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Last thread:   >>/40263/


username: bonbi
password: bonkers

Chronology Pack: https://mega.nz/folder/SqJSlboT#Eo0dW40FSQQxUfbhaiX2Zw
Recent Streams: https://mega.nz/folder/sb9AUARS#2L6fWgvVj0yOycsNuZkMaQ
Tiktok Streams: https://mega.nz/folder/RT51iQLb#5q9QAtRAZHcmUkeu72Bi_g
Yea the more she advertises patreon on ig the more people she loses there shes down to 192k now
Not really, examples of girls who have a fanbase of pervs but seem normal on the surface are Pokimane and Emiru but their fanbases still aren’t “normal” if you actually pay attention.

And the difference there is that they don’t sexualize themselves much or only do it subtly. You can’t go all the way. It’s too late for Bonbi, she made poor choices. She could have gone full lewd like Belle Delphine and farmed a bigger fanbase that way but she doesn’t want to do that, and it’s too late to be one of the girls that appeals to normies/has some girls in their fanbase. She’s also too lazy and doesn’t try to be creative anymore. If you compare her content to any well known female cosplayer or streamer the differences are stark.
Can't tell of bonbi is dense or just plan stupid  maybe both nobody cares about fucking cats other then you people want to see your cosplays or lewd pictures

It's my birthday tomorrow! Please, in your patreon post, get a super good angle of your perfect ass in anime pantsu.  It's all I want.
The cats are cute and I dont think they stop her doing anything else - you are not giving up a cosplay because she stops to add some cat pics. They're packaging, if you dont like 'em just skip 'em.
I think everyone should just unsubcribe from her patrons. Ita overpriced. Why support someone who can't pick a lane. Either go nude and justify your subscription price or stay lewd and lower it. Or don't do either and just do cosplay content and lower the price further. But pick a lane bonbi I mean jesus
Numbers dont lie she's losing people on ig,  possibly the reason why is because she advertises patreon all the timeand people can't afford the $100 and she only posts alot of times one cosplay picture and the rest cat pictures?
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thumbnail of 2023-07-10 - Honey_Cot.jpg
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Numbers are declining but at least the rate has slowed (yep, copium). Biggest gain in the period - 17th/18th June - was an OOC pic followed by 3 cat pics. I dont think the cats are the problem I think its more that she doesnt do the normal cosplay photos anymore.

I am also not convinced enough people pay enough attention to the description to be put off by the Patreon pushing although I am less sure of that.
Bonbi really needs to have more then one tier on patreon seeing that all her posts are $100 turns people off can't she have more tiers like she used to she would get more traffic then
Nobody cares about her ass pics other than creepy coomers that have followed her since she was 13, shes stopped doing the cute shit with any effort and its just basic bitch cosplays with 4 second tiktoks
reading up on cellulite it sounds like the main causes are diet, BPA and estrogen
given that bonbi was likely already genetically predisposed, female, on birth control and living in the southern states during the age of microplastics she really never had a fucking chance
Bonbi once again complaining about problems she caused 
> why are these people sexualizing me after i repeatedly sexualizing myself
Just because you weren’t ready for the internet doesn’t make it our fault that you can’t handle creepy weirdos
When she was 14 the blame was on the people saying weird shit about her 100%.

If she really wants to be a sex-worker she has to accept the blame for lewd comments is 100% on her. It goes with the territory. As she said herself people do not see SWs as human - thats just human nature.

She can choose to be lewd or non-lewd but if she is both cute and lewd comments will be lewd.

(Coomers are still incel bastards who are to blame for all of this. Also for the record I dont think her work to date reaches as low as SW.)
This gorgeous girl is still 15. She always overreacted to morons and trolls on the internet. All the time I've known her
Honestly what she's saying isn't invalid, but it also leaves me feeling completely confused.  Does she NOT want me to comment on her body?  Does she only want me to think those things when it's specifically lewd pictures she's posting?

If a patreon post shows up here and I like her ass and say so, is there harm in that?  I really don't know anymore.  Obviously if I for what ever reason interacted with her in real life I wouldn't say anything lewd because I'm not a creep, but I sure would be thinking them on occasion.
So basically all these complaints are about ig right well she's losing followers there anyway and since she's disabling comments will hopefully be the end of her instagram for her
She wants your 100 dollars a month but without any comments of her body. And dont you DARE deep fake her or its CP somehow of a uh, 20 year old or something?
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thumbnail of lapis look.gif
lapis look gif
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once again bonbi conveniently forgetting about exactly how she has treated all the people that have tried to treat her like a human being
from the very beginning, the response she has gotten from the audience she herself has cultivated has been 100% the consequence of her own actions
whether she's aware she does it or not, she has always engineered every circumstance to make herself into a victim
I think she just wants to be perpetually miserable tbh
> it's so hard to exist as a woman on the internet 
yeah yeah sure

She makes good money at it with no effort at all and still complains.
hypocritical whore
Something Awful, it's an online community created in 99.
I'd also cry like a baby if I had to be a part of SA seeing what became of it.
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076 png
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> no matter what I do, I can't win. what am I supposed to do here?
> it makes being a content creator really fucking stressful and not even a job I wanna keep pursuing
so stop posting sexual pictures of yourself on the internet? find a different job that doesn't involve social media?
like, I feel for her being harassed as a teen, but at this point, c'mon
She has every opportunity of leaving but now its the only way she can live she doesn't want to work she because its easy money
>  Does she NOT want me to comment on her body?
I guess she wants you to comment on her Patreon stuff on Patreon, not IG or TT. If you are not on her Patreon then you haven't bought access to those posts anyway, so you dont get to comment.
At least thats my best guess as to how this works in her mind.
What the actual fuck are these discord messages. First off, she's a moron but as the other Anon said, she was a kid so not going to judge.

Seth though...dude literally entertained this talk from a 15 year old?!
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thumbnail of Seth Waters.jpg
Seth Waters jpg
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thumbnail of Seth Waters.jpg
thumbnail of Seth Waters.jpg
Seth Waters jpg
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> Seth though...dude literally entertained this talk from a 15 year old?!
Yes. Seth later moved to her city, right onto her street, and they entered into a serious relationship (including a sexual one), with Bonbi's father giving Seth a job. They were in a relationship until approximately the end of 2020.
She wasn't joking when she said she was groomed.

The story of that particular set - she renamed her Discord account to Bugdaddhy69, copy pastad a load of lewd posts from somewhere else then got surprised when she changed her name back and it changed for previous posts. She commented later along the lines of it being her and her cousin being childish.
> (including a sexual one)
Probably correct but never confirmed. Unless I missed the couch coming out with an expose or something.
I guarantee if everyone who subscribed to her patrons just unsuited one of two things would happen, either she'd finally lower her price, or she'd start posting nudes there or on patreon and would promote it just to get subscribers back. She needs that money for her house. And bills. Because she can't live off of matchuchu's $800 donations every month.
I wonder if she understand that some part of her subs on patreon are perverts who sexualized her when she was 15?
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thumbnail of BR rain.gif
BR rain gif
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I don't think she understands how the world works. She is just 20 yo homeschooled hikki girl. She tries to separate cute and lewd content, but it doesn't work that way. I still think her biggest mistake was in 2022 when she started a $100 patreon, easy money but wierd audience

However archiveBro when you finally leave us. And stop supporting the site, which will lead to its death. Tell us please before it happening.
thumbnail of A5ca0fb804b388062a93a08141e1191f-Videowebm.mp4
thumbnail of A5ca0fb804b388062a93a08141e1191f-Videowebm.mp4
A5ca0fb804b388062a93a... mp4
(3.52 MB, 1920x1080 h264)
Again, there is a good chance your assumption is correct but that clip is not specific - she calls him a pedophile rapist in a very general way that could be hyperbole or talking about someone else. The only Anonce sexual activity confirmed for sure is a potentially underage couch.
> she really wants to be a sex-worker she has to accept the blame for lewd comments is 100% on her.
I'm amazed so main of you mentally challenged cripples don't get it; That's not the point.
The point is, people will do things that can be considered some form of abuse no matter what she does.
If she posts cute stuff,.she gets "you're not allowed to post cute stuff".
If she posts sexy stuff, she gets called a whore.
Even if she completely buttons herself, she gets sexualized comments.
She also said people have been posting the exact same things when she was a teenager. And anybody who's been with the bonbi lore long enough knows this is objective truth. Why do you think discords related to bonbi had such a bad rep back in 2018 and 2019? Precisely because it was a cesspool of guys jerking it over her underaged ass.

Of course incels won't get it, but it's not just incels making these kind of comments on IG.
It's not about the incels or simps or coomers making comments. She needs to realize that at the end of everyday she chooses to post the content she does in a public forum where anyone can access it whether they pay for it or see it on insta. She outs herself out there and people will always have something to say l, positive and negative. It's the nature of the beast. She can't have only one group of people raise her up and not expect others to say abusive or unacceptable things because it hurts her feelings. Especially with some of the kind of content she posts and the way she interacts with some of the Fan base. But now she put herself in a position where she either deletes all her socials and leaves the internet as best she can, while accepting she can't have all the nice things she wants, can't afford her home, can't afford her cats, and moves back in with her parents. Or she sucks it up and let's it go that people have something to say she doesn't like. She isn't in college and she doesn't exactly have a skill set or experience for a well paying job. On top of all of this bonbi has to stop victimizing  herself. We get it shit happened, but she also stirs the pot with her fans. With other internet personalities she's worked with. And it really comes down to she knows the environment she has put herself in, and she needs to choose. Accept it and continue or move on and let it go.
> "you're not allowed to post cute stuff"

but she said

> "you're not allowed to post cute stuff cus u post lewds"

you intentionally see what you want to see
It's not an argument. It's a fact. She needs to let go of worrying about the stupid shit people say and love her life or stop being a public personality and move one with her life. I'm not defending anyone's shitty abusive or negative comments to her, I'm just saying it's gonna keep happening its the nature of the internet. She either accepts it or not. But I don't feel bad for her because she has put herself in this situation, so now she has to learn how to manage herself and deal with it or she should stop trying to be an internet personality. And anyone who wants to argue against this well you're an idiot because you don't understand how people on the internet work. She will always have someone being negative to her no matter what she posts. It's about learning to ignore the bullshit and move past it. If she can't do that and continues to bitch about it then no one should be sympathetic or empathetic towards her. Yes she's dealt with some shifty stuff but she's an adult now. Get therapy and get over it.
> The point is, people will do things that can be considered some form of abuse no matter what she does.

I was not in DT so I cant comment about that. I can only go off how her Tiktok comments and IG comments and the number of lewd comments on those have risen EXACTLY in line with her lewd patreon posting. I didnt say nobody made lewd comments before she published lewds, I said that when they did it was entirely their fault, not hers. Thats what has changed.

Her explanation for starting lewds was that people were already being lewd about her so she might as well. Then the lewd comments multiplied 100 fold. She doesnt like lewd comments, I get it. But they are an inevitable result of what she chooses to post and she has to know they dont vary from day to day or platform to platform - a lewd poster is a lewd poster, not just on the day they post lewds but as a general characterization.
I think its a good idea for her to turn off comments and just let the money talk.  Itll provide a clearer outlook on her future.
the outlook on her future has been clear for a long time now - the creepiest simps in her rapidly declining fanbase facilitating her progressive indoctrination into an industry that will slowly bleed her dry of everything and then unceremoniously dump her once she has no further line of degeneracy left to cross and their interest wanes
it will happen exactly the same as it has happened a thousand times before
Im not saying shes gonna set herself for life, but if she plays her cards right shes in a position to give herself a decent headstart. As of right now, shes squandering that oppprtunity.
Not even that.  Just keeping up with regular content.  Regular higher quality instagram posts, weekly patreon, tiktok posts.  It just feels like shes picked a poor time to suddenly fall off the horse now that she has more financial responsibility.
Streaming more regularly, and not just cooking streams. Thats the biggest potential income stream she has other than Patreon and it does not have a visible end date the way Patreon does.
thumbnail of miku - just dance.gif
thumbnail of miku - just dance.gif
miku - just... gif
(17.91 MB, 600x854)
Patreon might pay the bills but her creativity made her what she is, not the lewds. With or without them I hope she gets back to being a creator.
She honestly lost it being creative her Tiktoks are very boring now there's no life in them anymore it looks like she's only going through the motions now
Also just discovered that Pidge is male in one series of Voltron but female in another and thats the girly Pidge...
I dont watch Voltron if you cant tell.
She complains about people lewding her in ig yet she promotes patreon there where she posts lewd pictures!!!!
Wonder if she'll ever do genderbent patreon.  Course at this point gotta wonder if shes gonna do patreon at all.
Just wish she would just quit being a content creator she's 20 years old and she still complaining about being lewd its getting old either quit tiktok and ig or quit altogether
Just quit the app bro. Unsubscribe, unfollow, stop going looking for her content. Same thing from your point of view but we still get to enjoy her content.
More likely than not she will but also wouldn't be surprised if she "had a lot going on but sooo sorry guyz thx for still supporting me with $100 a month for biweekly content"

Then scheduling a stream with the hope that matchusimp throws away more of his life savings on a girl who will still never sleep with him
man... i miss bonbi so much, she was so cute, so innocent...

she's just a lucky girl with rich parents, i know, but man, it hurts...

last night i made ChatGPT write a love story where me and bonbi fell in love.
Yep. She sold ~50 signitures at $15 each = $750 as an addon alone. He gave her $35. Not including the general publicity.

Dude totally turned her over.
2023.07.17 - stan makes coconut cupmakces
Cosplayed as Stan from South Park
Stream started 22:39
22:41 Been a little while because she was going insane
22:42 Went home to visit family and came out to them. Then called ex and told them she is still in love with them. She asked them to reject her and they did.
22:43 Has lost other camera so laptop camera only
22:44 Doesn't know what she is
22:46 Starts making cupcakes
22:49 Is going to go to Twitchcon 2023 to make up for AX2023. Worried there will be many egos there.
22:52 Means US Twitchcon as she hates the British and anyone else
22:54 Shows Grey kitten (Prof Chaos?) renamed to Heide
22:55 Person in chat offers to hand make sign. Bon requests big-boobied cartman.
22:58 Not seen 
23:00 Gets sponsorship requests from Raid Shadow Legends but doesn't want to do them.
23:04 Cant stand Randy (South Park character)
23:08 Recipe is from a place she gets her meals from but wont say where until they give her money
23:10 Wants friends but does not want to join Discord and be betrayed as usual.
23:13 Wig is her Keith wig
23:23 Discovers she made an error with the cooking. Mixed frosting ingredients into main mix.
22:35 Does not like Crypto
22:36 Books and prints will be shipped before next week. So sorry about 'this shit'. It was a big mistake.
23:38 She was baited really hard and is sorry she involved [her fans]. Next time she does something involving colab she is going to be more careful.
23:45 'If you ever catch me selling NFTs just know I've lost my sould'
23:47 Only got $35 from the book. Screams.
23:55 Sold 50 signitures / signed copies of the book
23:58 Tries cupcakes. They're not cooked.
00:01 'I'm a failure'
00:02 Stream ends
I'm not even remotely surprised tbh, dude seemed like a total grifter from the start
hopefully she might have at least learned something from it this time
She came out to her parents? As gay or as trans?  I get really heavy Indigo White vibes from Bonbi and Indy recently came out as trans.
15 bucks for her fake tiktok name on a book or something?  unless this was a charity she was taking her fans for a ride, almost glad she got fucked over. 15 bucks for a fuckin sharpie fake name, jesus wept.
How dumb must you be to not understand basic things like fans paying for merch? $15 is less than most people in the West earn in an hour, in many US states it is literally the minimum wage. There are drinks at Starbucks that cost more (maybe, close if not actually).
The deal was $15 for a signature. From what she showed on her IG Story people are getting a lot more. She deserves to get her fair share which is a lot more than $35.
Well it looks like it was the 40. She calls herself a failure and has pity parties for herself but can't even hold herself accountable to her own timelines. She's about as dependable as a Russian tank
Im glad shes more comfortable with her body but since she moved out she's gaining weight, i know its hard to lose weight but come on all she does is food streams now, i miss the old bonbi when she had more then one tie6
The irony of her thinking she got screwed with only $35 from the book while thinking two pictures like this a week (if even) are worth $100 a month per sub lol
only two pictures and they're once again from the same set.  This is just so insanely lazy.  Bonbi if you don't like doing this, and you clearly don't, STOP.  You still have parents who are supportive, go to fucking school. Don't go off on and on meds... find a good doctor and stick to their plan.  You're super pretty and clearly people like you since you always seem to have a handful of friends (like Julie) so stop doing this shit you hate and get moving on things that are actually positive.
Jesus bon if you're gonna airbrush the fuck out of your pictures because you're gaining so much weight at least learn how to use photoshop properly.
bros.. there is no way 200+ people watch the stream, and I heard some people staying up late just to catch her streams, I think views would drop a lot if most of the content is like this, because if this is the noteworthy clip, then its not worth staying up late and ruining sleep schedule just for 2 hours of updates and most of them is depressing
fucking kekking at her airbrushed legs (to hide all that cellulite but she couldn’t even cover it all.) 
Also shes so fat that she could only close her bra at the loosest setting with ONE hook lmfao
Its so over
Old audience:
> made thousands of edits, arts, gifs, drawing
Current audience:
> "show me your pussy, whore"

Bonbishka, even if the money worth it, you dont deserve this fate babygorl
I don't even think she showed appreciation to old audience, she also ignores all of their advice about stopping advertisement of patreon on socials and keeping the lewds on patreon exclusively, and then she wonders why people are leaving, because she changed, and most of the old audience senses that, she abandoned them for patreon audience, and she doesn't have the right to complain if they are weird
That's your problem. You don't even know her. None of us do. She doesn't "deserve" or not deserve anything. For what? She seems like a perfectly privileged, attractive, lazy, self-pitying adult with the maturity of a teenager. Either consume her content or don't but she never asked you to save her
Well it looks like all the Anala Tiktoks are gone. It really is a shame - I really liked the sosplay and now it just has bad memories.

(Also, she hasn't remembered to change her Linktr.ee profile picture yet.)
To me the sad thing isn't that it's over, it's that it's been over for a while, a long time now, and we're still here.
What happened?

What is this originally from, Finn?

I think the problem is that she doesn't really like doing anything.

> What you know.webm
Those live parts just reminded me of that retarded Brazilian or whatever he was who pretended to shred his HDDs and USB sticks where he had those recordings on.
AI cant write books yet. Although AI output looks convincing it has no understanding of the underlying facts, people or events its talking about so it cant sustain believability for more than a few paragraphs. Also the first draft she showed has spelling errors / typos that AI does not show (prolouge?).
The only thing that bonbi has that alot of people like she has a cute face and very expressive eyes but the talent she lost and awile back and her as a person she's horrible