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Bonbi bros love bonbi's tiktoks i have recently taken up the task of trying to convert my friend, to be a fan of bonbi, to be a bonbi bro.
it's not going too well.

bonbi's tiktok account is the first account he had that had a lot of interaction with him. so far i've posted pictures of bonbi, the bonbi bro meme, the bonbi bros video and i've given him the link to bonbi's tiktok account so he can see that bonbi has a life beyond his twitter, but he's not budging.

it seems that i'm getting more bonbi bros and less bonbi's than i would like

i just want more bonbi's.

i know it's a big task to convert a lad to a bonbi bro, but it seems to be getting easier as he spends more time with bonbi and sees more of the bonbi's that the bonbi bros post.

i'm thinking that he's been exposed to all sorts of images of bonbi and that seeing the bonbi
i just wish bonbi had a bro-line account where i could share pics of bonbi, or maybe just share pics of bonbi itself with the bonbi bros.

He is a good lad, but I would like if he became a bonbi bro  I know how hard this is, but if he saw some cool videos of Bonbi he would most likely be into them."
It's a good idea. I have been trying to get him into Bonbi, and I have yet to convert him."
I know this is something you can't help, you just have to stay strong. I know what it feels like to have no friends and no takers to do anything with."
I understand how you feel. I wish Bonbi could talk to them himself. That would be cool."
When I got started I just knew the Bonbi bros would find me and want to chat. I have a lot of Bonbi bros but it is still the same."
My first post to the Bonbi bros was to get a reaction. I don't know why but that was when I knew it would work. "
You have my support. It may take a little bit to get there, but one day he will become one of the Bonbi bros."
That is awesome you are being supportive of him. This is what is supposed to happen. Just look at the way the Bonbi bros have been supportive of me. I never thought that I would be in this position."
I do not know if you are trying to get your boyfriend in the Bonbi bros, but I would not worry about it. Just let him do what he wants.
To be honest, it wasnt that big of a shock. I wasnt expecting emiru to get more heat for bon, I just kinda expected her to get more heat overall. What she did was awful, but when has emiru not been awful. It's kinda a running theme with her

This. I dont really believe it either. I believe Bon is in a mental/emotional state to believe this is true.

She probably wouldnt have posted her story about being kicked out, if she knew this. But I just cant see how she would have believed it.
It could be a lie though. I dont know anything about her, so I could be wrong.

How the hell would I know though, I know nothing about her. Why isnt everybody saying I'm an insane troll who lies and makes shit up.

There must be more to this

You guys remember how long it was between the SA and the drama that erupted, right?
And there were a lot of people making threats against Bon.
Maybe it took her a while to get back online after she got out of the hospital. Maybe this all took place before she had fully recovered and just found out about the SA.
I honestly don't know.

I would think it would take a while to process that kind of shit, and even longer for her to be able to explain it.

I would have assumed she wouldnt post her story about being kicked out until she had healed up a bit. Or at least until she posted the SA.
Not getting shit on all at once is a shock though.

But it doesnt fit the timeline. Emiru is kicked out for the SA, she comes back online 3 weeks later. Bonbi goes into the hospital.
This all happens around May 9th-12th, and she comes back online about a week before May 27th.

Bon's timeline has been messed up for the last three weeks.
I think I was wrong about what happened after the SA

She posted the SA a week later than she thought.
Which makes sense, she has some issues with her timeline and memory but it's not like this is just now happening.
There was the SA a week before she went into the hospital.
and she was talking about this shit on discord a week before she went into the hospital.
And we can see in her stream she was having trouble dealing with people in her group on Discord in May.
That shit had to go on in the month of April.
So it must have taken her a while to recover and a while to sort through it all.
Bonbi gets angry and sad after AX. Early July.
Emiru unfollows in late July.
Bonbi keeps talking about drama and gaslighting friends and SA until she escalates in late September.

There are some inconsistencies between our timeline and Bonbis story.
But we still have gaps in our knowledge.
Im feeling confident we can figure this out.

friends who also continued communication with her and her group.

Re: Bonbi & Friends

Bonbi's story changes as she grows. Initially, she said she had never been involved in drama with friends, but eventually said she had once. She said she and the friend had a big fight, which was the start of the drama.

If I recall, the first time I heard Bonbi mention a friend, I didn't make the connection. It made her seem like she wasn't close to anyone.
The first time she talked about gaslighting, she said "I had an argument with a friend who was a gaslighter".
She used the term "gaslighter" three times.
She used the term "drama" a few times.
I don't remember what the first use of "drama" was, but I can see that it was between July and September.
Im pretty sure Bonbi used the term "drama" when talking to the "friend" who was gaslighting.

Re: Bonbi & Friends

I would think that since the gaslighter friend used the same tactic, and was not successful in stopping Bonbi's communication with AX, and Bonbi was still able to continue her communication with AX, that there would be one or more other friends who were also continuing their communication.

Re: Bonbi & Friends

Bonbi gets upset at the friend's tactic when she learns about it.
Bonbi gets upset at the friend's tactics, but is ok with continuing her communication with the gaslighter.
Bonbi gets upset with the gaslighter for her tactics, then the friend, and then the friend for not speaking up for her.
Bonbi gets upset with the friend for taking her advice and doing her own thing, and is ok with continuing to talk to the gaslighter.
Bonbi is very angry at the gaslighter and the friend for continuing to gaslight her. She keeps saying "I can't believe it!" to everyone who tells her something.
Bonbi goes off on her friend after she tells her what's going on, saying "I told you to stop talking to him!" but is not angry at her friend for continuing to talk to the gaslighter.

Bonbi was angry with her friend who kept talking to the gaslighter. She got a little upset at the friend for not speaking up for her, and then was angry at the gaslighter when she saw that he didn't care and continued to talk to her.
Bonbi got mad at her friend for not speaking up for her, then she got mad at the gaslighter for ignoring her and her friend. She stopped talking to the friend. She then blamed herself for "letting down her friend" and started feeling like she had been bad. She couldn't believe that her friend didn't speak up for her. She was mad at the gaslighter. She had an argument with her friend about the gaslighter and she didn't want to speak to her about it anymore. Then, she and her friend stopped talking to each other. She didn't want to get involved with the gaslighter.

Now, the gaslighter has unfollowed Bonbi, and Bonbi is talking to everyone about how her friend is gaslighting her. She is not talking to her friend and is now upset at her for not speaking up for her.
She is upset with her friend for "trying to make herself happy" by continuing to talk to the gaslighter.
She is upset that her friend hasn't spoken up for her and is mad at her friend.
I think I understand now.

Old Character was there to teach us discernment.
He's trying to help us solve Bonbi's mystery before it's too late.
Old Character is a metaphor for Bonbi on social media and the real Bonbi.
"Old Character" is Bonbi because she left the spotlight a long time ago.

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