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Last thread:   >>/42218/


Chronology Pack: https://mega.nz/folder/SqJSlboT#Eo0dW40FSQQxUfbhaiX2Zw
Recent Streams: https://mega.nz/folder/sb9AUARS#2L6fWgvVj0yOycsNuZkMaQ
Tiktok Streams: https://mega.nz/folder/RT51iQLb#5q9QAtRAZHcmUkeu72Bi_g

username: bonbi
password: bonkers
copy pasted from a friend no doubt, so little thought is going into this i would not be surprised if she was just given all of this and is playing it fast and loose.
Realizing of the three Anons who used to regularly upload posts as soon as she made them I am the only one left.
idk how to tell her this but there are women in their 30's who are thin. nobody is saying she should look 14. only weirdos say that. can someone get her a memo that you can be an adult and be healthy and thin still?
Bonbiboober's saggy bags
On display for all to see
Bonbiboober's red nippels
My eyes feast but I feel nothing
To the Anon from the last thread who said he was gonna request a Hard Time video from her.
Please also do a Primadonna Girl one.
I wonder how many requests she got in total? If she was at 600 before ever confirming she was going to do customs imagine the number afterward.
> has premade enough content for a month as to focus on customs
> puts out a statement for people to not prepay for customs
> just 2 hours later completely goes back on her word about doing customs, now says it will be months before she does them, doing PPV DMs instead, issuing refunds via PayPal
Bon B. Bonkers everybody
What a shitshow this has been so far only after 3 Onlyfans posts
This was $5. :(

I love Bonbi, but if she's going to be this softcore then it at least needs to be very high quality and longer.  It being Bonbi definitely adds a ton to the novelty and value by itself, but it's not enough.
If you didn't this this coming, you are dimmer than Bonbi herself

I've noticed that she still isn't letting her tits hang loose. Don't know why as they aren't that saggy

Very nice nips though
It always feels like she is pushing herself to be more lewd but she knows she is doing something bad that she will not be able to undo. I still think she is trying to impress her friends, she has spoken about growing up lonely because she was home schooled and wanting friends. When she broke up with her last BF she was worried if the friend group would still speak to her.

The problem with this is all her friends are whores. She looks at them and because they all do OF thinks that doing OF is normal. She doesnt see it from the other angle - why do normal people not want to hang with them? They stick together because most people do not want to associate with porn stars so they get stuck with other porn stars.

The worst part - her own children will probably have to be home schooled because of choices she made in August 2023. And they will know exactly why the other children are bullying them, they will have the pictures.
She needs better friends. She would have been smarter to pick cosplayers since that is what she was into. How she ended up with porn stars is the mystery.
i guess your right. I still think that she doesnt understand how the world works.
I think she "hosts" her OF friends now, as she said.
Unfortunately, no one cares anymore. The last tiktok still not uploaded here in HD. Bros just leaving cuz she becomes a piece of meat
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thumbnail of 1430 [Zero Two] (attention).mp4
1430 [Zero... mp4
(6.86 MB, 1080x1920 hevc)
> The last tiktok still not uploaded here in HD

I did at least put it in the pack in HD last night but yes, no HD version uploaded before this. She doesn't feel special any more.
>  She doesn't feel special any more.
has she tried not cheapening herself and not chasing the lowest common denominator for an audience?
I used to worry back when I still had hope for her future
for a long time now I've come to expect the worst, and bonbi has somehow still managed to surprise me
> https://gofile.io/d/y3aASo

> https://gofile.io/d/5f3DTv

Not even worth pulling my dick out, dont understand how she has subs, should have just stayed some innocent cosplay girl.
i dont know but i wont be surprised if yes. Maybe shes the host of the same annual party where she used drugs for the first time last year.
Her friends never were and never will be internet celebrities with a cult following on both English and Russian speaking image boards.
She likely asked them for advice but neither they nor her has any clue how famous she used to be just a few years ago or how fame attracts coomers like flies to shit, ergo the pricing and her subsequently being flooded with requests she has no ability to fulfill.
She's thicc but I'd say not overly so. Still has a fun body. Bending her over the bed and watching the ass jiggle with each thrust would be mesmerising
Man I can't help but be bummed I'm not getting the custom I wanted.  It would have been so hot and I think it was tame enough that she wouldn't have had any issue doing it.
I don't think I indicated at all that I was in any kind of actual distress over this lol.  "I'm bummed" is pretty low on the upset scale my dude.

She refunded me and I'll go back to looking forward to her weekly posts.
I haven't checked in on her in nearly a year it seems like.
I remember when I first came here, I was in new york and it was the peak of the seth era. Many anons were holding out hope it wasn't even real. I remember her old discord server and how it was a ring of groomers, anons here all knew it and they laughed at us then and they continue to laugh at us, why?
All so they could get some feet and tit pics. Simps and cucks truly are the worst in the world. This beautiful young girl had her whole life infront of her, she was raised away from society in a religious household, she knew that swearing was wrong and she had a love of disney and pixar.

And then the woke leftism mob that controls the culture and media got ahold of her, that scams people out of their livelihoods and brainwashes them into worshipping satan, that turned this young impressionable girl into a whore that will regret her decisions now for as long as she lives. Heck, she might even reminisce about her groomers, at least they were somewhat nice to her at some point. The current mob just want her for her body.

When the money stops and she's sitting as a hag in her 40's with no one to remember her name or call her friend except the dozens of cats she's owned, then I wonder if she might come to God once again. I hope. It's probably her only real chance. Thanks for the memories bonbi, but it's just too sad now.
lol buddy it's some girl on the internet... also I like how you admit to being on the groomer central discord then go on to call her a beautiful young girl.  This + all your weird religious talk + your obvious fear and anxiety based existence makes you an absolute creep.
Anon, it's her groomers that moved her towards whoring herself out. Do you think 'woke leftists' did this? No, it's pedofiles that have followed her since she was 15.
I miss 2019 era bonbi and bonbi bros,it all went to shit after that, I don't know what's the point anymore
I was talking specifically about her boyfriend. He used and abused her, but I'm sure she'll look fondly on it. Whores often reminisce their abusers, I know that for a fact.
Yeah I went on the discord because I didn't know what the fuck was going on. 
She was beautiful. Do you actually dispute that?
Obvious fear and anxiety based existence? This girl will lucky to have just one man raping her in the future. She'll likely be a cock carousal. My religious overtone is to get it through your thick fucking skull that in a whole and healthy society this never would have happened, she would have either found a husband who protected her or her family would have kept her safe.

You're a titanic troon and should kill yourself immediately.
Guys please stop fighting. We are in truly dreadful times. The weight of this despair is truly grim.

she seemed to have given up caring about tiktoks once she dug into lewd stuff. it seems more the off chance she wakes up and cares about something other than shaking her tits around she makes a tik tok.

the weight gain will increase. she eats processed trash so there is no brakes on this train (like having to cook all her food could cause). you doubt me but she will end up doing fetish scat content to survive
with the money this woman has pulled in off her crap she should hire a nutritionist to help her get her diet under control. if she keeps eating trash her OF idea is going to crater fast.
I come here for the free lewds, but can you reelords pipe the fuck down? I've never seen so many mouthbreathers cry for so long over some internet clunge because she's not jbait anymore. Fucking incredible, get a grip.
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lulu_awooga gif
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"not jbait" we just want her to keep her dignity as an adult and become mentally stable. she's suffered a lot from her internet fame and the last thing she needed to do was put her naked body all over the internet and put herself in a situation where she has to keep showing more just to pay rent. it's depressing, very small percentage care that she isn't underage anymore. becoming a woman doesn't include degrading yourself by selling your body to coomers.
Some mod banned my IP range for no fucking reason so fuck this place and fuck all of you.  I'm pretty sure this guy is the moderator:  >>/43402/

Which is fucking pathetic.
reading your post I can tell it was a well deserved ban prolly all the people on your range are cunts
we need maor proactivity
I have not seen anyone saying they wish she was 16 again, I have only seen people saying they wish she hadn't whored out and gone to OF. I think you are projecting. You people getting what you want has cost her her future.
Clicked on the stream to see if it was interesting. Just belching, making weird noises, and self pity. Had to turn it off after two minutes. Yeaaaaah... she wouldn't have made it very far trying to make an income off streaming...
How much do you hater morons honestly think Bonbi weighs, and how much do you think she SHOULD weigh?
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thumbnail of literally me.webm
literally me webm
(21.75 MB, 1920x1080 vp9)
> I finally know what kino means.
i dont think so...

also i noticed bro finally left us. Take care bro. Its been an insane 5 years. The beginning of the end is obvious.
You just need to remember theyre all not real, bro. Personally, it will be very hard for me, but Ill survive it.
Since she decided to do OF she has been reposting Tiktoks she did when she was 15. She understands coomers, knows what they want.
I really dont care what current society thinks, but burping is whatever, but I do not like associating women with farting and pooping, I get we all do it, but I just wish women still acted as if they dont do it. So when I see a women who just rips one with no care it ruins her for me, and honestly feel its them doing it on purpose so people find them less attractive.
hilarious mental image
> b-but bonbi everyone in these threads is just calling you cute and shitting on the pedo 
I unironically believe this is the reason she's refusing to go back, bonbi never did cope well with people pointing out when her fantasy doesn't correlate with reality
Elsewhere in the stream she also talked about people DMing her to say 'You're better than this' and goes on to say she is not a hero, here to save the world. She seems to confuse people disappointed she turned to porn with people wanting her to 'be pure' - these are not the same thing.

I have known plenty of women who are attractive enough to have an OF - never known one to actually go ahead and make one though. Its not about being pure, its about not being a whore.
Is there an actual 4chan archive? The only one I know about is the Russian one (ie actually 2ch) and there they spent a lot of time trying to track down her location.
bonbi has a folder on her computer where she saves all the best posts from her favourite anons
she opens it up sometimes to read them and reminisce about the good old days
i want to believe that. but she said instead that she has a folder of hateful things people said and she looks at that instead which explains a lot about her wacked out behavior.
how can this vapid cunt still be bothered by THE FOUR CHANS even today? Can she not step back for one second and realize how absurdly fucking dumb she was at the time?
She really does seem hugely dumber today, like her intelligence slider has been moved down 40%. Just how she speaks slowly and has obvious thinking gaps
all this "hot new bontent" would probably be a lot more appealing if her body hadn't turned the texture and consistency of ground pork
Still mystified by what exactly you thought this fat Mexican tranny was going to do with her life. She looks good as hell doing this, I think it was the best career move she could have made.
Its 10k for the first month, time will tell how far it drops after that. The difference if she hadn't decided to become a porn star is she would be making less, but it would be going up over time. And she wouldn't have to publish porn.
I really hope she becomes very wealthy from this. She deserves this win. I'm not saying she'll make Belle Delphine levels of money. But I hope she does well.
Because in the grift economy anything is justified if it makes you rich. 'Am I a bad person for whoring out?' Depends - did it make you moola?
Peeps are so pathetic.
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thumbnail of 2023.09.11 - 22-01-33 UTC CxEUsOHgnTO_1.jpg
2023.09.11 -... jpg
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> denoise, enhance, upscale

Bon, you just need to buy a good camera and lose some weight. You said yourself that you miss the skinny bonbi.
Retarded simps make women lazier, jesus
who gives a shit though
Lol, nice job Anon, took me a moment to get it. I complain about people being pathetic so you respond with an ad hominem attack, a famously pathetic response showing you lost an argument. I almost missed your irony.
dont waste your time trying to understand it. the simps have encircled her to guard her from any responsibility at all. if she didnt have the simps to cry to she would be forced to self reflect.
You seem irrationally angry. Have you checked your blood pressure? You need to take care of yourself anon, especially given your emotional issues.

you guys are hilarious. she pissed away all the money people gave her previously when she was living at home. you think she will have some master plan drafted out for this? she will be broke in a year regardless.
The delusions you incels come up with are truly hilarious 😂 do you actually convince yourself of this bullshit? Or is there a sliver of self awareness buried deep under all the tears and bitterness?
Lol, nice job Anon, took me a moment to get it. I complain about people being pathetic so you respond with an ad hominem attack, a famously pathetic response showing you lost an argument. I almost missed your irony.
Uh oh, I broke him. Poor little guy. Just couldn't handle the mental stress after his waifu started posting nudes. Hang in there fella, there will be more underage tokfus for you to become suspiciously attached to.
Lol, nice job Anon, took me a moment to get it. I complain about people being pathetic so you respond with a third ad hominem attack, a famously pathetic response showing you lost an argument. I almost missed your irony.
My point was more that making money from something doesn't automatically mean that thing is justified. Deciding to burn her future to become a porn star makes her a bad person, even if she makes money from it.
It's normal for girls to shave. 88% of women do. It's cleaner and looks better, tastes better.
You're a grade-a disingenuous faggot if you try to pull the "pedo" bullshit over shaved pubes.
As opposed to being a professional grifter who people look upon for 30 seconds of inspiration to create a sticky situation. Totally a better idea.
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thumbnail of 672 [Samus] (can i get that).mp4
672... mp4
(10.51 MB, 720x1280 h264)
yeah she could've lost weight, improved her cosplay, and toks. could've remained relevant, you know many e-girls live off paypigs and never go naked.
Think she'll start pandering to chubby chasers? 

Might ask her if she'll weigh herself for money tbh
I also shave my balls.
Nearly every woman appreciates it and I expect the same from her, at least trimmed.
Because I ain't gonna burry my face in a fucking jungle.
I'm not sure why I looked at them.
Didn't flinch and didn't care about on these, but that's been the case for all the previous ones too.

It's as if I see her silly face in my mind when I look at these.


> makes her a bad person
That's just a highly subjective opinion and nothing more.
Don't act as if your impression is a kind of fact.

This is Bonbi we're talking about.
She's not known for consistency and sticking to a plan. If she even has a plan.
thumbnail of 2019.02.25 [Homestuck - Roxy Lalonde].jpg
thumbnail of 2019.02.25 [Homestuck - Roxy Lalonde].jpg
2019.02.25... jpg
(1.63 MB, 2880x3600)
Unfortunately enhancement with AI is not well enough right now. It adds a lot of wrong details. 1 out of 10 pics is suitable for editing.
Also I stopped active bonbiposting in 2023 for a while, cuz this is insane cumOnlyFans thread now. She posts 20 cumpics and only 1 tiktok per week. I think shes done.
> That's just a highly subjective opinion and nothing more
Its the majority response, the one you will find from most people. Imagine if you are on OF one day and you see someone in your friend group doing the sort of stuff Bonbi is doing. Would you not be shocked? What if it was your GF?
she'll end up having to probably the way this is going. she'll start having to do mukbangs. then the chubby chasers will come out of the wood work. pretty soon she is selling jiggle videos.
> cuz this is insane cumOnlyFans thread now. She posts 20 cumpics and only 1 tiktok per week. I think shes done.

saddest thing about this whole thing. she couldnt care about anything other than the money and getting people off.
The longing for impossible things, precisely because they are impossible; nostalgia for what never was; the desire for what could have been; regret over not being someone else; dissatisfaction with the world’s existence. All these half-tones of the soul’s consciousness create in us a painful landscape, an eternal sunset of what we are.
> She is hurting exactly 0 people.
only herself, her parents and every single person she's ever been close to, associated with, or stood nearby
I didnt understand her stupid as fuck feet censoring til I saw them on her onlyfans, shes not being weird, shes trying to save us from seeing the fuckin cankled chonkers.
That moment you realize Mondays post will be delayed or cancelled - something to do with looking after two new kittens.
> Would you not be shocked?

> What if it was your GF?
Would be really fucking weird if my GF started doing OF without my knowledge. That's something you should talk about with your partner first.
But bonbi isn't my GF.

You used the term "bad", that's what's highly subjective and honestly kinda fucked up for you to think or feel.
> highly subjective and honestly kinda fucked up for you to think or feel.
Lol. Make up your mind.

Anon, most people look down on porn stars and whores. Its seen as a career of last resort, a sign of failure. You might not see it that way but that probably just means you're not normal.
Most people would also look down on adults who were parasocial with a teenager who wasn't even their child but here you are. You really wanna play the "normal" card?
Looks that way i dont know how she will go able to go anywhere who will take care of her cats if she wants to go on a trip she doesn't have anyone close by and her family live hours away she really screwed herself
Bro if the only thing you can contribute to the world is flopping your fat tits around, youve failed in life and that goes for any porn star, or ewhore, or onlyfans twat. They gave up any respect people should have for themselves. Theyve willingly chose to go to the basest profession of humanity
Bon realizes that literally all free porn is better than her stuff right? It's really pathetic.
which is why people paying for it is all the more strange. i'm sure the numbers will dwindle shortly and she will likely go back to patreon.
it all came true
every single bit
it's hilarious, she had a mother and father, siblings, even homeschooled (if that was true) and it STILL happened
lmao, the internet is just too powerful