hits. 


Detail how you arrived at the conclusion that this is Seth, or be silent.
It's one of Seth's friends
What's iMGSRC.RU?
The LoL account can certifiably be assumed to be, as there has been previous activity / interaction with seth
Most of the accounts you are posting show no activity whatsoever, let alone any connection with seth
Learn to curate the information you post, or anything potentially worthwhile will just be buried under useless spam
There is also a telegram
File hosting site that seems pretty CP-ish.
Addendum: already looked there a while ago because I heard about its reputation before. No myspeld or anon1725 in the user list. No asdaf-whatever either.
ASDAFAFS just started playing LoL with them again an hour ago


Kate is a nigger tier of person who is a full on nonce defender because she wants to fuck kids herself.

She is a fucking disgusting person

Now why would he need a wikipedia link
Masamune works there. This is known for a while.
> works there
That's a funny way of saying he owns the company
> Addition of Officer CARLTON WASHBURN, managing m
Instead of being a nitpicking fag, figure out what they do.
> created five months after graduating college

Oh yeah definitely not his company especially since it's address is literally his fucking house
literally who gives a fuck? What do they do? I'm not finding anything.
handling and management of enterprising youth "assets"
what is this? all I see is a login page
Its Facebook account
post a screenshot. I'm not making a fecesbook account to see it
Looks like a pedo
why not?
Because you and I are bot lazy
thumbnail of Masamune Facebook.png
thumbnail of Masamune Facebook.png
Masamune... png (376.82 KB, 1265x616)
thumbnail of Carlton Masamune Washburn.jpg
thumbnail of Carlton Masamune Washburn.jpg
Carlton... jpg (19.11 KB, 296x296)
It's pretty empty. Just this racing pic. The only other thing is that he reviewed Gfeller Casemakers, Inc. Looks like they make custom bags, suitcases, etc. Can't see his review. 
Creepy as fuck. Where did you find that?
wow I fucked up hard on that
thanks mate
Apparently Rhonda is doing another closet clearout in her store:
She really needs to get that house emptied soon, eh?
Weird, I just checked like this morning to see what's going on and she had stuff available again.
Tbh, even from Seth's side the story is depressing. This whole thing is depressing.
Do you honestly expect any of us to feel sorry for Seth?
The guy is a psychopathic, narcissistic manipulator that is attracted to underage girls. If anybody deserves to die, it's people like him. I don't care what caused him to become the man he is today.
I feel really bad for his mom to be honest. She has a legit illness which probably makes it hard for her to do regular work so she has to sell rags online to keep his stupid ass from starving. And what does he do? Instead of helping her and looking for a job to make her existence less painful he plays games all day and night with his underage e-gf he obsessively groomed and tricked into a relationship with him. Truly fucking pathetic.
You got that part right. Being a single mother is hard enough without having to deal with MS or your son being a degenerate NEET.
I really hope that one day Seth will get his comeuppance.
Did the Seth/LARP thread get deleted?
Anything good???
thumbnail of ragequit.webm
thumbnail of ragequit.webm
ragequit webm (104.7 MB, 1280x720)
> :(
That was almost cute watching her get confused as the enemy mid moves around the creeps and she doesn't know what to do.
"Underage girls" would be one thing. A girl can be 16-17 and developed enough for a normal, healthy man to want her. Seth is turned on by ones as young as toddlers.
Victory....but at what cost...?

> KDA 0 / 5 / 0
Poor bonbishka :(
how do you watch these?
Kids don't just turn out like Seth. I'm pretty sure that she's not the poor innocent woman people want to think she is. Besides, single motherhood is a choice.
didn't her husband die or something?
150k followers, selling thousands of items, damn, she must be rich to be able to have all that inventory
Looks like Masa's neetbux have managed to pay his way into one-on-one sessions with bonbi now, babysitting her as she struggles against the only foe she can yet master; half-baked AI set on "don't hurt me" mode
thumbnail of yes2.png
thumbnail of yes2.png
yes2 png (61.74 KB, 680x659)
It seems another has entered the circle of trust
oneshotonehead, friend of both Myspeld and ASDAFASF
With each passing day, more of anonce's "aquaintances" find their way into bonbi's social mileu
Youre a socio if you believe single motherhoood is both always a choice and never acceptable
Anon better watch out for masamune
He’s about to get it dirty just like deep sauce did
The irony
Yes. Husband was not Seth's father. He came along later. Seth has an older half-brother, if I recall correctly. Seth's father was a fling.
> sociopath
Silly nonargument. With the exception of rape, women have control of sex. Thanks to contraceptives and abortion, they have control over childbirth as well. With power comes responsibility. Single motherhood is a choice. Widows left with their husband's children, it should be noted, are not simply "single moms", and deserve some sympathy. Sadly, Rhonda was both widowed and then later chose to make bad decisions with a man who predictably left, not using available contraceptives or exercising restraint, thereby becoming a single mother. 

Single motherhood is a choice.
I'm pretty sure that's anonce playing on her account. The last game she played was as Lulu I believe. I just saw "her" Vi play and the skill difference is way too high. I guess princess didn't want to play anymore.
But what if it is her in the account? Wew lad, anon gonna be pissed.
All the time and money masamune spent getting close to her and he finally has the ability to pull an anonce. Lol
have fun with your headcanon I guess
Okay, that is a little weird.
The games against bots, I can see how you might think that it's anonce playing on Bonbi's account because the score is actually decent all of a sudden. But if you look at the last couple of games against actual players, pretty sure that her KDA is way too low for that to be anybody but herself (0-6-0 on Ahri, 2-12-8 on Vi...)
After the Ahri game posted above in which she ragequit, Bonbi played one game of Lulu by herself and then played 3 games against bots with Masamune, followed by another 7 games with Masa against humans.
Masamune moving in. Anon better watch out. Nonce about to get deeped.
What if he was an undercover FBI agent all along?
Why would a data analyst of General Motors be a undercover FBI agent?
KDA is very superficial, her play style is very different than anonce's so there's no way that's her playing. Also he played Jinx for like 90% of the games.
He has his own company in Texas, you're wrong on the working for GM part.
But I would assume that the FBI gives some fake life to their undercover agents to make it believable. Just in case somebody looks into it.
His LinkedIn says he is working for general motors as a data scientist for 3 years and 6 months
And he has rarely played Jinx on his own account (last time 3 days ago, before that over a week later).
KDA isn't everything, but anonce had double digit kills in almost every second game, just compare the CS anonce normally gets in a game, look at summoner spells (anonce almost always goes Heal + Flash, Bonbi Ignite/Smite + Flash, or Ghost + Heal in her bot games)...
If you are so sure that it's not Bonbi playing, maybe they gave the login to somebody else to level up her account, but it's definitely not anonce.
You're looking at the wrong Carlton Washburn...
That one doesn't even live in TX and doesn't have the middlename Masamune
No that's carlton. He went to the same colleges.
doesn't mean you get double digit kills with your non-main heroes, i.e. a hero you don't play much but might as well because you're boosting your gf's account while leveling with your other pedo friend
So what's the story with last night's LoL games? She played with Anonce, then ragequited and then spent the night playing with Masa only?
It means anonce about to get deeped
Also anonce played on steam about 7 hours ago
Come on now:
Last anonce game on Vi 13-211 with 197 CS. Bonbishka on Vi 2-12-8 with 19 CS.
Last anonce game on Jinx 13-9-2 with 209 CS. Bonbishka on Jinx in her last 3 games 1-2-1/5-10-8/4-11-8 with 89/69/98 CS.
I couldn't even find anonce's last game on Ahri, but I doubt it was 0-6-0...
And then there is still the matter of summoner spells: anonce goes Heal + Flash every single game he plays ADC and Bonbishka never does.

What sense would it even make to boost Bonbi's account at this point? She obviously is still struggling with the basics of the game, so her getting crushed in ranked won't make things better.

Which would be while Bonbishka was in the middle of a LoL game.
Exactly. Looks like anonce has some competition.
She usually starts playing LoL around 4pm and plays it till 2am. Given that she probably wakes up around noon and goes to sleep not long after her last LoL game, she does literally nothing other than playing video games with older men. This is just sad.
fair enough, I'm not 100% certain it's anonce but I'm certain it's not bonbi cause her CS sucks.
Her CS is roughly the same as what she gets when she doesn't play support. Look at her Ahri and Annie games.
I've seen the games. She didn't go from brain-dead to competent in a matter of a couple hours. We'll just have to disagree on this, I'm afraid.
Yesterday she started at roughly 3pm , played 3 games, took a 3 hour break (3 games of Overwatch if myspeld's profile is anything to go by, and likely dinner), then played 10 games of LoL until 2/3 am. 

So, barring the 3-4 hours right after she wakes up and the 1-2 hours before she goes to bed again, yes, she spends her entire day playing video games with older men.
Rough, she doesn't even have any time to masturbate with seth in voice chat anymore. Maybe she flicks the bean while playing LoL, that game is dumb enough.
I will agree with you that it looks really weird that she would play with Masamune all of a sudden. It's not like she played a ton with him before. And she decides to play a completely new hero right along with it.

But, the one thing that makes no sense to me, is the "why". If Bonbi isn't familiar with MOBAs and obviously isn't very good at the game, leveling up her account, so she can play ranked, isn't going to help anything at all. 
It makes much more sense that anonce no longer plays with them, so that they hopefully get matched against weaker opponents and won't get crushed as hard. That would also explain the "go from brain-dead to competent", because now Bonbi is playing against enemies that are closer to her actual skill level and she doesn't look as bad in comparison.
I've seen a couple of people ask that recently, but it really makes you wonder: Is Bonbi happy? Does she enjoy what her life is right now?
she's going to become an adult and never had any friends that are girls her age to hang out with. surely that's going to fuck her up
what was it?
> predictably 
you don't know that
What is CS?
number of minions killed, creep score
Anon about to get deeped guys
doubt it
Doubtful but it would be a nice piece of poetic justice.
I'm not sure if Masamune would really be much better though. I guess he is at least not a complete failure in life, and might motivate Bonbi to educate herself a bit & get more sophisticated tastes (Masamune donates to the Austin Symphony Orchestra after all).
Thanks lad. It's been a hot minute since I played
He's 28 dude. If anon is a nonce then masamune is a mega nonce.
at least he's white and not a complete loser
> Masamune
> white
He's 28 you dip shit
Yeah, but at least he could have some positive influence on Bonbi.
Her internet relationships will fall apart over time anyway and it would be better if she would at least interact with somebody that motivates her to more than just playing vidya all day long.
he paid to be her friend. He isn't gonna motivate her to do shit. Plus his 28.
Let me put the choice right in front of you:
20 year old lolicon NEET with not ambition or future prospects, that manipulated, lied, and backstabbed his way to get in contact with Bonbi
28 year old University-educated entrepreneur with an appreciation for Classical Music and Japanese culture, that paid money to become Bonbi's friend.

I'm not saying that either of these choices is ideal, but if it's one or the other...
He likely paid money for her nudes, not to be her friend
she is still with the seth
Why are you trying to rationalize this. Neither one of them should be dating her. Why can't YOU see that.
Not for long anonce. Masamune is pulling a seth. Prepare to get deeped!
this, she shouldn't have long-distance relationships with men in their twenties at all at her age.
I agree with you. She should date neither of them but if it's going to be one or the other, Masamune is probably still the better option.
If I could make reality however I want it to be, yes, I would prefer Bonbi to cut all contact with both of them. But that is probably not an option.
There is no better option you idiot. He is a predator and all relationship with predators end badly for the victim. It doesn't matter what either of them do for a living, neither are a good choice.
Neither of them. She should fucking get her shit together. If she's smart she could milk both of them.
I am pretty sure this post was made my masamune who else but a pedophile could make this argument?
I get where you're coming from but we know too little about masamune to make a judgment like this. Just because he has money and an education doesn't mean he can't be worse than anonce.
do you want to be cheated
next ganbang porn  seth, masa and bonbi
Please reword the sentence because it doesn't make since to me. I'm sorry if I didn't understand
> If she's smart she could milk both of them
Anon....I feel like that's a poor choice of words...
what do you mean, she has two hands hahaha
Both shit options. She can do better.
This is an avoidance behavior. What is she avoiding?
She's probably deeply unhappy.
We know how some comments on 4chan upset her a year ago, so what do you think the past two months of comments in the threads and on discord have done - especially since she considered some of those people friends not that long ago?
she does not care
Clearly lol
How do you know?
Seth cucked, he better leak the bonbi nudes
can sell
So you're just an incel
based avery
They met up and fucked confirmed
Is it possible she's confused with bonbi's brother?
Has she seen seth's photo yet?
always assume the worst
Does somebody have the pics of that con again?
Pretty sure that was her brother, and it's very unlikely that we missed him all this time.
avery stream:
tl;dr please
thumbnail of bonbicon2.jpg
thumbnail of bonbicon2.jpg
bonbicon2 jpg (207.41 KB, 1080x1080)
thumbnail of bonbicon1.jpg
thumbnail of bonbicon1.jpg
bonbicon1 jpg (109.66 KB, 1080x1080)
I think it's those two?
Maybe Avery met bonbi at another convention.. Did she say when it was?
thumbnail of 2019-07-28 strawberryconventioncameo3 crop.jpg
thumbnail of 2019-07-28 strawberryconventioncameo3 crop.jpg
2019-07-28... jpg (119.88 KB, 506x480)
thumbnail of 2019-07-28 strawberryconventioncameo2 crop.jpg
thumbnail of 2019-07-28 strawberryconventioncameo2 crop.jpg
2019-07-28... jpg (160 KB, 522x476)
I know lad, I've learned the same harsh lesson we all had to

These are the photos in the mega, there's also a brief shot of him in a video I don't have to hand
She did say Mechacon, which would have to be that one.
I just saw that (roughly 36 minutes in), and she said "he was old", which makes me think it wasn't anonce since he isn't so old that avery would be shocked by it?
Nah that's definitely her brother in the pics, seth is way taller than these hobbits, subjectively. Maybe she was talking about her dad? Or they did meet up, who knows.
thumbnail of bontent.webm
thumbnail of bontent.webm
bontent webm (5.75 MB, 704x396)

We only have two pics, maybe Seth joined after or before. Maybe he was jerking off in the toilet when the pics were taken.
I think the guy in the photo was her brother, that does not mean Seth wasn't there.
"Blacklillers" vindicated yet AGAIN
Regarding what Emiru was talking about in her tweets: https://clips.twitch.tv/PleasantInexpensiveAirGuitarGOWSkull
Apparently she was groomed as well.
How is avery 13 but sounds so fucking mature while bonbi is 16 and sounds like a retard?
thumbnail of voiceover.mp4
thumbnail of voiceover.mp4
voiceover mp4 (6.21 MB, 1280x720)

lol where is this audio clip from?
i don't know it was posted on devil town
Bonbi hasn't played LoL or overwatch yet
Yeah I'd noticed that too
Busy, or "otherwise engaged"..?
She might have saw what we said yesterday
Surely you aren't suggesting a few offhand comments from some anonymous folks on a japanese noodle cooking forum would be enough to dampen her enjoyment of a fun new game she's only just started playing with her two closest frens?
That doesn't sound like bonbi at all
She doesn't afraid of anything, and certainly doesn't care what a bunch of nasty incels think about her
You're also thinking as if nothing happened behind the scenes
What would have happened?
I think it's a bit too early to jump on the "anonce is the new deep" bandwagon
More like anon and bonbi might have fought
Again, pretty wild speculation given all the information we have available is "they didn't play those 2 vidya games for a couple of days"
Also anonce was on steam 5 hours and 38 minutes ago
I think it's part of the audio that was used to make the soundboard audio clips. The ones that people thought were fake back when "she's in the discord" was just a rumor.
They played!!!!
they waited til midnight to get started it seems
If she didn't care she wouldn't be avoiding everything.
> only two games

Stop being so hopeful, people. 
Just because Bonbi plays less (or not at all) on a day, that doesn't mean she's about to break up with anonce.
Anonce gonna get deeped!
> Eugene_Lubianov
Not sure if this is right.
Judging from his follows, he is from Kiev/Ukraine, and he doesn't follow any of the same accounts anonce does.
I'm just saying. You better get used to months without much happening.
thumbnail of not_bonbi.png
thumbnail of not_bonbi.png
not_bonbi png (370.73 KB, 815x599)

I dont follow. What is this about?
Bonbi says the person in the video is not bonbi. Who cares.
That's not @honey_cot either, the sandniggers try to grab names as close to bonbi's as possible to bait people into clicking on their accounts.
thumbnail of honey_cot_78985800_122119985630324_8800952560095389145_n.jpg
thumbnail of honey_cot_78985800_122119985630324_8800952560095389145_n.jpg
honey_cot_... jpg (80.97 KB, 720x1280)
Nearly had me loose all faith in her. Fuck you troll.
kys discordnigger
On /wsg/, someone mentioned that Zurreal knows Bonbi is being groomed by Seth. People are asking for some verification. 

One of the things in the Dis.cord "dossier" that came out in March/April was a screenshot, which I thought I had, showing an Instagram account named "please_read_777777" messaging Zurreal, telling her to watch out for the "Quagmire", the people who doxxed Seth, saying they were bad and "they doxxed my friend". Zurreal shared those messages with the Quagmire. It was theorized that please_read_777777 was a Bonbi alt, trying to do damage control in the aftermath of his public outing as a pedophile. I will keep looking for the screenshot, but if anyone has it I would appreciate it. 

I'm banned on 4chan right now, so if anyone wants to answer the question in that thread, feel free.
She'll be doing hardcore porn by the time she turns 19. Count on it, fellas.
More to this? WTF
There isn't more to this. She just said that bonbi could do better
I think that's implied at this point, by everyone.
why she love him so much i literally can't comprehend this bullshit
Because she got groomed and is a lonely neet. He just orbited the hardest I guess.
After their first fight while living together, she'll be fucking her neighbor as soon as he goes of to wageslave.
> implying he'll ever work a day in his life
oh nonononononono
All the more time he'll have to get drunk and smack her around when she starts crying about not wanting to go meet her next "client"
Anonce needs his motherfucking bills, bitch.
Jesus isn't exactly on your side if he's allowing you to be exposed like this, honey. Get with the program, you're whore.
What's the point of this thread? Why do you want to publicise her humiliating relationship?
He is sexually attracted to prepubescent children, i.e a pedophile,and is an otherwise manipulative and deceitful sack of shit, who also *seems* to have been maneuvering to get close to Saki (13 years old at the time) at one point. Remove his pedophilia and manipulation from the equation, and he would be a garden variety loser, but not a predator or dangerous.
what are you achieving by publicising it other than humiliating bonbi? I don't get it. a lot of girls her age get into these types of relationships and forget them in a few years
Has anyone talked to saki about him? Did he actually try talking to her?
Because he he is a literal pedophile who wants to fuck children, groomed, isolated and manipulated her into a relationship and from what we seen and heard he wants to pimp her out (sexualy or non sexualy) to get money out of it.

And she is really dumb and has 0 world view so he succeded.
Well, she is stupid and deserve this.
that doesn't answer my question, at all
you're know the answer
she does not
you think a pedo would want the world to know about his relationship with an underage girl? probably not. can you guess why?
reminder that nobody cared when she was with deepsauce
Someone just posted on /ttg/ claiming to be bonbi's horse. Probably a leap but who knows
Damage control in full affect.
people cared, there were many events in deepsauce era
such as?
Ho no guys..... look at op.gg...... it's gonna happen!!!
What did he mean by this?
Oh you know exactly what he meant by that :^)
"bonbi is gonna play some more piss-poor league with the pedo club"...?
I mean....is that breaking news to anyone at this point?
> when it goes over your head

what am I missing then?
Ok, so I'm just gonna keep assuming you're full of shit until you actually provide some reason to think otherwise, then.
Dude I'm joking but if you can't figure out what I'm joking about then maybe you need to think about it.
Have you considered the possibility that your sense of humour is not as cutting and concise as you initially presumed?
Don't need to consider, I get told that everytime. :D
Myspeld was last on steam 3 minutes ago
Wait wtf I’m not the nonce are you monitoring me!!!!!
report bonbi stream.
thumbnail of so_close.webm
thumbnail of so_close.webm
so_close webm (78.31 MB, 1280x720)
I’m confused somebody explain