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Damn, I was so utterly smashed drunk that night.
I need to stop. kek

Dunno about the fat part, but I don't see the age being a problem. Like, even if a 16 year old made those moves it'd be kinda cringe.

> was made by a literal tranny.
Who cares.

I thought something looked off about that pic, but couldn't quite put my finger on it...
thumbnail of 1.mp4
thumbnail of 1.mp4
1 mp4
(2.1 MB, 540x960 h264)
See is either unwell, been invited to preview Stranger Things season 5 or got tickets for a TOP gig.
Early 2022 gang here. Her streams were so good before she met the LA OnlyFriends and went on to become a whore.
> But that train has long left the station.
true, the 2018/2019 fans left long ago, and the remaining ones are just there to see the downfall or to coom
The version on the right is from the looking back IG Story she did in Feb 2019. I dont know where the version on the left comes from - maybe it is what she published in Feb 2018? Dont know about Anonce telling her not to publish anything. All before my time tbh.
She didn't post anything last week.
Hopefully she won't post anything this week.
Hopefully she goes broke and has to get a real job and stop huffing all the catshit in her house.
I never thought there'd be a day where Bonbi is posting her really nice boobs and I'm bored of it.
> Its not a grift when you're the one making up expectation
I have no idea what the f*** this means.

My grift comment above was aimed at the Anon, not her. The idea that something is justified if it makes you money, like the NFT scammers, pornstars, Kardashians etc is grift.
Bonbi's tits are grade A tits, but even grade A tit lose their appeal, especially when they are displayed the same way each time.
hew new tiktoks SUCK, her shitty 240p bland boob pictures SUCK, she needs to start fucking that dildo on camera and squirting or stop wasting our time
If she would just do one good full nude set... tastefully cover up her poohole and whatnot... like, girl needs an old Playboy or something idfk. 
These are just depressing. 
Does she not understand the goldmine she'd have if she'd just make some good quality sexy stuff? It's absolutely baffling.
That I can probably agree with in her case.

> NFT scammers
Obviously doing illegal shit, but not being jailed for it.

> pornstars
Legal in most decent countries, even if the system is highly abusive.
The actors and actresses rarely are the grifters, but the people running the studios.

> Kardashians
Just retards, not grifters.

They're too far in. Sunken cost etc.
There are still DSP paypigs after so many years, there will also be Bonbi paypigs forever.

Even if she didn't do nudes, she would have been just as inconsistent and lazy, because she lacks motivating in everything she does for a certain time. Especially if she turns it into a job.
It was the same with IG, the same with Twitch, the same with Tiktok.
She has untreated issues and is unable to stick to a thing.
Her depressing OF pics just make it even more obvious.
> actors and actresses 
Cope. Do they learn meaningful lines? Do they study emotions and how to portray them to an audience? They're pornstars, stop insulting actors and actresses with an equivalence that doesn't exist.
haven't been here for a while, jesus christ how fat is she getting? someone should smack some sense into her head

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New Reply on thread #44337
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