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Last thread:  >>/44337/


Chronology Pack: https://mega.nz/folder/SqJSlboT#Eo0dW40FSQQxUfbhaiX2Zw
Recent Streams: https://mega.nz/folder/sb9AUARS#2L6fWgvVj0yOycsNuZkMaQ
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Anons Archive: https://mega.nz/folder/jQJwELya#WOcrcA-RgB2XrNE_D1if3w
Filters and wig can no longer hide that fat face. Has she said why she isn't taking ozempic or something similar? No way is she capable of dieting and exercising. Is her plan to just keep bloating eating shitty poorly prepared food?
> Has she said why she isn't taking ozempic or something similar? 
Probably because its just another way for drug companies to get people hooked on an expensive drug they will pay for monthly for the rest of their lives instead of reaching the simple realization that if they want to lose weight they need to stop taking in so many calories.
weight gain since the last OP is insane. no wonder she can't get out more than 2 blurry boob pictures a week, she spends every other waking moment stuffing her face. she needs a /bbg/ anon to live with her and lock away her junk food.
> Has she said why she isn't taking ozempic or something similar?
What kind of fucking stupid attitude is this?
"You're overweight, just take some drugs"
Remove yourself.
The fat in her cheeks prevent her from moving her mouth as fast, but with all that extra fat in her cheeks I bet she can suck down a big 'ol diiiiiiiinner.
Do you forgo all medical interventions? Because that's all medication is you dope. Willpower and discipline is only a factor in weight loss, and likely a much smaller one than we would like to admit.
Not him, but your post made it sound like you approach weight loss pills as routine, the first and most obvious thing to try if you want to lose weight.
That is over medication. Calling it so is not the same as foregoing all medicines.
> Calling it so is not the same as foregoing all medicines.
I know that Anon you replied to very well.
She likes to talk in extremes when somebody disagrees with her.
Honestly I think she looks hotter since getting a bit thicker. 

Has she ever weighed herself on OnlyFans?
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thumbnail of 7.jpg
7 jpg
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Even got kinda old Skool vibes with Bon going off on one on her followers and nobody knowing which random comment actually 
set it off
bonbis hormones are telling her to get pregnant but she has decided to larp as a lesbian instead so she fills this urge with an ever increasing number of pets
They are rockin tits, but she also has a nice butt that she never shows and her face is still a 10/10 and she never shows that either.  Also just shaking tits is so boring.
She's going to continue posting half assed shit because enough people still pay for it to afford her life apparently. Interesting social challenge - everyone is annoyed that she posts crap - the white knights, the simps, and the coomers. The only way she'll do something different though is if people who don't know each other convince each other to just...stop paying for her mediocrity
Bonbi could have married Sam Hyde if she was still thin and didnt have an onlyfans account since she was famous and cute enough for him. 
It's over now she got lolcow and whore status and he would never date her after this...
> he would never date her after this...
That's a wonderful positive, even if her road to becoming 'undatable' by that pedophile was really bad one.
> Sam isnt a pedo
Get off the chans, Sam.
Go groom some underaged druggie.

> becoming a neet trad waifu
Another abysmal fate averted.
hyperbole aside, Bonbi torpedoing herself at such a young age with obesity and prostitution, just to SUCK at being a prostitute by awkwardly selling terrible tit pics is a hilarious tragedy
First off - not defending her here but ironic that you said hyperbole aside and then proceeded to call what she's doing prostitution. She's not fucking people for money, just telling pictures...

That being said, she apparently is pretty good at it. She's able to convince idiots to keep paying her every month for a few shitty pictures that no one could get off to if they tried. She doesn't even include her face in nude pictures anymore and still apparently makes enough to fund her life. Simps gonna simp I guess
Still sad that this is her only income unless she's on disability too because of her mental state but who knows
I wouldn't call it hilarious, but rather a common tragedy amongst chan/discord-damaged women who got some popularity.

> her only income
I'm pretty sure she makes some off of twich too.
> she apparently is pretty good at it
She's a washed-up celebrity who once had a massive following, she was inevitably going to get a lot of paypigs even if only a small fraction of her viewers decided to subscribe.
> a common tragedy amongst chan/discord-damaged women who got some popularity
It's no secret that the women getting orbited are all cluster b degenerates.
To imply they get messed up by imageboards or private chats is misleading since it's clear they had mental issues long beforehand.
she's going to gain another 30lb and then post some picture of her hairy crusty turdcutter which will make everyone finally leave for good and then she'll just vanish
Dam it's so sad she had so much potential, in the end all she became was a girl who would shake her tits for money
She told a few stories from when she was 9/10 years old. Brothers ignoring her etc. Also she is on medication for one thing which has the side effect of giving her nightmares so she in on medication for nightmares etc. Normal 20th American over medication.

Honestly it all sounded a bit e-girl fakeness, more than she normally does.
bonbi has mastered a truly miraculous art: the more clothing she takes off, the more unattractive she becomes
Few women are as attractive as a mans imagination can believe them to be. Thats why hinting at whats under the clothes is often more attractive then just taking them off.
Wow. Strechmarks, scars, bruises, unfortunate tit veins. Awful lighting. Awful staging (messy!). Wig seems kinda nasty. No effort on nails with another bruise on her thumb. Hairy forearms. Hairy stomach. Why not hire an image editor? Bouncing video has another dark stain on the carpet.
her skin looks like an undead in those photos but i'm very excited about the closing in of dildo to the groin.
I turned the volume up to 100% to see if I could hear some indication that she was on the dildo and I couldn't get a clear answer.  I think that vid is pretty damn hot though.
Because you're never there for her (j/k)

Its because she has discovered she can make a fortune from incels by being a whore and its the sort of thing they liek
yea her pictures have some kind of exposure on them to make her skin look really bad, its not in the videos though so what the fuck is wrong with her, i swear this OF shit is just her autistic way of 'trolling' us or something
Shaking her your body for money isn't anything inherently bad.
But her absolute and utterly lack for understanding the aesthetics is really mind blowing.
Her pics and videos are getting more and more repulsive. I genuinely don't understand how any person could fap to her OF stuff, unless they're also into scat and similar shit.
> Shaking her your body for money isn't anything inherently bad.
Most people look down on whores. It is bad. What you mean to say is you are in the minority who dont get it. Bonbi is finding this out - she said herself that people ghost her when they find out she has an OF. Its just human nature, wont change any time soon.
> she said herself that people ghost her when they find out she has an OF. 

Well I for one am shocked by this. Totally shocked I tell you.
first time watching a bonbi stream in several months.
back then bonbi could hold a conversation, complete a sentence and produce a coherent thought
this version appears to be clearly intoxicated, somehow more adhd and almost completely detached from reality.

i love the bonbi but this is very sad to witness.
Well at least she has animals shitting and pissing all over her place. That's what's really important.
It makes me sad that nobody even notices when she posts now. Also that this post has to follow some asinine post about hand jobs.
frankly when i saw piles of literal feces on her floor that she doesn't even bother to hide for her social media, i knew it was over and averted my gaze to keep from vomiting
Bonbi is boring now, we should figure out a way to get Bonbi and Emiru to have internet drama. Im assuming Emiru has never talked about Bonbi getting raped at her place?
Hard to tell since she was covering her pussy.
But I did say ass.  So I'm holding out for a good closeup of that thing going into her bootyhole.
thumbnail of camcorder_montageSD.mp4
thumbnail of camcorder_montageSD.mp4
camcorder_montageSD mp4
(10.49 MB, 640x480 h264)
I want to see the Bonbi x Ashley Jones crossover so bad. Ashley talked to her on a livestream and had apparently sent Bonbi messages on OF (lol) which bonbi promised to read, but neither of them have said anything about it again. so either it didn't pan out or they're talking in secret.
honestly, genuinely, legitimately grim.
at this point I fully embrace AI wiping us all off the face of this cursed earth. this timeline cannot end quickly enough
this particular tiktok has received 2000 (two thousand) likes twooo days after being poosted
how is that even mathematically possible?
Its worse than that, its two thousand views, not likes. It was the third in quick succession - I can only guess that upsets the Tiktok algo or even kicks in some anti-spam protection.
i need something a little stronger yet but im very pleased with the developments. i need to see that fat meaty pussy creaming all over those dildos ASAP
This is disgusting.... That dildo in the first video, looks stained? Brobis this was 100% someone's monkey paw wish to see bonbi nude...
I never thought I'd live in a world where Bonbi has a lot in common with Nikocado Avocado. Homosexual, overweight, purposefully disgusting, depressed. Did I miss anything?
thumbnail of bonbs.mp4
thumbnail of bonbs.mp4
bonbs mp4
(3.52 MB, 750x1000 h264)
ffmpeg -i bonbi.mp4 -vf "transpose=2" bonbs.mp4
> transpose in ffmpeg
> 0 = 90° counterclockwise and vertical flip (default)
> 1 = 90° clockwise
> 2 = 90° counterclockwise
> 3 = 90° clockwise and vertical flip
It's not sexy because she tries too hard to be sexy. She is not sexy at all. She isn't even hot. This is like a guy trying to be over confident because he has no self confidence and makes up for it by way over compensating which makes him look like an idiot. Same applies here. She looks stupid.
> she tries too hard to be sexy.
I disagree. I don't think she's trying at all, because she hates what she's doing (loves the money though). A girl that's trying to be sexy would at least shave her legs.
anon you might have just cracked the bonbi code and why her OF videos are so mortifying.

She's trying too hard to be sexy while simultaneously not trying at all.

It's paradoxical but for some reason it makes so much sense.
ashley jones would have to dumb her self down if she interacts with bonbi, there is a difference between a legendary ironic shitposter and an only fans girl... I can't see a crossover happening
She's done videos with Mad Thad and Styx so stranger things have happened. There's no denying that Ashley is smarter than Bonbi but I think seeing them interact would be the height of entertainment. Ashley is completely autistic so she'd ask Bonbi all the questions nobody else would.

No I just found it on Ashley's board (not the dead endchan one). I like it a lot too
This is what fucks with me. Here she's as cute as she's ever been. She's clearly enjoying it, she's putting in real effort (compared to her porn). She's bonbi here.
I'd understand if she got horny and wanted to show off. Some bitches do that and you can tell they're into it. Bonbi's just not into the porn side of it. She's either gotta get as into the porn as she is in the tiktok dances, or drop the porn altogether.
Kinda feels like most of the OnlyFriends stayed on the side of her ex and now only Julie is left. I know she makes a lot of her own problems but I also can't help feel sorry for her in many ways.
> Ashley's board
> not the dead endchan one
I didn't know about it, I used to go to the endchan one even if it was dead but I stopped for like years, is it good?
I dunno if that's really it. Personally I like a chunky girl with fat titties and ass, ready to get plapped out and impregnated by my 5.5 inch BWC.

However in Bonbi's case I completely understand the disgust and sadness. She was cute and smol and innocent-looking, the perfect combination of looks and personality to enflame mildly pedophilic protection instincts in any man. Like, pre-onlyfans, pre-fat Bonbi gave mad vibes like you wanted to be her older brother and she was your little sister and she crawled into your bed at night and asked you to teach her how to masturbate, which naturally slowly turned into awkward but passionate, forbidden lovemaking where she kissed you afterwards and promised not to tell your parents.

Bonbi now looks like a girl you'd fuck doggystyle on the couch in your apartment, and if you were feeling extra nice afterwards, you'd take her to get a Fiesta Pack from Del Taco.

It's just not the same.