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did a quick google search for
> "png:/tmp" php
and got an interesting thread
thumbnail of output.webm
thumbnail of output.webm
output webm
(4.52 MB, 1280x720 vp9)
Ya’ll know that fat fuck janitor, the one that works at the hospital and doesn’t get any hazard pay, which is weird (it isn’t). He found out there was a Tiny Kong robot at the pizza parlor or some shit and rushed down there to fuck its brains out and accidentally ran into best girl. Now she’s fucking dead and he’s fine cause the excess fat acted like a cushion.

No one tell Neppy till we figure out what we’re gonna do, fuckin’ A man.
From nantales' story "Anon buys a rapedroid." Anon gets Holly, a nandroid that has some alternate fetish personality loaded onto it that takes over and rapes him. Odd story.
I didn't know someone reposted my issues on there, but I just used another option to make the thumbnails (GD instead of imagemagic). Seems to have issues with videos so I'll be giving a try to what you linked.

Honestly I'm just trying to figure out what the fuck I'm even doing beyond the very basics for now, so I can actually do something middle/long term that isn't just slapping a premade program on a server. But I have limited time to get anything done and the only computer I can spare to test this on for now is a fucking optiplex tower with a dual core from 2007 and 3gb of ram.
Upside is that if whatever I try work on it, It'll work on anything.

If anyone else noticed the old booru is giving 503 errors, I hope someone else is scrapping the pictures because I'm not sure I'm doing it properly on my end
503s everytime i click something but a refresh usually fixes it can you kick that faggot crisis out of bed and tell him to fix it?
No can do, that one's out of his hands. Those kinds of booru are hosted on a free domain, all run by the ones behind gelbooru (from my understanding) but it's been completely abandoned for years. It's finally starting to fall apart from lack of maintenance.
You're basically asking the admin of a facebook meme page to fix up the facebook servers
post pics
> Total Molly Death
shit taste
thanks for the follow up, if you're not too strapped for cash you could always get one of these bad boys.
I run headless virtual machine and game servers like Stardew valley and Starbound on one with a similar model and all you may wanna do is replace the storage drive, copying it over with clonezilla.
Or maybe less work with this slightly less compact model with higher initial storage.

I have experience manually setting up Apache servers for owncloud and nextcloud sometimes with symbolic links to trick them into saving and loading the cloud files on an external USB drive if you need some help. Just point me towards the software you're trying to set up.

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New Reply on thread #324
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