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I realize there’s still a lot of controversy over the whole grooming/pedo discussion. In fact, my attempted deep dive into the topic was the very thing which made me aware of this  site is the in the first place.

In one of my searches, I found an informative series of posts uploaded to this site in December of 2019. The writer was someone who seemed deeply knowledgeable about the subject. They were likely in the thick of things as they happened, because the narrative and timeline is fairly minute and detailed.

It’s an interesting read, to say the least. My main takeaway though is that Bonbi was much more complicit and involved than she’s letting on. In fact, she didn’t come away smelling like roses. At all.

Although I have no way of verifying the accuracy of the posted info, I’m going to assume the information is legitimate until I'm shown otherwise.

The link is https://endchan.org/bbg/res/2500.html if anyone is interested.
> They definitely at least met up when she was still 15
(that would've been 2018 if my math is correct)

> they did not meet in person until march 2020.
(she would’ve 16 years 9 months old, i.e. almost 17)

So, which version is correct?
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not to burst the bubble on the youtube documentary or whatever you're building here, but seth isn't real.
we made him up.
You may find it totally normal, however, there are still a fair number of people, including myself, who find a 20-year-old male sexually targeting a 15-year-young girl disturbingly creepy. I'm not judging you, just conveying my viewpoint.
Why do you automatically assume someone is building a documentary merely because they're interested in getting the facts straight? Thanks, dude, way to ruin a lively and interesting discussion.
> I'm not judging you, just conveying my viewpoint.
I appreciate that. But I have to ask: why? It doesn't make sense to me. Would you still think it was disturbingly creepy if, say, the female was 18 and the male was 23?
^this guy doesn't even know about the loli sex dolls or the in-depth horse cock rape porn reviews
imagine being so blissfully unaware
must be nice
Speak for yourself buddy. A 15yo is a child, you might get fooled by IG pictures but if you meet one IRL you will feel like you are talking to a child.

Nice wording around when they actually started dating. A lot of weird things happened 68 years ago that are not seen as normal now. Seth was not initially called a pedophile because he was chasing a 14/15yo, he was called a pedophile because he was caught on loli forums and trying to buy loli sex dolls (he was asking if they are legal in the US).

Bonbis IG Story from Jan 2019 (when she was 15) followed her mentioning on stream that she was going to meet Anonce in person - thats how someone knew to ask the question. She claims herself they met well before 2020.
just another guy who came here cus of her OF. Thats so funny. I can imagine how excited he is. This explains the amount of spam from him.

Dude just keep sending her your money on OF

also im sure there was a raid from somewhere
they hadnt met by that point, they had only been dating for like 2 months. she was lying. bonbi has never been known for telling the truth. 
she would flip on a daily basis of hating seth, calling him a manipulator and protecting him and teasing the community with their relationship.
given our current situation with the sex work, its hard to imagine a better scenario but back then seth was the first in line of a lot of very bad outcomes. 
her community was full of men wanting to save bonbi from her overdramatic psychosis. her age was a concept everyone skirted around and used against her as a reason why her and seth shouldnt be in a relationship. 
she didnt care really, as most young girls dont, until it benefitted her. she burned every single bridge over this issue and defended seth always. 
nowadays, since it no longer benefits her, seth is always the pedo groomer and their age gap has magically increased from 3 years 11 months to 5+ years.
Doesn't really matter when exactly it happened. 14, 15 or 16.
It's all fucked up and the fuckface had a plan from the get-go.

> her own children
I can't really see her having or wanting kids.

No matter how long ago it's been... every time I heard more of it, it's just sad and disgusting.

Wasn't the rumor he failed the training/exams?

Stopped reading after your first sentence.
Take your sexual abuse brainrot somewhere else.

> also im sure there was a raid from somewhere
I don't know...
There always seem to be some people lurking or just checking the thread and I guess my post about the goodbye stream and the replies triggered a reaction from some.

Clear signs of a codependent relationship.
My guess (hope?) is she uploaded it, closed the app then enjoyed the rest of the Thanksgiving weekend with her family.
She said she'd be posting less because she's busy with the holidays and it takes so long to take three shitty selfies of her tits.
If anyone was in the stream, did she say if she'd post on her OF or is she taking the week off for ringworm?
Someone asked if she would be posting on Patreon and she said she would be posting later. Make of that what you will.
> posting vagina on the internet
> being upset when coomers come to twitch chat
so funny women's logic

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