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thumbnail of 2023-09-05 Zero Two.jpg
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thumbnail of 2023-10-11 alice.jpg
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Last thread:  >>/43287/


Chronology Pack: https://mega.nz/folder/SqJSlboT#Eo0dW40FSQQxUfbhaiX2Zw
Recent Streams: https://mega.nz/folder/sb9AUARS#2L6fWgvVj0yOycsNuZkMaQ
Tiktok Streams: https://mega.nz/folder/RT51iQLb#5q9QAtRAZHcmUkeu72Bi_g

Anons Archive: https://mega.nz/folder/jQJwELya#WOcrcA-RgB2XrNE_D1if3w
We doing a new thread? Based on her room, do yall think she has bad hygiene? Imagine meeting Bonbi and there is a musk wafting from her.
> We doing a new thread? 
The previous one was at 996 posts so yes. I checked the bonbi.xyz links and none of them seemed to be still working so I did not include them. Can anyone confirm they are gone or even know if they are gone for good?
> Here we go again
Did something with a friend while having some drinks.

I'm close to driving drunk and getting more alcohol.
probably not worth it though
Random /bbg/ I just came across:

It feels like these threads have been a lifetime ago, like 8 or 10 years ago, at the same time it feels surreal it's been over 4 years ago already.
Uh... nevermind me then.
Guess I associated the prime stalker song with somebody else.
Which Tessa Violet had clowns in the MV again?

Granted, that was from a Bonbi era where I barely followed her anymore.
She is rather cute with long hair, she is cute in general, some former fedora wearing programmer should scoop her up, and wife her. Shame about her farting on stream habit.
What was she thinking with this one? Seriously one of the least erotic pictures she's ever posted, and that's saying something
As a fan of her onlyfans character arc, and a subscriber myself, I have to agree with you here. I was very disappointed.
for the love of god can we change the spoiler to something that doesnt take up the entire friggin screen
thumbnail of Screenshot_20231118-214716.png
thumbnail of Screenshot_20231118-214716.png
Screenshot... png
(1.11 MB, 1440x2880)
It seems slightly arbitrary, sometimes the thumbnail is huge, sometimes vaguely the right size but with the aspect ratio squashed or stretched oddly
refreshing the page usually mostly fixes things, although on mobile it's still much larger than it should be
just endchan being endchan i guess
I dont ever watch her stream, in fact I dont watch any streams, I dont see the point, outside of maybe background noise while doing something else, but I've seen it mentioned here enough times to assume it is in fact real she rips ass and burps while on stream. 
Im willing to put money someone paid her to do that, or it could be a subtle hint she is thinking of progressing and/or trying to draw back in the simps, just a thought. 
Should have simped harder when she was "pure" or saved her from being molested by Emiru's thugs
She doesn't fart on stream but she does burp.

Her streams used to be more fun but you can tell a bit of the life has been sucked out of her since she started doing porn - she doesn't have the excitement or enthusiasm she had before. Not really a surprise - OnlyWhores DM are famously rough. People know they are paying a sex worker so they feel entitled to be as vulgar, disgusting and direct as they like. There are whole threads elsewhere joking about how many dick pics each member has sent so far. It goes with the territory she chose.
Yeah, I can kind of understand it though, you dont respect yourself if you become a sex worker, cant expect other to respect you also.
It's the thumbnail size of the original image, not the spoiler's.
It also could differ depending on theme I guess.

> mobile
People should use Magrathea for that, it's more phone friendly.
thumbnail of bonbichonkers.jpg
thumbnail of bonbichonkers.jpg
bonbichonkers jpg
(288.37 KB, 1044x600)
> It's the thumbnail size of the original image, not the spoiler's.
> It also could differ depending on theme I guess.
Ah yes, the usual endchan support reply: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

> People should use Magrathea for that, it's more phone friendly.
Magrathea sucks, it's just another never-finished half-assed Odilitime project

inb4 this post is deleted by butthurt BO
It's not Odili.
You can just reply to the questions, we are open to make things better. This is why I asked.
Btw, Magra still gets updates.
Still would. 

Honestly, I never gave a fuck about seeing her naked, I have seen enough poon to get a doctorate in gynecology. 

All I have ever wanted from her is to use her deadly cute fucking face to make hot expressions. Not that ahagio shit, but O faces and lip bits and deer in the headlights eyes. I would clock her OF in a second if that was her game.

Fuck all this fat/thin shit, that face is still cute as all fuck and is the entire reason this message board exists.
It's another sloppy, floppy titty, Bonday Monday.
Aren't you fags excited for all the great parasocial disappointment in Bonbi's life choices today!
'Successful businessman homesteads deadbeat meth head property in the sticks'
Now there’s a story you don’t hear all too often.

Well, at least Tracer looked cute dancing around the place...
Misinformation, her uncle owns the place, her dad is the manager, the trailer is where Seth lived, her old house is on 4 acres and is 4,000 square feet, the trailer was on the 4 acres
Shouldn't they work on the primary, front-facing website that everyone actually uses? You said you were open to make things better. This is something that could be made better (as evidenced by the complaints by more than a few anons over the past couple months).
saw the update and it was so dogshit that i didn't even pull my cock out. and i am a seriously addicted coomer. people need to stop paying until she steps it up. even spreading that fat cunt would be servicable, could try and coom off that alone. but she should do some solo vids soon, and then some hardcore. facefucking would be exquisite.
thumbnail of 2023-11-20 If good thing happen, why satan.JPG
thumbnail of 2023-11-20 If good thing happen, why satan.JPG
2023-11-20 If... JPG
(506.77 KB, 1536x2048)
Someone on stream reminded her Twitter / X exists. This is the result. Kinda makes me wonder why she doesn't post stuff like this on IG any more.
I suggested using Magrathea, because that is our new project a new frontend for Endchan, which is under development, but for the users it's perfectly usable already.
He said Magrathea is never-finished and sucks.
I asked what's wrong with it, since that is the one we actively polishing.
He said spoiler thumbnails are fucked.
I asked if that's a problem on Magrathea, because that was the topic.

Infinity-now is not developed anymore. We apply some quick-fixes now and then. But it is highly suggested for the users, especially for phoneposters (phonelurkers) to move to Magrathea, because it is less clunky than the original frontend.
So while we might correct the spoilers, our priority is Magrathea, it's part of our larger project Double Plus which powers our other imageboard wrongthink.net . If you say it's not working again, I'll ask again what's the problem with it, so we can fix that.
If she had been sensible she never would have. Then again, if she was sensible she would never have started OF. This set seems to have been badly received generally - this is bad news as it just means she will have to take the next step sooner.
> dadbi
Love the moniker… sounds like a Nicktoon: "Meet the Bi's" Dadbi, Mombi, Sisbi and her Brobis…
Today’s Episode: "Parlor Games" Dadbi’s rescheduled Bible Study derails when the group discovers Sisbi filming OF content in the parlor. Hilarity ensues.
Damnit, Bonbi! When will you realize that your face is the money shot. Your nude rack is nice, but it’s just window dressing.
she is so fucking cute its insane. too bad shes a slut. idk why im here bro.. waiting for something good to happen
 Would this be a bad time to tell her Im not a tit guy? And this all sucks? i dunno man, I just wanna let her do.

Am I a squat toad? do i have a slack tain? are my biceps actually upside down triceps? how can i explain this to mummykins?
The vagina cup is ok, but this is the worst set ive seen so far. Looks like some who realized they had a project due for school, and did it two hours before school started.
> I suggested using Magrathea, because that is our new project a new frontend for Endchan, which is under development, but for the users it's perfectly usable already.
> He said Magrathea is never-finished and sucks.
> I asked what's wrong with it, since that is the one we actively polishing.

> under development
> actively polishing
So, unfinished, then?

> He said spoiler thumbnails are fucked.
They are

> I asked if that's a problem on Magrathea, because that was the topic.
I don't know, I don't use Magrathea because it tends to break, themes don't work, the page title is just the number of unread posts and not the thread subject... I could go on. It looks like it was designed for phones, and since I'm not a faggot teenager, I use an actual computer for internet browsing.

> Infinity-now is not developed anymore.
Why is it the default frontend then, if Magrathea is totally finished and awesome?

> We apply some quick-fixes now and then.
How about you do that for the spoiler images that many users have complained about?

> But it is highly suggested for the users, especially for phoneposters (phonelurkers)
gay and zoomerpilled

> So while we might correct the spoilers, our priority is Magrathea
So I like I said originally, you're giving this the usual endchan support treatment: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

> it's part of our larger project Double Plus which powers our other imageboard wrongthink.net .
What's the point of making another imageboard when you already have this one? To further fragment the already rapidly dwindling user base? Is it because Odilitime starts a project, gets bored, doesn't finish it, and moves on to the next big thing before rinsing and repeating?

> If you say it's not working again, I'll ask again what's the problem with it, so we can fix that.
The spoiler images don't work
The spoiler thing has been an issue for months. The guy said he's open to making things better ( >>/44381/). Except, you know, not really. It's not like the 6 people posting here couldn't find somewhere else to discuss Bonbi's weight gain.
I lay a lot of blame at her parent’s doorstep. They home-schooled her, most likely preventing her from socially interacting with other kids her age. At least not to the degree I'm sure she would’ve wanted. IIRC, in that goodbye stream, she even mentions finding most of her friends online, and how sad she is to now lose them. It also paved the way for a lot of the unhealthy drama that occurred after she made her comeback a few months later.
Still cant get my head around the fact they allowed a 19yo to date their barely 15yo daughter. They dont seem negligent, if anything seems to be a decent family, so wtf happened?
definitely agreeing on the home schooling.
thats such a fucked up practice you only seen in third world shitholes like the US.
From what I’ve read so far, they began an online relationship when Bonbi was 15. They messaged each other for about two years before Seth and his mother moved into a trailer on the family property, and later into a house next door. By that time Bonbi was 17, so it probably wasn’t a problem to convince her parents to take him in as her boyfriend. The real scandal was the grooming he subjected her to during their long-distance relationship. She was likely already damaged long before he actually set foot in Louisiana.
Ain't it funny, another groomed child ending up an adult porn star.

Worst bit is she has probably not had enough success on OnlyWhores to earn enough to carry her through but has had enough that she will now be home-schooling her own children. She often goes on about how much she hated being home-schooled, one day about 10 years from now she will realize her own children are being home-schooled because of decisions she made in 2023.

And the coomers will keep cheering her on.
Ok, thanks for the clarification. I guess the posts I've read so far on the subject weren't entirely accurate then. If they did meet up when she was only 15 then the anon's initial question definitely raises a valid issue.
Holy shit! I wonder why no one ever pressed charges against the creep.
Love her 'Date someone your own age' response, though. NGL, that's pretty feisty for a 15-year-old in her situation.
Thanks for posting.
on an unrelated note the pedos new address is 149 N Barksdale St, SHELBY, Memphis, TN 38104
nothing on open payrolls of him being any public servant. although i'm not american so i dont know your laws im sure you can opt out of your information being public.
I dunno, bro. I dated a few 15-year-old girls in my day as well. The difference was that I was also 15 at the time. 
And, no, I doubt I would've ever been capable of targeting and grooming an underage girl for sexual gratification. 
Especially not as an adult, even if the opportunity had presented itself. So, speak for yourself, not for others.
bruhhh i wasn't following when these steams happened i didn't know that she had been spilling the tea on these topics. now i have to go catch up
thumbnail of Bonbi.Sailor.Moon.Cool.Kids.Echosmith.mp4
thumbnail of Bonbi.Sailor.Moon.Cool.Kids.Echosmith.mp4
Bonbi.Sail... mp4
(20.3 MB, 720x1280 h264)
Is this from one of her Twitch chats? I stopped listening to those after noticing the conversation was mostly about cosplay related stuff. Tbh, I often didn't have the slightest clue about what they were talking about. I'm likewise going to have to catch up.

I recognize the Sailor Moon costume, though.
thumbnail of redbonstimm01.gif
thumbnail of redbonstimm01.gif
redbonstimm01 gif
(2.05 MB, 300x300)
this would have been over discord and lets be honest, it wouldnt be hard to track bonbis mood swings. 
they did not meet in person until march 2020. seth was incredibly poor and took advantage of cheap flights during covid pandemic.
he was terrified of the whole pedo thing, bonbi knew this and used it to control him. shes definitely the bigger narcessist.
thumbnail of 2023.11.26 [Genshin Impact - Venti] (If good thing happen, why satan).jpg
thumbnail of 2023.11.26 [Genshin Impact - Venti] (If good thing happen, why satan).jpg
2023.11.26... jpg
(3.48 MB, 2995x3994)
man, just relax. They dated for 2 years irl. And she didnt care that he has been pedophile, although she knew about it even then. They worked together. She protected him from people who wanted to put him in prison. What she said later is no longer so important.
Shes pretty gorl but she is liar

The only really interesting question was why her parents didnt give a shit about a 20 year old dude hanging out with their 15 year old daughter in their own house.
How fully brainwashed by feminist propaganda do you have to be to think that a 19 year old male paired with a 15 year old female is in any way inappropriate?

My grandpa was 25 when he met my grandmother. She was 14. The 11 year age difference sure didn't matter when they were 35 and 46. When my grandpa died at 82 she cried for weeks. She was deeply in love with him and at no point did she ever consider herself as having been "groomed". They had 3 kids together (one of them being my mom). I asked my mom if she ever remembers grandma and grandpa's "age gap" being a problem, and she had no clue what I was talking about until I reminded her grandpa was 11 years older. Obviously she said no, it wasn't.

A younger female with an older male is completely normal. Seth isn't a pedophile. You guys might think so (jealousy) and bonbi might think so (everyone tells her she was a victim and she enjoys the easy sympathy points), but factually speaking, she was well past puberty by the time they got together. Finding a sexually mature female under the age of 18 attractive isn't pedophilia.

Listening to you guys gripe about this is pathetic. You sound like a bunch of single, childless "career" women in their 40s.
I realize there’s still a lot of controversy over the whole grooming/pedo discussion. In fact, my attempted deep dive into the topic was the very thing which made me aware of this  site is the in the first place.

In one of my searches, I found an informative series of posts uploaded to this site in December of 2019. The writer was someone who seemed deeply knowledgeable about the subject. They were likely in the thick of things as they happened, because the narrative and timeline is fairly minute and detailed.

It’s an interesting read, to say the least. My main takeaway though is that Bonbi was much more complicit and involved than she’s letting on. In fact, she didn’t come away smelling like roses. At all.

Although I have no way of verifying the accuracy of the posted info, I’m going to assume the information is legitimate until I'm shown otherwise.

The link is https://endchan.org/bbg/res/2500.html if anyone is interested.
> They definitely at least met up when she was still 15
(that would've been 2018 if my math is correct)

> they did not meet in person until march 2020.
(she would’ve 16 years 9 months old, i.e. almost 17)

So, which version is correct?
thumbnail of 1.png
thumbnail of 1.png
1 png
(351.17 KB, 675x468)
not to burst the bubble on the youtube documentary or whatever you're building here, but seth isn't real.
we made him up.
You may find it totally normal, however, there are still a fair number of people, including myself, who find a 20-year-old male sexually targeting a 15-year-young girl disturbingly creepy. I'm not judging you, just conveying my viewpoint.
Why do you automatically assume someone is building a documentary merely because they're interested in getting the facts straight? Thanks, dude, way to ruin a lively and interesting discussion.
> I'm not judging you, just conveying my viewpoint.
I appreciate that. But I have to ask: why? It doesn't make sense to me. Would you still think it was disturbingly creepy if, say, the female was 18 and the male was 23?
^this guy doesn't even know about the loli sex dolls or the in-depth horse cock rape porn reviews
imagine being so blissfully unaware
must be nice
Speak for yourself buddy. A 15yo is a child, you might get fooled by IG pictures but if you meet one IRL you will feel like you are talking to a child.

Nice wording around when they actually started dating. A lot of weird things happened 68 years ago that are not seen as normal now. Seth was not initially called a pedophile because he was chasing a 14/15yo, he was called a pedophile because he was caught on loli forums and trying to buy loli sex dolls (he was asking if they are legal in the US).

Bonbis IG Story from Jan 2019 (when she was 15) followed her mentioning on stream that she was going to meet Anonce in person - thats how someone knew to ask the question. She claims herself they met well before 2020.
just another guy who came here cus of her OF. Thats so funny. I can imagine how excited he is. This explains the amount of spam from him.

Dude just keep sending her your money on OF

also im sure there was a raid from somewhere
they hadnt met by that point, they had only been dating for like 2 months. she was lying. bonbi has never been known for telling the truth. 
she would flip on a daily basis of hating seth, calling him a manipulator and protecting him and teasing the community with their relationship.
given our current situation with the sex work, its hard to imagine a better scenario but back then seth was the first in line of a lot of very bad outcomes. 
her community was full of men wanting to save bonbi from her overdramatic psychosis. her age was a concept everyone skirted around and used against her as a reason why her and seth shouldnt be in a relationship. 
she didnt care really, as most young girls dont, until it benefitted her. she burned every single bridge over this issue and defended seth always. 
nowadays, since it no longer benefits her, seth is always the pedo groomer and their age gap has magically increased from 3 years 11 months to 5+ years.
Doesn't really matter when exactly it happened. 14, 15 or 16.
It's all fucked up and the fuckface had a plan from the get-go.

> her own children
I can't really see her having or wanting kids.

No matter how long ago it's been... every time I heard more of it, it's just sad and disgusting.

Wasn't the rumor he failed the training/exams?

Stopped reading after your first sentence.
Take your sexual abuse brainrot somewhere else.

> also im sure there was a raid from somewhere
I don't know...
There always seem to be some people lurking or just checking the thread and I guess my post about the goodbye stream and the replies triggered a reaction from some.

Clear signs of a codependent relationship.
My guess (hope?) is she uploaded it, closed the app then enjoyed the rest of the Thanksgiving weekend with her family.
She said she'd be posting less because she's busy with the holidays and it takes so long to take three shitty selfies of her tits.
If anyone was in the stream, did she say if she'd post on her OF or is she taking the week off for ringworm?
Someone asked if she would be posting on Patreon and she said she would be posting later. Make of that what you will.
> posting vagina on the internet
> being upset when coomers come to twitch chat
so funny women's logic

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