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precum leaking, unzipping my pants as we speak
Those look really pink.
thumbnail of 7170071918005980462 Umm 🫣 #judyhoppscosplay _264.mp4
thumbnail of 7170071918005980462 Umm 🫣 #judyhoppscosplay _264.mp4
7170071918... mp4 (4.56 MB, 720x1280)
our bluebon grew up bros 
this one is different btw
Every girl grows up. Only a small number do lewds - its takes a particular 'type'
bon's family was shocked this afternoon when they opened the fridge and discovered the 15 pounds of thanksgiving leftovers was missing. they thought a hoarfrost bear wandering down from the mountains had raided the premises overnight and stolen it all away. eventually they found it alright, at least the remnants of what was left of it, crumbs mostly and chewed pieces, in bon's room. they also discovered an unsightly large pile of poop in the middle of her room sitting on the floor, which bon couldn't be bothered to explain or clean up. you see after her feast of thanksgiving leftovers a bothered feeling hit bon mid stride of a large ball of poop forming and trying to escape from her butt. so she snap squatted middle of her room and five seconds later a thick brown curl of ropey poop took its interest in falling and resting on bon's floor. and since the piglet was so inviting as to let that poop curl relax (bon's busy beyond belief) it spread its legs, metaphorically speaking, in uninterrupted comfort and napped there for hours, until wee in the evening when bon could find the time to toilet paper it into the pool in the toilet bowl for a flush.
Again, not surprised you are a total wanker, just surprised you are so proud of it.
Good fucking lord, chonkybonkers returns.
Bon said she had a nip slip in the tiktok posted today
She is so fucking hot. I can't wait for her to do nudes.
she said on stream she recently posted a tiktok with a nip slip and then deleted it afterwards. surely one of you faggots have it
redditors spotted
thumbnail of 316846296_197195822809772_3025538342241447284_n.jpg
thumbnail of 316846296_197195822809772_3025538342241447284_n.jpg
316846296_... jpg (189.47 KB, 1170x2080)
thumbnail of 316966288_6150374698323508_864408333784615332_n.jpg
thumbnail of 316966288_6150374698323508_864408333784615332_n.jpg
316966288_... jpg (204.11 KB, 1170x2080)

thumbnail of COOM NOW.jpg
thumbnail of COOM NOW.jpg
COOM NOW jpg (196.78 KB, 1242x1294)

Cry and cope faggot. Bonbi is shitting on you crybaby fags on her stream. Long story short, she's going to keep posting lewds and you can just stop following if you don't like it.
Bonbi's butt was shown, all is good
Really missable stream. this stream. Subdued, missable and generally not interesting.

Cosplayed as Cop Judy Hopps?

22:59 - Not having teeth removed untl next year
23:00 - Bon made Mac and Cheese for her family
23:04 - Reposted Tiktok because she noticed a nip-slip
23:07 - Bon has nothing clean to wear
23:09 - Wants to publish porn but doesnt think its allowed on Patreon
23:20 - Likes doing lewds. Lots of talk about Tiktoks and mature content
23:36 - Been playing LoL support and loves it
23:46 - Silver in League (she thinks) but doesnt pay attention
23:52 - Might go back to AX in 2023
23:53 - Julie asked for Bon to be invited to Riot booth at AX
23:55 - Has a really bad wedgie
00:00 - Mr Beast Chocolate
00:01 - Dreamt she went to Walmart with her family, her mom bought a baby and she became a mom. The baby fell of the bed and Bon died.
00:04 - She has three siblings
00:05 - Her strap has broke, her boob is out. Stream ends.
holy shit she is superbly beautiful
> 23:09 - Wants to publish porn but doesnt think its allowed on Patreon
What’s the context here? She wants to do “porn” as in nudes, or does she actually other people involved?
She said she may post the nip slip tiktok there. 
Thats it.
It wasn't anything that specific. She only talked about posting patreon videos in general.
i know that gangsta cat from hard tiems posted the stream summary because he thinks lewd cosplay and vids are porn
does anybody have HEVC version?
Sincere as the shit smear
on Bonbi poop posters rear
Telling her the grippy socks are near
But timestamps  >>/34930/ showing what you fear

Nip slip coming on patreon
Coomers cumming while simps get dunked on
Wannabe Freuds once again proven wrong
Why can't we all just get along

And be honest and admit
We all wanna see those tits
Not your best work, but commendable effort.

The reason we cant get along,
Is because you're always wrong.
You insist the whole thread through,
That everyone must be like you.

I am sincere about the lewds,
I dont like 'm like some dudes.
And the reason will always be,
Bonbi's abusive history.

I dont see any reason why
This makes me a simp my guy.
And how does bonbi in a thong,
Prove my description of her wrong?

Why keep getting so upset,
About some shit this anon said?
Afraid she won't stay hot for you,
Because you feel my words ring true?
The simp would sooner see Bonbi in chains
Devoid of free will with a drug addled brain
Than have her take pictures for ample pay
And make her own choice at the end of the day

"Why are you doing this to me?"
"Can't you see, it's because I care Bonbi
Locked up in my basement you're free
No abuse here just sincerity"

"I know all about you. I know what's best
From the time I've spent criticizing you in these threads
Those lewds that the coomers forced you to create?
I've never busted, not once also please lose some weight"

A glimpse into the simps twisted psyche
One which will never come to pass thankfully
She likes what she does so quit all the fuss
And join us, the normal guys, to live laugh and bust
Man I really wish this was in rap battle form.
Now I see why you wince and wail,
You were once in mental jail.
It has to be so, for once more,
All I say you must ignore.

The only way you can stay sane,
Is to repeat your sad refrain.
'YOU are a simp, redditor, abuser,
IM defending Bonbi from this loser.'

I do not care about the lewds,
For all I care she does post nudes.
You are clearly not too bright,
She said she cries herself to sleep each night.

But every time she says she's sad,
This thought is turned on in your head.
'She's not sad anon, she is a happy whore,
So all she says you can ignore'

It do be interesting to me,
That you say I critise Bonbi.
Give me an example, not one from your head,
Of something critical I've said?

But you change the goal post everty time.
Better work more on your rhyme.
Cuz 'best' dont rhyme with 'threads'
No matter what your mommy saids
I’ve seen the new tiktok on /gif/ a couple times now.
Of course we ignore what you say
Your armchair psychology is just frankly gay
Shitting up these threads with your crazy projection
For a girl who never asked you for protection

You ARE a simp and redditor
A would-be abuser if you could get at her
You're not her shield but a thorn in her side
Ijust enjoy her content, you should try it sometime

We get it, reddit, you've already said it
You don't like her lewds, we'll never forget it
I'm not judging you, just think you're a whiner
Maybe you'll find what you like more on grindr

Damn she's sad that's crazy though
News flash every teen girl is bro
Making bad decisions is part of learning
THe only difference is the money she's earning

I'm not gonna source your shit
You can just scroll up and read it
You never have nice things to say to her
Yet you treat yourself like her savior

Don't need to move em when you never score
You criticize when your own are a bore
Assonance and slant rhymes, check em out
And work on the flow of the shit that you spout

Which one?
Ironically its age restricted so some people wont be able to see it on Tiktok.

Also her last Bowsette TT is age restricted as of about 12hrs ago - her Tiktoks are getting restricted faster than she can upload them.

I assume these are only getting age restricted because some faggot keeps reporting them? These are really tame yet actual lewd content from other creators doesnt get the same treatment. I think this stops a lot of people getting her on their FYP.
She looks hot and you're a faggot
> I'm not judging you
Lol its literally all you do.
This whole thing started because I said something you disagree with and felt the most pressing need to attack.
All I did was state the facts about bonbi as they appear to me. And how I feel about it.
All you do is project motivations on me because you feel so strongly that a different take on reality is a personal affront to you.
Are you achanlifer by chance?
Factually untrue considering my "coomer v simp" posts were not replying to anyone but got multiple SEETHING replies from you. I accept your concession, though, and I will concede that I do judge you because it's funny to me and seems to be a sour spot for you.
> achanlifer
i enjoyed this rap battle
He has a point. Your posts might not have been targeted at anyone specifically but the implication was clear.

You seem suggest that everyone is as twisted and thirsty as you, the people you call simps just choose not to admit it. Glad to report tha is not actually the case. I think deep down you know this.
It's not even "deep down", obviously I'm being tongue-in-cheek for the point of annoying him. I'm not even that much of a coomer, but this is my honest opinion.
Coomers are creepy, sure. But it's a pretty simple disgust most people feel for them.
On the other hand, the "simps" (which to be fair to me, I only used that term after he used it repeatedly) suffer from nice guy syndrome. At the end of the day, Bonbi would be disgusted by all of us, but only one side thinks that have a false moral high ground. Being so concerned about aspects of her life would not elicit a "thats so sweet of them :)" response. It's just as creepy for internet strangers while also seeming manipulative whether you're well intentioned or not.
It was fun but it's good to stop before we shit the thread up even more than we already have lol.
> "simps" (which to be fair to me, I only used that term after he used it repeatedly)
I attributed some posts to you that are not yours then
Fair enough, that's the nature of these boards
Glad you enjoyed it.

Your were annoying me? I  thought I was annoying you?

But you are right, we should stop now.
bon was rasking through her cosplays and wigs and had in mind to get ready for her next cosplaying action, when ohhhh, a letter from her lower intestines was promptly sent to her brain, stating unequivocally, that a brown curl of poop was headed to the exits. bon knew what to do, so she got up from her chair and stepped towards her bathroom toilet for some serious squatting and pooping. but then it happened mid step, her first step to the bathroom was her last, as, like a bullet train, the brownish poop couldn't wait, and started to roll, like hot lava coming down a mountain, slowly out of her butt hole. cash. no time for waiting or pant removals in the bathroom or toilet squats, the piggy had to with one quick motion drop her pants, and stuff a hand into her panties and up to her butt hole and shepherd that lonely new born brown roll of poop out of her butt hole, before it made a mess in her panties. the piggy grunted and moaned in joy as that one foot long brown roll felt so good coming out of its hiding place. those poop sausages plopped quietly into her hand and with a hiss departed her butt hole, zzzzhh. whew. what a relief bon thought. once the poop stopped flowing, she redid her pants and calmly walked into the bathroom. finally tossed them steamy and shiny browns into the great white toilet bowl. pshhhhhhh, the toilet flushed and bon watched as the poops went down the water hole.
The latest tiktok is one of those ones that I keep watching over and over.  She’s the perfect combination of cute and sexy.  Not to be gross but I think her hip and ass shape is my favorite body type.
Chubby chaser eh?
I agree anon.
No it’s like that “h-shape” which you see in models.
most troubling part of the stream was her saying the antidepressants aren't working. they're going to put her on the real loopy stuff soon.
also lol at bonbi's comeback to commenters saying that she's not even enjoying doing tiktoks anymore being "you're wrong because i havent liked it for many years"
the models in the Lane Bryant catalog aren't what most people mean when they say "models"
Look all I’m asking for is Bonbi to sit on my face with her perfect ass while I eat her pussy and asshole.  Is that too much to ask?
thumbnail of 1669092028197317.webm
thumbnail of 1669092028197317.webm
1669092028... webm (3.41 MB, 1370x1056)
thumbnail of 1669091980797714.webm
thumbnail of 1669091980797714.webm
1669091980... webm (3.35 MB, 1076x1322)

Yep this is the best body type.
H-shape (aka straight sided) is not normally considered desirable. If used for models it is normally in the context of complaining they are so skinny they lack curves.

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