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She is collecting animals like they're pokemon cards. Does she understand they are animals who need care attention? Just letting more of them shit everywhere again. wtf.
I want wait for the new arc where she pretends she was a battered, abused, trafficking victim forced at will to do the most degrading and humiliating pornographic videos and how she's a "survivor"
Odd she goes on that after this guy posted that. Bonbi if you are reading this discover vegetables. Get healthy. Stop being dumb. Please.
I can tell the coomers are already salivating at the prospect of her becoming a dessicated, plastic-filled bimbo
she's just a few steps away from becoming exactly what they've been training her to be
Which is sad because if she had any sense she'd have seen that from the beginning. They won't be satisfied until she's doing extremely fucked up shit, which she likely will end up doing once they get her desperate enough. She should get out while she can.
I think she is trying to. She wants to become a streamer. Not just saying this because of the new channel art, she is hinting at it more and more on stream.
> lol-GwenVid3.mp4 
> shows her shaking her tits
> moves the camera to show her shaking her belly
It has to be deliberate at this point lmao
She could do that tomorrow. I get what you're saying but lets not make excuses for her. She could have done that from the start but she saw dollar signs and ran for them with her tits out. She has proven herself incompetent and I wish she wasn't. If she had used some of that money she made to get an education i'd love to have seen it.
FUCK someone stole my michelin man meme before i posted it noooooo
I didnt think to check first.
It's probably a good thing overall though because it would definitely give me joy if she were to see someone mentioning it, wonder "hmm what are they talking about?", google michelin man, and then start crying and delete the videos. We dont want to push too hard though because if she ever deletes the OF i will be sad.
> We dont want to push too hard though because if she ever deletes the OF i will be sad.

That would be awesome! I can't wait. I'm so excited. I wonder if she just really needs a hug or something? Can someone hug her so she stops?
I'm genuinely impressed she still puts on outfits like that with such a figure.

I thought he was trying to make some kind of joke involving Bonbi's South Park merch...?

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New Reply on thread #45439
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